Alternatives to Divxtotal4 | Divxtotal4 Alternatives

Alternatives to Divxtotal4 | Divxtotal4 Alternatives

If you are looking for  different alternatives to Divxtotal4 , you are doing very well. Since this site, despite being one of the main websites for downloading Torrents, it is currently not possible to use it because it has been closed due to copyright infringement. To help you not run out of entertainment, we offer you a list of the best alternatives to Divxtotal4.

Alternatives to Divxtotal4

Below we will provide you with some alternatives that work very well to replace Divxtotal4 . However, remember that just as Divxtotal4 has been persecuted like other torrent sites, the options that we are going to offer you will probably also close down later. Therefore, it is a constant work to keep our users updated with the possible valid options for viewing and downloading torrents.


EZTV is a popular site founded in 2005 that offers the ability to watch and download torretn files. However, for a long time it required a lot of patience when using it because it was cluttered and full of content and pop-up ads, but after a new group took over, the EZTV proxy site has improved and is therefore an alternative today. to Divxtotal4.

The quality of the torrents is excellent and the content library is extraordinary. For a torrent user, EZTV is a great alternative to BitTorrent’s Mininova website. A good alternative to the best torrent sites and a great backup to the best torrent sites.

Torlock is a good torrent site for Mac users.  The site focuses on small torrent files that can be downloaded easily. They mostly offer TV series and movies with good HD quality. One of the best torrent sites and best torrent sites.


Founded in 2009, YourBitorrent has faced controversies over time due to its association with myBittorrent. Being a product of two partners, the website was partially shut down due to a major conflict between the partners.

The website serves as a beacon for torrent users who rely on torrent downloads from top torrent sites like Divxtotal4 and top torrent sites for their daily tasks. a popular site but it fits our list of Divxtotal4 alternatives, has a massive torrent library containing over 16 million torrents including games, movies, TV shows, software, and much more. This website has its advantages that it can be accessed from anywhere. It has not been banned so far and should be on your list of best torrent sites.


This site needs no introduction as it ruled the top torrent sites and best torrent sites for a few years until it was shut down. KickAss, or Katcr are mirror sites that continue to appear when a URL is deleted.

There are many mirror sites available for and they serve a good variety of high-quality torrent files. One of the best torrent websites currently out there.


Demonoid is a tracker launched in 2003. Due to political pressure, the website suffered a huge loss, but with 10 million users making use of its 800,000 torrent files, the site quickly became the top-ranked torrent website. among many of the best torrent sites and the best torrent website, which is why we recommend it as an alternative to Divxtotal4.

This site offers movies, music, TV shows, and software as well. The website is not easy to toggle, but it gets the job done and definitely has the potential to be on best torrent sites lists and best torrent sites lists.

Bit Torrent Scene Torrent Scene is a newer site that offers a good variety of content to internet users. In a short time, the site became a good alternative to extratorrents and vs torrents. Being a recent website, the torrent download speed is exceptionally fast even compared to other popular torrent sites and best torrent sites.



Zooqle  is a famous site that has more than 3 million torrents. The website serves all the categories desired and demanded by users; especially movies and television series. Zooqle fetches torrent links from different sites, namely Katcr and Torrenthound, to generalize your content library.

The interface is easy to handle and the website is uncluttered, facilitating hassle-free downloads, making it one of the best torrent sites as an alternative to Divxtotal4.


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Due to downloading illegal and pirated content, the future of torrent website is in the worst shape. Any website can be blocked or banned at any time on a regional or global level. In this blog we have discussed the closure of many torrent sites and free online TV services, and the different alternatives to Divxtotal4 and many others.

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