Alternatives to ExVagos | ExVagos Alternatives

Alternatives to ExVagos | ExVagos Alternatives

If you are a strong user of ExVagos and you have found out that it has closed or no longer exists , you do not have to believe that the world has fallen apart. Certainly, ExVagos was one of the most important portals in Spain to download and share a wide catalog of content thanks to its P2P technology, but you can still access other alternatives to ExVagos  to find what you are looking for: movies, series, music , games, comics, photographs, and more.

What happened to ExVagos? It does not work? No longer exists?

ExVagos based its quality content on p2p technology, which made it possible to download series, movies , games, music and all types of content. However, it is still true that much of this content was pirated. As we know, illegality is also prosecuted on the internet, so it was imminent that a time would come when ExVagos would no longer exist.

The blocking of ExVagos was due to three factors: not having permission from the authors to share their content, allowing free online downloads, and using advertising to generate income. In 2017, ExVagos was blocked in Spain. Although it changed domain, shortly after the closure would be inevitable.

Therefore, given the need to have other options besides ExVagos, today we bring you the best alternatives and substitutes so that you can continue enjoying free content and safe downloads. Review our list and choose the option you like the most.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the websites for free downloads preferred by many users in Spain , after the closure of ExVagos. Here you will find a million torrents classified by different categories and work through “magnet links” or links that you can share. In addition, it is very easy to use, thanks to its intuitive interface.


After the closure of ExVagos many users are obsessed with torrent download sites to obtain and share movies. YTS is one of those Torrests sites where you can download free movies without creating an account. This site has had a solid dominance over other download sites over the years and it is thanks to the quality of its content, the variety and ease of use.


TorLock is a download website that presents itself as one of the best alternatives to Exvagos . And this site also has a huge catalog of content. If you are an anime lover, or you love reading, this site is undoubtedly for you.


With EZTV you have guaranteed quality torrents. You may not find everything on EZTV, but the choice is wide and the quality is so high that you can even download things you don’t like


This download website  offers you quality torrents in 4K movies  and is very easy to use. Actually. The RARBG catalog is sometimes a bit light, but it has all the new releases and older content available, including series, movies, music and more.


For fans of Japanese animated series, we can’t do better, Nyaa is the reference point when you are looking for a reliable and safe download site to watch all your Anime series.


Like ExVagos, Kickasstorrent is a website that works with the P2P Protocol to download and share links to movies, games, and a long list of free content and the more it is shared, the more sources will be available.


If what you are looking for is to download programs and applications,  in addition to having access to movies, series, music and games ,  1337x is an excellent website where you can get everything you are looking for. Even with the most intuitive interface and excellent search system.


Wawacity is one of the best free download sites without registration, the site offers direct download links for thousands of series, but also streaming. The site is very well designed and the navigation is intuitive.


By entering Torrent9,  you can download magnetic torrents for free just like you did on ExVagos . However, for direct download, you will have to access the creation of an account.

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As you can see, you have here up to 10 alternatives to ExVagos where you can find all the leisure and fun content, but also educational content to download and share for free. So you have no excuses!

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