Alternatives to Omegle | Omegle Alternatives

Alternatives to Omegle | Omegle Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to Omegle because it has closed or no longer works when you log in, you have come to the right place. Here we will tell you what the different alternatives to this medium are, so that you can continue making friends, chat using audio, video or simple text; to exchange interest in real time, as similar as Omegle.

What happened to Omegle? Is it not working or closed permanently?

The globalized world allowed us to establish contact with people in such a simple way that would have been unimaginable before, as is the case with Chatroulette . We communicate by nature and new technologies make it easier for us. At first, we had to log in to hotmail , gmail or others; but later it evolved into more complete systems. In this aspect, Omegle quickly became one of the most preferred free online chat and video websites for hundreds of users, who want to socialize with other people without the need to register.

However, while Omegle is a great place to strike up a conversation with a stranger and meet new people every day, it has become overcrowded. In addition, Omegle is also full of predators, of people looking for illicit conversations, and the language is usually much more explicit coming from anonymous chats.

7 Best Alternatives to Omegle

Among the different alternatives to Omegle that we will mention below, you will be able to see which ones meet the characteristics of a platform that provides you with security, privacy, the ability to get more viewers and expand your network of contacts.  is a live video streaming platform  that allows you to record yourself and watch others while streaming live videos. At the same time, this allows you to interact live with users and earn money from fans.

Like Omegle, it is possible that inappropriate content is broadcast on, although the platform warns of the need to report violent or sexual content.

This alternative to Omegle has particular features such as the option to make in-app purchases, unlike Omegle, which is completely free. In addition, also runs live contests that allow you to win real money. On the other hand, this platform is associated with TikTok, which makes the streamer very popular, since many of those who use the mother application also use the other one. Recall that Omegle can also be used to record yourself for the purpose of making videos for this community, but the application is not a subsidiary of TikTok.


TinyChat is another alternative to Omegle that you can use to meet new people. Some of the most notable features of this platform are that it has chat rooms with 12 videos each, there is no subscription cost, it allows you to create topics to start your chat and allows others to join your chat room, and it offers a total of five million minutes of broadcast per day.

Plus, you can  create your own topic if you don’t find one you like  and stream live videos from shows hosted on TinyChat. It should be noted that this platform works well from your browser, PC, or phones and tablets. On the other hand, you can get coins and points that give you the opportunity to unlock special achievement icons and increase your chances of entering the live directory. What’s more, you can promote your chat room  after paying a token of 500 coins. For this reason, it also offers premium coin subscriptions – Extreme and Gold – that allow you to allocate gold coins from 2,000 gold coins of your initial subscription.

It should be added that it has a virtual store to buy membership upgrades  and gift items with coins, points or money, and increase your social status by sending or receiving gifts. Finally, a possible disadvantage compared to Omegle is that on TinyChat you are required to create an account.


Houseparty  is a video chat platform that serves as an alternative to Omegle . This is a group that allows people to connect via live video and allows between 2 and 8 people to chat simultaneously.

In Houseparty you can see who is online and with a single touch start chatting with them, and you will also receive notifications when a friend connects. What’s more, it is certainly safe for the public because it sends an alert to the group when someone who is not a direct friend joins the chat and allows you to block a chat to prevent others from joining the group.

An interesting addition is that Houseparty belongs to Epic Games, so it comes with native games that allow you to play with other people. Therefore, consider which game you will start, as you find a variety of users on the platform: young and old alike. Remember that you can use Houseparty on all PC, Android and iOS devices, and that it also has an extension for Chrome.


YouNow  is an application that allows you to broadcast, chat and stream or watch video or live broadcasts just like Omegle. However, it should be noted that you can immediately start chatting with other people ;  But, unlike Omegle, YouNow’s goal is to get a lot of viewers, be a trend, and increase your fan base. So, as users watch, they can leave comments or buy gold bars to give as gifts to others. You can be a trend if you have many viewers and buy gold bars to send as gifts to other broadcasters.

The chat application specifies that users must be over 13 years old. And another difference with Omegle, which does not require registration before chatting, is that YouNow does require registration. To do this, users can connect using their social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook.

Although YouNow allows you to change your username to be different from your Facebook or Twitter identities, this platform has stricter guidelines that prohibit sexual content, nudity, and harassment; but unfortunately there is no promise of supervision. For this situation, in  this very good option to Omegle , on the one hand it is possible to block certain viewers and report violators of the community guidelines , and on the other, you can add broadcasters to your favorites list and receive notifications when they broadcast. live.

Bazoocam alternative to Omegle became one of the favorites of users because, unlike other platforms, it contains the option to achieve and facilitate better conversations based on interaction through various mini-games .

However, it should be noted that Bazoocam asks you from the beginning to activate both the microphone and the webcam. So you must take action so that this is an advantage and not a disadvantage.

Another virtue of this platform is the option that the system provides you to link with users who are closest to you. Therefore, this alternative should not leave your personal list.

FaceFlow next alternative on this list is FaceFlow, a platform that allows you to stay in touch with friends you already know or with new users , although randomly. From this medium you can start a conversation via video and chat with up to three people simultaneously.

Its use is encouraged by using only the web browser you have, without the need to download apps or programs. All you have to do is create a search profile and it also allows you to share multimedia files: photos and videos.

It includes a private messaging service and you do not have to pay anything to use the platform. Therefore, it is an ideal replacement for the benefits of Omegle . Don’t forget this option.

Chatrandom a last, but not least, substitute for  Omegle, we suggest Chatrandom, a platform that is based on video chats as the medium through which users communicate.

You just have to connect and they will randomly assign you who to start a conversation with. In this regard, it should be noted that they do give you the option to choose the gender of the person and that you will also be able to meet them more directly, since you will see them through video chat.

Finally, another quality of Chatrandom is its speed of connectivity and the services that we have already reviewed in this list. Without a doubt, an essential alternative that you should not ignore in your personal top.

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If you are a lover of social relationships and you like to meet new people, you now have alternatives to Omegle that can help you meet new people, chat and broadcast your own videos and watch those of others, comment on them and get many viewers.

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