Alternatives to Intergoles | Intergoles Alternatives

Alternatives to Intergoles | Intergoles Alternatives

Have you started to notice errors on the Intergoles website? You are not the only user to experience such a problem, the servers of this website are a bit unstable at the moment. If you want to continue watching the best sporting events online and for free , we recommend using one of the alternatives to Intergoles that we suggest below, and which for now do not present any problems.

What happened to Intergoles? Is it not working or closed forever?

Every football lover seeks to enjoy their favorite sport in the greatest comfort possible. For this reason, web pages dedicated to offering free links to watch the matches of the most important football competitions have been in high demand.

Intergoles thus positioned itself among the most visited daily. Its users could not only access matches from the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League or national team tournaments, but also those from the Santander League and other less renowned leagues. Furthermore, this wide range of options within reach of just a few clicks was accompanied by relative stability of the service.

However, unlicensed broadcasts lead to multiple copyright or broadcast rights claims; and the Intergoles platform was no exception. It has already happened with other portals that offered similar services, such as ArenaVision , Dailysports and Latelete TV . Although you could still access the page, the stability of yesteryear is apparently irrecoverable, so it is better to find alternatives to Intergoles that ensure that you continue enjoying the beautiful game.

7 best alternatives to Intergoles

If does not work or you cannot access its website by any means, there is no reason to worry, there are thousands of other alternatives to Intergoles  with which you can continue enjoying sports while said website has certain errors. However, among such online portals, not all of them are good enough. Which is why today we create a list of the best, based on the quality of its content and interface, among other aspects.


There are many websites similar to Intergoles , but none have as good content as They stand out for being able to broadcast almost any game you can imagine ; No matter your country of origin or your favorite team, this page is sure to have the game you want to see.

However, the only negative thing about this great website is its huge amount of advertising, which hardly allows you to use the interface comfortably. However, we remember that with an ad blocker installed this is not a problem.

Pirlo TV

Another of the best alternatives to Intergoles is, which also stands out for having an infinite number of matches to watch for free . Like the previous option, this has the problem of having a lot of advertising, but in the same way, any AdBlocker software will help you solve this problem.

On the other hand, this web portal has a live TV section , where you can watch various matches as they are broadcast on television . It should be noted that Pirlo TV publishes matches in multiple languages, so you must make sure that the broadcast you want to watch is in Spanish. 

Online Red Card

The next alternative to Intergoles is, where content is offered on various sports categories: basketball, baseball, cricket, hockey and, of course, soccer and American football. Red Card Online is a website that is characterized by containing everything related to sports .

Additionally, it has a live broadcast  section and its corresponding programming agenda. The biggest flaw you may notice on this website is its interface full of advertisements.


One of the most visited and best recommended sports websites is Batmanstream. This alternative to Intergoles broadcasts football, basketball, baseball, Formula 1, tennis, among many other sports categories.

It should be noted that implements a live chat system  through which you can comment with other users about the broadcast matches. On the other hand, like the previous alternatives, this website implements a lot of advertising, so it would be worth installing AdBlock before entering.

Live Soccer

As you can guess, the page focuses mainly on broadcasting the best soccer games in Spanish . However, it is also responsible for showing other sports such as baseball, boxing, cycling, golf and tennis.

It is worth saying that pages for watching sports in general usually have a lot of advertising. This alternative to Intergoles is the exception, since they try to include the smallest number of banners and present them to the user in a respectful way and without being invasive.

Cricfree is a fairly simple website, which has a simple interface, easy to use and with little advertising. This website, although in appearance it is not very striking, has one of the most complete and entertaining live sports programming .

The sports categories available are very varied: soccer and American football, tennis, boxing, baseball, basketball, motorcycle GP, among many others. Due to a fairly complete and updated content catalog, we consider Cricfree one of the best alternatives to Intergoles .


Our last platform on this list of alternatives to Intergoles  is LiveTV (now, a website where, without exception, the best sporting events of every month are broadcast . It should be noted that this portal is not limited only to streaming football matches, but also has a long list with various sports categories.

On the other hand, they also include a section called “Video Files”, where you can watch broadcasts made months ago, in case you missed a game. It should be noted that this website will initially appear in English; However, you can change the language in the panel located in the upper right corner.

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It is not known when those in charge of Intergoles will be able to fix the errors that this website is experiencing. So, if you cannot access it or have difficulties using it, we recommend trying one of the alternatives to Intergoles that we compiled today.

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