8 Alternatives to Download Torrents [2023]

8 Alternatives to Download Torrents [2023]

The alarm went off this week: DivxTotal and VivaTorrent, two of the most popular torrenting sites today, have stopped working. Currently, none of the ports are accessible from the original domains. The message we found on both sides reads an error 503 Back Recovery Failed. We don’t know if this is a block by the authorities or a general outage of the servers. Pending confirmation of the facts, we have put together a compilation of five of the best VivaTorrent alternatives.

At tuexperto.com we do not endorse the download of digital content protected by copyright. The purpose of this and other articles is for informational purposes only. For this reason, we will not link to any sites related to downloading torrent files.

elite torrent

The queen of queens. It is probably the portal in Spanish with the most extensive list of series and movies , at least in the language of Cervantes.

It does not have too many ads, so it is relatively easy to navigate if you have access to the web from a mobile or tablet. The good news is that practically the entire catalog is in Spanish, Latin Spanish or VOSE with Spanish subtitles.

Due to current legislation, the page constantly changes domains to avoid closure by the different countries in which it operates.

best torrent

Look no further. The best alternative to VivaTorrent to download Torrent movies in 2023. In fact, Elite Torrent is the portal with the largest number of movies, series, documentaries and TV shows in Spanish that

Today it has almost 60,000 titles in all the content that we have just mentioned. However, it should be noted that the page has been blocked by some telephone operators, so we need to use a proxy server to access its content. We can also use VPN applications to simulate our location.

Kickass Torrent

It is announced together with The Pirate Bay as one of the largest torrent download portals of 2023. Movies, short films, documentaries, series, premieres And a long one, etc. We can also find computer programs, music discs, outdated versions of operating systems and all kinds of digital content. Its biggest advantage, however, is the number of seeds (seeds) your files have, which improves the transfer speed when downloading content to our computer.

As Best Torrent, we need to use a proxy server to access the web , as it has been blocked by a large number of operators.

a torrent of paradise

Another general content page that does not focus its catalog on series and movies, but rather has a whole collection of digital resources ranging from Windows, Mac, and Linux. up to entire seasons of some of the most popular series. In fact, the gateway drinks from torrent files hosted by other gateways, such as The Pirate Bay, which is more like a torrent browser than the gateway itself. For this reason, the site has not been targeted by various government laws.


Are you a fan of anime and, in general, of series and movies of Asian origin? Nyaa is definitely the platform with the largest list of content from China, Japan and South Korea ρ.

In addition to counting the most popular titles, it has a large number of dramas , or whatever, novels of Japanese origin. It is added that a large part of its content is available in Spanish, not to mention the presence of subtitles translated into the Cervantes language.

The quality of your videos, by the way, are Full HD and HD , which is not very common when we talk about Asian dramas and content.

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Forced to change domains on more than one occasion due to its multiple blockades, YTS presents itself as a platform with an international focus that brings together a good number of movies. Unfortunately, the page is not in order : all its content is focused on feature films, short films and films from different countries. All in different formats and qualities: Blue Ray, RIP, Full HD, HD…

Another disadvantage is that the web has a sufficiently large number of ads, so we have to navigate carefully when browsing the links presented by the portal, links that will constantly ask us to install a VPN application. Otherwise, downloading torrent files is fast and safe.

Cra Popcorn

It is a program for computers (Windows, macOS and Linux) and mobile phones (Android) whose operation is more similar to what Netflix and HBO offer than what VivaTorrent offers. This program streams movies and series via torrent files over P2P networks. That way, we won’t have to go through annoying ads, ad players, or links of questionable quality.

The bad news is that most of their list is in English , although most have subtitles in Spanish and in different languages. The quality of its content and the number of series and movies hosted on the servers stand out. Also the ease of application, since we do not depend on third-party pages.


What can I say about one of the largest torrent download portals today along with The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrent. The Web. Once again, we are not dealing with a portal that is limited to offering series and movies in torrent format, but rather its catalog is based on all kinds of digital content.

The bad news is that the page falls constantly due to the policies of each country. For this reason, the portal was forced to change domain in a few cases. Its name, in fact, usually varies : Torrent2Z, TorrentZ, Torrent2 and so on.

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