Alternatives to Series Danko | Danko Series Alternatives

Alternatives to Series Danko | Danko Series Alternatives

Series Danko , one of the most famous websites for downloading series and movies, has closed its doors The reasons are common in these cases, since it was a portal that transmitted copyrighted content and monetized thanks to the advertising it included in the videos.

However, many fans and lovers of online entertainment were worried when the website stopped working. Although this was predictable, fortunately there are options and substitutes for Series Danko that can help you.

For those thousands of former users who have lost this great source of entertainment, today we want to suggest some alternatives to Danko Series that are definitely worth trying.

What’s happening with Series Danko? Is it not working or closed permanently?

It has already happened with portals such as LateleteTV , DailySports , Hispashare , VeoTorrent and others: they are sites dedicated to transmitting or allowing free downloads of series, movies, music, sports, etc. This, as we know, causes a problem with production companies and channels authorized to broadcast events, series and the like. As copyrights were violated and the Series Danko platform earned money through advertising, the legislation of various countries suspended and closed the website.

Fortunately, there are still pages for downloading and viewing free online content. Today we have put together for you the best options before the closure of Series Danko.

7 Best Alternatives to Series Danko

Beyond Series Danko, the Internet has multiple websites to watch movies and series that provide similar and even superior services. Below, you will find 7 of the best alternative websites to Series Danko that could replace it after it closes.

HD Full TV

One of the best alternatives to Series Danko is undoubtedly HD Full. It is a fairly complete platform that allows you to watch and download series and movies , as well as watch streaming TV shows. They stand out for their varied and updated content, their friendly interface and their reduced use of advertising.

As its name indicates, HD Full is a portal where high resolution is essential. For this reason, all content is in various resolutions and a large part of it can be viewed in 4k.


Like HD Full, Cliver is an excellent quality website  for watching movies. It has a pretty nice and slick interface that looks almost as elegant as Netflix. Its film catalog leaves no one indifferent as it has hundreds of films from all years and genres.

However, one point against Cliver is his use of advertising. Although its interface is completely clean of banners, every time you click on a link a pop-up window appears. This undoubtedly hinders the user experience and is the biggest defect of this portal.


Although its interface leaves something to be desired, Gnula is a more than acceptable alternative to Series Danko . It offers quite varied and similar content to said platform, and above all, they are very careful with the use of advertising so that it is not annoying for the user. Another point in Gnula’s favor is that it works with a large number of download methods, among which Torrent and the VidFast website stand out.

Cave is an Argentine film website that is among the 20 most visited web portals in its country. In this alternative to Series Danko, most of the content is in Spanish and Latin Spanish; in addition to English subtitles. It is characterized by being a fairly serious platform, where the content is offered legally and there are no tricks or fraud. In addition to this, it also offers the possibility of downloading, so if your goal is to view online or downloaded content, this is surely the best option to consider.

PelisPedia website for downloading movies and series that is quite relevant throughout the Internet is PelisPedia. Its presentation is one of the best, with an elegant interface in which they show the most entertaining titles organized by categories. Which is why we have listed it as one of the best alternatives to Series Danko .


Unlike most websites to download free movies and series, Pepeliculas respects the copyright of the content they offer. This is something to keep in mind if you like legality or don’t want to have a site that can be closed by the authorities at any time.

In this alternative to Series Danko you can find the best movies and series of each year organized by categories that make navigation easier. It is worth mentioning that you will find very little advertising and zero misleading links. 


Vidcorn  stands out for having an updated catalog of movies and series . That is, it contains the latest releases from various production companies, something quite difficult to find on most free movie portals.

Another advantage of this alternative to Series Danko is that in addition to watching movies, you can also download them through different servers, in different resolutions and in various formats; although of course, the download options vary between each title.

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Websites to watch movies and series over the Internet without having to pay are increasingly difficult to find. However, despite the withdrawal of Series Danko, there are still the options mentioned as alternatives ; which we suggest, due to their broad similarity with the previous platform.

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