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In mid-2018, one of the most important websites for downloading movies through Torrents , DownloadsMix or DDMix, was closed after getting into various problems for copyright infringement. It is not known for sure if this service will be available again under a new domain; At the moment, its former users are already trying alternatives and better options to DownloadsMix like the ones we mention below.

What happens with DownloadsMix? Has DDMix stopped working or closed permanently?

DownloadsMix or DDMix was a website that offered free downloads and free online access to thousands of new movies in various categories in HD quality. Its portal was filled with an immensity of film titles of the most varied you could find.

However, websites dedicated to offering free online movies are constantly threatened with closure for infringing copyright. That happened with DiseñosMix, since the production companies reported the violation of copyright and the website was closed.

In fact, this same thing happened with very popular websites such as VeoTorrent , TodoTorrents , LateleteTV or Hispashare . Happily, these and other sites also have options or substitutes that we have put together for you.

9 Best Alternatives to DownloadsMix or DDMix That Work in 2023

While DescagasMix remains down it is worth trying a few different options. Even if this website appears again, it is safe to continue using one of the following alternatives to DownloadsMix , as they are quite good tools. Today we bring you a list with the 9 best alternatives, options and substitutes to DiseñosMix or DDMix. Continue reading!


Currently, the most similar service and the main alternative to DownloadsMix is ​​the website. In it you can find series and movies of all categories and, best of all, the advertising you will find will be really minimal.

On EliteTorrent most content is available in Spanish, Latin Spanish and subtitled English. Their only negative point is that because they are so popular, they are the target of censorship by many governments, so their services may close at any time., currently under the domain is one of the largest websites to watch free movies and one of the best alternatives to DownloadsMix . In it you can find a fairly updated catalog of content that includes the most famous releases of the last year.

The only drawback of is that it does not allow downloading via Torrent or any other means, a feature that DownloadsMix did include and that will undoubtedly be missed. Leaving this aside, we have a movie website with a very user-friendly interface, high-quality content, and minimal advertising.


If you are looking for a site more specialized in movies and you consider downloading through Torrents mandatory, is the alternative to DescagasMix that you need. This web portal was founded in 2011, the date on which it began to develop one of the largest databases of Torrent movies.

Throughout its extensive history, YTS has survived a large number of blocking and censorship attempts. Today, after having closed their services for a couple of years, they are once again displaying their enormous catalog of content, on a renewed website with a fresh appearance and minimal advertising.


Another veteran Torrent download website is EZTV. This is a website that allows you to download practically any television series you can imagine. It should be noted that since their launch in 2005 they have changed their domain multiple times and currently operate under the name

Its only drawback may be its interface that doesn’t seem to have been updated in years. Even so, the quality and variety of the content and the almost non-existent advertising make it one of the best alternatives toDownloadsMix .

The Pirate Bay

On the other hand, is not entirely a Torrent movie website, but it can still be a great option as an alternative to DownloadsMix . This web portal is a search engine that allows you to search for BitTorrent files for your favorite series all over the Internet.

In addition to this, The Pirate Bay is one of the most consulted Torrent websites with the greatest variety of content. In it you can find music, games, programs, apps and practically everything that can be downloaded through the BitTorrent protocol.


Pelispanda is a fairly recent website that not many know about, despite this, as a project it seems quite promising. Its interface is pleasant and original, it offers the most recent movies and the resolution of the content is very varied.

The biggest problem with is that they make the user go through a link shortener full of advertising before being able to download a file. However, it is a not inconsiderable alternative to DiseñosMix .


Pelis123 is another of those websites that have had to change domains to avoid censorship. Currently, you can find them as, with a fairly complete and elegant interface in which they offer the most popular releases of this year.

On its page you can filter movies and series by category, release date and language. The only thing you won’t be able to do in this alternative toDownloadsMix is ​​download via Torrent, since they only allow you to enjoy the content from the same platform.


Lastly, we present you to one of the  largest Torrent download websites on the Internet , Their only problem is that they do not specialize in movies and series, so this type of content, especially in Spanish, is certainly somewhat scarce. 

Despite this, it is worth reviewing what this alternative to DiseñosMix offers , since the content is very well controlled by the owners so that it is safe and of top quality.


On this website you can not only download movies or series, but also animes, TV shows, games, among many other forms of content. is a Torrent web portal for music , movies and all kinds of multimedia material you can imagine; Although if you only come for the movies, you can find them there without any problem .

The interface of LimeTorrents is not very impressive. Despite this, it has a clean appearance and acceptable use of advertising. Something negative to consider is that sometimes you will find fake links, advertising that appears to be the file you were looking for, but could be malware; you must be careful with this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you enterDownloadsmix through Zonatorrent?

Although they are two different websites, from this link we can find a section with all the titles of the original website, so it doesn’t hurt to take a look.

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As you can see, there is a wide number of alternatives for DDMix Downloads . Although not all of them have an interface similar to them, they will be widely useful for enjoying varied multimedia material, as well as for downloading Torrents on many occasions. Therefore, in case you are thinking of watching a movie or something similar, we suggest you opt for the aforementioned options, since you will undoubtedly be satisfied with what you find.

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