Best Alternative Torrent sites when BestTorrent or Divxtotal are down [100% working]

Best Alternative Torrent sites when BestTorrent or Divxtotal are down [100% working]

Alternatives to Divxtotal or BetterTorrent

The best torrent sites currently include old favorites like The Pirate Bay, as well as very popular torrent sites like RARBG, 1337X, Torlock,, TorrentDownloads, and LimeTorrents. If websites like Divxtotal, MejorTorrent, or GranTorrent are down or do not work, we bring you these alternatives.

That said, we know that the best torrent site is always the one with the high-quality torrent everyone is looking for, and with the most number of planters, making a large and comprehensive list of torrent sites, such as those in The list below, which are the best of the best, is always a welcome resource to find when you are looking for this type of information.

We do not condone the illegal sharing of copyrighted files. Please see our legal notice and warning for new torrent users at the bottom of this article.

Tips for new Torrent users

If you’re new to torrents, we have two resources to help you get started with torrents.

  • Torrent file sharing: be careful when sharing your files via Torrent, it is important to use a VPN network to protect your privacy, use known programs to download them.
  • How to spot fake torrents: Fake torrents are a big problem and not one that a newcomer can assume is something she or he has to worry about. Don’t be fooled by downloading fraudulent virus files and fake codecs.

Also, make sure you’re using fully updated anti-malware software before visiting any of these sites, and try one of the best VPN service providers that can help you keep your torrent activity and other browsing activities private and secure. Also, if you are new to torrents, don’t forget that you will need a torrent client to get these files.

All of the torrent sites listed below work unless otherwise noted, at least when making this article in June.

The best Torrent sites

These seven sites top the list. They are not the only torrent sites out there, but they are among the best.

Best Overall: Pirate Bay

This torrent site is a classic, and one of the most popular on the web. TPB (The Pirate Bay) has been around in one incarnation or another for a long time and torrenting here is, and always has been, trusted.

pirate bay, torrents
Credits: abc news

The icons on each download help users quickly see if they trust a planter or VIP, helping to ensure safe downloads.

TPB changes direction occasionally. If you’re still having trouble getting to TPB, try these listings on the ProxyBay. You may find another way to enter the site.

Best for Movie Enthusiasts: RARBG

This torrent site is suitable for movie enthusiasts. It is full of high resolution and quality video torrents.

Credits: Komku

The top 10 lists help users find the most popular movies on the site, and a detail page for the download includes a variety of information from the file size and the date it was added to the actor’s information and the number of planters and clients or leeches for unloading.

At RARBG, it’s about quality, not quantity.

Best for Classic Files: 1337X

If you are looking for older or darker torrents, the 1337X might be for you. Its torrent database is not as large as others, but it may have just what you are looking for. The home page is regularly updated with current and popular information on torrents, torrents, and interest categories.


The level of advertising you will find on this site is frustrating. Links often require two clicks …. one to display an ad (in a separate window) and the other to actually access the information you want. However, once you pass advertising, the search results pages contain a lot of useful information.

Best for verified torrents: Torlock

This is the “no fake torrent” site you’ve been waiting for. The site actually pays its users $ 1 for every fake torrent they find and claims to have over 5 million verified torrents.


You will find current and popular files to download in movies, anime, software, games, and music, as well as in other categories, and a list of the Top 100 and it lets you know what is most popular among most users.

Best for Movies: YTS.AM/YTS.AG

Focused exclusively on movies, (or has an easy-to-use layout and a wide variety of titles both old and new. Torrents themselves are known to be easy to use with almost all bandwidths, making those with data limits happy. is the unofficial successor to the now defunct YTS / YIFY group, which closed its virtual doors in 2015. The current site also has a massive user base, which helps the BitTorrent protocol work more efficiently.

Best for Torrent Selection and Quality: TorrentDownloads

We love the super simple torrent details page at TorrentDownloads. That would be reason enough to use this website, but the large database and the high quality of the torrents make it a great choice…


Users can find current torrents in a variety of categories. The ability to rate files and leave comments on them helps reduce the number of fake files found on the site. An Advanced Search option also allows users to narrow the field of possible returns by category, vendor, and status.

Best for Legitimate Streams: LimeTorrents

You should not miss this site in your search for torrents. Users report that the size of their database is impressive and that the frequency of legitimate torrents is enough to keep them coming back.


It is easy to quickly determine if a torrent is worth downloading. Internal lists show addition to the date, size, seeder, and customer, as well as a health meter for each file. The information page for each download also provides additional information about the file.

Other Torrent Search Sites

There are many more than seven torrent sites out there, of course. We have compiled the following list, in case you want to explore beyond the previous ones.

The ads on many of these sites are often of the NSFW variety. You must be careful when accessing these sites from public computers or with children present.

Popcorn Time: Popcorn Time is a site dedicated to free movie streaming, so in the strictest terms it is not a torrent download site. However, if you don’t mind watching movies on your PC, here you will find many options, and you can watch them as often as you like.

Torrentz2: This is like a super torrent index, searching for torrents on dozens of other torrent sites. You can see the full list on their Sites on our index page.

Torrents ETTV: This is a good and active site that includes episodes from a large number of series. The search functionality of the site is quite good and the site has a nice and clean design.

Torrent Galaxy: A decent torrent database, good search features, and clean website design make Torrent Galaxy another site you should include in your search.

KAT: This is the official torrent site. Do not be fooled by other websites of the same name.

EZTV: You won’t find all the torrents you are looking for here, but users say the quality of the torrents they find is always good. This site, like others, can sometimes drop; a little patience probably and you’ll see it again. This meta torrent site is not very special among all the others, but we love the amazing control panel on its home page. If you are a data nerd and a torrent fanatic, you will appreciate what they have done.

Monova: A clean and friendly design is reason enough to spend time on this torrent site. Advertising can be a problem at times, but if you can beat that, it’s a great torrent site.

Toorgle: This is another meta torrent search engine, attracting databases from over 450 torrent sites to one place.

Seedpeer: With a sizable torrent database, Seedpeer is and always has been a great place to search. The interface is not as good as others, but it is still a very usable site.

TorrentFunk: This is a fairly popular torrent site, in large part due to its verified status indication as well as user feedback.

Zooqle: This is another torrent site that you should not skip in your search. Users love the size of their database and the frequency of legitimate torrents.

BitTorrent Database: With a huge database and a fairly clean interface that lacks advertising, it’s no wonder that this multi-million dollar collection of torrents is one of the best known.

YourBittorrent: The clean interface is a great reason to give this torrent finder a try, especially if it’s new to BitTorrent.

7tor: 7tor appears to be a Russian website, although the most traffic to this site comes from Pakistan. However, the site is minimally maintained and is only available if enough users make donations to support the site’s monthly hosting. It appears that torrents are still being added to the site, so you may be able to find obscure titles here.

Rutracker: Another site that appears to be Russian, this site is currently active and appears to have current torrents available. Rutracker also offers distribution awards, a hall of fame, and much more.

Pirateiro: This English site offers a variety of downloads, including current and old files. A word cloud at the top of the home page lets users know what the most popular searches are on the site.

Nyaa: Nyaa is a Chinese site that also appears to have English and other languages ​​available for download. You can easily track sowers and pairs in the downloads you find here, as well as the ability to comment on files.

ArenaBG: This Bulgarian site was restricted in Bulgaria. It is now based in San Francisco, Texas. The site is fairly easy to use, once you translate it into your preferred language, and offers both current downloads and older files.

Elitetorrent: One of the best sites to find your favorite movies and series both in Spanish and in their original language.

Torrent Disclaimer and Disclaimer does not allow the illegal sharing of copyrighted files. While P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, many of the files marketed through P2P are protected by copyright. Uploading these copyrighted files puts you at risk of a civil lawsuit in some of the European Union countries and others like the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK at least.

The demands can be directed to individual users or groups of users. These civil P2P lawsuits are very real and, whether successful or not, are often an extreme financial and emotional burden on defendants.

Additionally, your Internet Service Provider may choose to post a history of your download and upload activity to potential copyright plaintiffs. In general, the more data you download and upload, the greater the risk of being used by copyright protection groups.

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