15 Alternatives to Download Torrent in 2023

15 Alternatives to Download Torrent in 2023

Although most torrent sites have now stopped working, others have chosen to integrate proxies to access from countries whose IP addresses have been blocked. This is the case of Torrent Downloads, a recently blocked torrent download page that can only be accessed through one of the public domain domains on the Internet. Along with it, there are many alternative torrent download pages to download torrents in Spanish through the uTorrent program, and this time we have made a collection of many torrent download pages that are still valid and working today.

Kickass Torrent

One of the largest torrent download portals of 2019. Its catalog is one of the most diverse on the web, with movies, series, premieres, video games and consoles, music, operating systems and programs of all kinds .

As usual in this type of page, only one of them can be accessed by official tissue representatives . We leave you below with the addresses that the portal has published at the moment:

  • https://katcr.co
  • https://kickasstorrents.pw
  • http://kickasstorrent.cr
  • https://kat.sx
  • https://kickass.cm
  • https://kat.am

the pirate bay

It could not be missing from the list of alternatives for Torrent Downloads. ThePirateBays is the largest torrent download site in Spain and the rest of the world.

The directory is essentially similar to Kickass Torrent and Torrent Downloads. Movies, PC games, premieres, series, discography, computer programs, outdated versions of operating systems And a long etc.

Like Kickass, we should use the official proxies for web access from Spain. The site currently has the following public addresses:

  • https://cuponation.se
  • https://thepiratebay.kiwi
  • https://bayception.pw
  • https://unblocktheship.org
  • https://tpb247.top

Recently blocked in most of the countries of the European Union, it has risen from its ashes like the palm tree. Along with The Pirate Bay and Kickass, ExtraTorrent is one of the most comprehensive 2019 torrent download sites ever to exist .

Focusing on first-run movies and series, Extra Torrent has programs, e-books, music, operating systems, and software of all kinds surpassing feature films and short films.

To access this site, it is better to use a good ad blocker , as the number of ads that have been inserted is quite large.

It is not a website owned by Google, but a complete torrent file search engine that has a directory similar to Torrent Downloads and even The Pirate Bay.

Not focusing on any type of content, You can find everything from first-run movies and series to free software, PC games and, of course, operating systems. Unfortunately, we have to use an ad blocker to nip the wings of the intrusive advertisement that the web shows us.

It is not a site to download torrents as such, but a search engine that combines the main torrent download portals

This page shows us the links to the most important download portals on the Internet, such as The Pirate Bay, 1337x, Katcr or Lime Torrents. Once you click on that link, TorrentZ2 will take you to the home page to download the torrent file.

If what we are looking for are movies, series and 2019 premieres, Elite Torrent is the best page to see all kinds of audiovisual material.

Since the origin of the fabric is Spanish, practically all the content is in Spanish. Best of all, most of the torrent files are in Full HD quality and with Spanish subtitles if the series or movie is in the original version.

The best thing about EliteTorrent is that we have almost no ads , which unfortunately is becoming less and less common on these types of pages.

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Mejor Torrent

Another page of Spanish origin that, like Elite Torrent, has countless movies, series, and documentaries in Spanish .

Of course, it also has the latest premieres in Spanish and with subtitles. Unfortunately, not all content is in Full HD, but the weight of torrent files is quite small compared to other alternative torrent download sites.

To access MejorTorrent from Spain, you will have to do it again through a proxy server. At this time, we can access it through the following address:

Although the web content focuses exclusively on movies and series, Tor Rock has a variety of programs, operating systems and music in the form of discography .

The downside is that unlike other sites like Elite Torrent or Kickass Torrent, it has a lot of ads and questionable quality content , nothing we can do with extensions like Adblock or Adblock Plus.

A torrent download page similar to Kickass Torrent and Torrent Downloads. With content similar to these, it has an infinite number of computer programs, operating system versions, music, series and movies .

Similar to Tor Lock, the best way to download torrent files is to have an ad blocker. to avoid pressing false shutter buttons.

Αν And if we choose pages to watch movies on the Internet

If we do not want to download torrent files to the computer and we want to send movies and series directly from the browser, we can choose pages to watch movies on the Internet, as well as series, documentaries and different types of audiovisual content.

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