Alternatives to DonTorrent. Has it closed or is it no longer working?

Alternatives to DonTorrent. Has it closed or is it no longer working?

DonTorrent is a great website to download movies  and series for free through Torrent files , which fortunately has not closed yet . However, when it comes to obtaining pirated content , it is advisable to know several different sites, as these are at high risk of being closed. Therefore, below, we recommend some alternative websites to DonTorrent that you can visit in case this portal closes.

What about DonTorrent? Is it not working or closed permanently?

DonTorrent is a portal that allows you to download series and movies totally free . However, this situation conflicts with copyright. This means that many of the sites dedicated to the distribution of free content have to close, change domains constantly, or be persecuted by the law.

Something similar has already happened with platforms such as VeoTorrent , Series Danko , TodoTorrents , SkyTorrent , among others. Luckily for you, online movie downloading has not come to an end . There are still pages that host large catalogs at your complete disposal so that you have with you the highest-grossing and most requested releases.

Best alternatives to DonTorrent

As we said, DonTorrent is still operational and its web domain has not been blocked by the authorities. This fact is nothing more than mere luck, since websites similar to this one are constantly closed; MejorenVO and Divx to the max serve as an example.

Even if it is not shut down, other events such as a hosting failure or a DDoS attack can take this page out of service. For this reason, it is worth taking into account some alternatives to DonTorrent where you can also download the best movies and series completely free.


The most important feature of is that it has a seemingly endless catalog of content. Its movie section alone has more than a thousand pages full of Torrents files , not to mention that they also offer music, television series, anime, video games and much more.

Limetorrents does not have a very special interface and, although they have little advertising, they do include fake links. However, its enormous variety of content earns it its position as the first alternative to DontTorrent .



We all have a favorite video format, some make do with the MP4 standard, while others find the DVDR format advantageous. For this last group of people, the following option is directed to DonTorrent .

MoviesDVDR is a page for free movies and series to download via Torrent where absolutely all the content is in DVDR . But this is not the only specialty of, since they always publish high-quality Torrents and update their catalog every month to offer the latest releases.


YTS, YIFY movies

At you can explore and download the best titles in the film industry. They have a large number of 4K movies for the most demanding audiovisual quality. In addition, its interface is full of interesting details such as being able to see the rating that a movie or series received when you hover over its cover. This way, you can know if it’s worth it.

This DonTorrent-optional website features more advertising and pop-ups than others on this list. However, with a good ad blocker installed you will not have any problems using this portal.

Premieres go

Among the best choices for DonTorrent we have Estrenos GO. It is a web portal with movies of various genres. Therefore, here you can find horror films, action, romance, series and more ; all at your disposal to download for free online.

Although the design is old, its catalog is constantly updated, so you will have the latest releases at your fingertips. The most recent movies always appear first, so you can download them as soon as you see them in the interface.


A good alternative to DonTorrent is also MejorTorrent. Although the interface is somewhat old and not so striking, it presents a very complete catalog of movies and series that you can download for free via Torrent .

This website has minimal advertising. It has more than 57,000 titles at your disposal that, added to its efficient search engine, will leave you satisfied. In addition, it houses an interesting number of documentaries, video games and music to download with a few clicks.


Another option to DonTorrent is VivaTorrents. On this well-known website you will find Torrents of various types of content . It presents movies and series to download completely free . So you can search by genre, date or directly enter the name of the film in the search section.

The page is entertaining and has almost no advertising. Therefore, when you have decided, you just have to click on the image of your choice. Immediately, before downloading the content, you will be able to see a brief technical sheet with the title, director, cast, synopsis, genre, year of release, among other information.


If you want to download movies and series in their original version, in high definition or with subtitles , then Subtorrents is the right place for you. On this page you have the possibility of downloading Torrent completely for free . Furthermore, unlike other websites, the download link remains stable.

The interface is well maintained, so advertising is minimal. You will have no problem discovering action, adventure, horror, science fiction, comedy, etc. movies. Its proper categorization even allows you to search by premiere, 3D or DVD. Without a doubt, it is an interesting option to DonTorrent .

This DonTorrent substitute , more than a movie and series website , is a search engine. is like the Google of BitTorrent files. In it you can search the databases of thousands of websites to see if they have a Torrent of your favorite movie.

Thanks to this mode of operation, you may get more movies than on other platforms. Although as a negative point, this page has a fairly simple interface and does not guarantee that the tracked Torrent is safe.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most distinctive Torrent download platform on the web . This search engine has a huge database , so here you will find any multimedia material. It is almost impossible that you cannot locate and download your favorite movies.

It works very well as an alternative to DonTorrent . It is easy to navigate, even though it is in English, and it does not have much advertising. Additionally, from the page’s forum, one of the most active communities in the digital world, you can interact with other users.


If while you are downloading free content , the idea arises of just watching your favorite movie, then is what you are looking for. This is one of the most famous platforms on the entire Internet to watch movies, series and anime . It achieves this honor thanks to its high-quality content and its elegant and friendly interface design.

However, as you may have noticed, this web portal does not support downloads . All content must be viewed from your own platform; That is, you will not be able to use uTorrent , since you will not need to download anything at all.


In GranTorrent you will have series and movies both in torrent and by direct download, with a simple interface without too many buttons. You just have to choose which option you prefer to start the download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BitTorrent?

It is a decentralized file sharing system. The BitTorrent protocol downloads a file from several computers at the same time. It is one of the most popular content distribution methods on the Internet.

What is Torrent?

It is a container or small file where all the information about the content you want to download is housed. The Torrent file itself does not contain a single fragment of what is to be downloaded.

Do I need to use a VPN to download a Torrent file?

Although users do not use it often, it is recommended only if you want to disguise your IP address because you think they can identify you, find your real location or block your downloads.

Why can’t I access the alternative website to DonTorrent?

When offering completely free content, the problem may arise because the website has been blocked, has closed or, in the best of cases, is under maintenance and will soon return completely renewed.

Do the optional DonTorrent pages present advertising?

Although some do show it, it is minimal or non-invasive. However, considering that the content is free, a good ad blocker or a few clicks can solve the annoyance.

The best thing about the Internet is that the websites that offer free movies and series never end, which is why there are many alternatives to DonTorrent . In this article, we have shown you 10 of the most popular options. We hope that one of them can become another of your trusted entertainment pages or be of help to you if DonTorrent were to be closed.

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