Alternatives to Exvagos2 | Exvagos2 Alternatives

Alternatives to Exvagos2 | Exvagos2 Alternatives

Alternatives to Exvagos2 can still be found on the Internet. In the event that Exvagos2 possibly closes or stops working, users need to have some options up their sleeve to continue enjoying the same type of content and benefits that Exvagos2 offered. Find out what these possibilities are!

What is Exvagos2? Has it closed or is it not working?

It is  one of the most important portals in Spain that allowed content to be shared through the use of P2P technology related to series, movies, music, software, books, images, etc. However, this site was unfortunately closed and has a fine of about 400,000 euros.

That is why some users have found it necessary to find some alternatives to Exvagos2  to counteract its lack in the large information network.

7 Alternatives to Exvagos2

Among the alternatives to Exvagos2 that we are going to share in this article , you will find interesting sites that have surely also been threatened with fines and closures but have managed to change their domain and name to disperse the attention of Internet controllers.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the oldest and best established torrent site on the Internet . Over the decades, it has evaded numerous government shutdowns and lockdowns, which is why it is known to be a trustworthy site and one of the best alternatives to Exvagos2.

The site has a simple interface and is easy to navigate. Its filtering system allows you to specify what file format, definition quality and console you are looking for. When you want to find an exclusive torrent, you can filter all the results for other alternatives.

While it’s impossible to be 100% sure of your safety when downloading torrents,  this site is more reliable because it indicates whether torrents come from trusted users (verified uploaders who share good quality content with no hidden infected files), so you can rest assured that you won’t accidentally download malware or spam with your torrent.


https://rarbg.toRARBG has a smaller collection of torrents , but there’s a good reason for that. It cannot be uploaded by the general public as all users must be verified by moderators. Of course, that doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of getting a bad torrent, but the site has a reputation for providing high-quality downloads so it can be a good substitute for Exvagos2 for safe downloads.


With almost 10 million files available for download, LimeTorrents is one of the largest torrent sites on the Internet and a perfect replacement for Exvagos2. It has tons of movies, TV shows, music, games, and more. Every search you perform returns many results, so you should have no problem finding the content you want.

The site focuses on newer files , so you can usually find new and popular versions with lots of seeds, helping you download the files quickly. However, this also means that older torrents are not as easy to find.


With one of the largest databases on the Internet, TorrentDownloads is the site to visit if you are looking for a dark torrent as an alternative to Exvagos2 that you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s also a good multipurpose site with a wide selection of TV shows, movies, games, apps, and more.

The interface of the website is simple and easy to use , where an advanced search option allows you to filter the results by category and status. Each torrent contains information about the number of seeders and the status of the torrent, helping you choose safe links.

You can also check the comments and ratings for each torrent to make sure you are not downloading a fake file.


EZTV is widely known as the leading torrent site  for TV shows with a huge selection, a clean, ad-free interface, and a variety of resolution options. That is why we position it as a great alternative to Exvagos2.

Here you can also follow popular shows with EZTV’s “countdown list,” a live countdown to shows airing soon. We advise you not to download copyrighted content on EZTV or any other torrent site: the activity is illegal in most jurisdictions and can get you into serious legal trouble.

 However, the selection has more older shows than newer releases. There is also no option to download full seasons, so you have to download each episode individually. You’ll be safer downloading multiple episodes with a reliable VPN that offers fast speeds.


TorLock is a solid option for first-time torrent users as it can guarantee that all files are genuine. If users find a fake torrent, they can report it to the site and get paid $1 for the discovery, a big incentive for users to keep the site fake-free.

TorLock  is well established, still uses a .com domain name , and has a good variety of books, anime, and music. So it turns out to be a good alternative to Evagos2.

The site itself  is easy to navigate , with clear categories for different files so you can easily find what you’re looking for. The home page has the most popular torrents in each category; These are usually recent torrents and as such are likely to be copyrighted and illegal to download.

The specifications for each file, including size, seeds, and upload date, are located next to the title. This makes it easy to find a recent torrent that results in a quick download.


We recommend uTorrent as an alternative to Exvagos2 because it is free, easy to use and has no ads. This makes it stand out from other similar apps, which usually serve annoying ads and push you to buy “pro” or paid features.

You must install a reliable torrent client to download your torrent and to send and receive the files you want to download with other peers from the same torrent.

Start by downloading the uTorrent client, which is available for Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux devices, and popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

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With these 7 alternatives to Exvagos you can easily access each site to download all the Torrents content you want. However, remember that these sites are constantly persecuted and threatened with closure, so you may not be able to access the indicated site at any time. In that case, we keep updating the Torrent websites on our site that work to suit your needs.

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