iPhone 12 launch may get delayed due to Coronavirus

iPhone 12 launch may get delayed due to Coronavirus

Problems in the assembly line and lack of interest in new devices due to the crisis would delay the launch. The coronavirus crisis could have a direct impact on Apple’s release schedule, which is already considering delaying the next iPhone models because of how it will affect the situation to the assembly line and the market.

According to the Asian Nikkei Review, the company has already had internal conversations to discuss a delay of several months of its iPhone model with 5G. It should be remembered that practically all its rivals with high-end terminals already have at least one phone with this technology.


credits: BGR

The lack of materials and the problems when manufacturing the device would already mean prolonging the wait, but this must be added to the economic crisis that is expected to come soon. Apple, always according to the sources of the Asian Nikkei Review, would not want its first iPhone with 5G to have moderate sales.

The company is expected to make a decision regarding the delay in late May, depending on how the situation progresses and paying special attention to what happens in the United States and China, two of its main markets.

Anyway, the iPhone with 5G would not be the only model that would be affected: the ‘cheap’ iPhone (iPhone SE2) that was expected for the first months of this 2020 would be in the same situation and could even be delayed even further, according to a Bloomberg report that cited the same problems.

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