Alternatives to Zooqle | Zooqle Alternatives

Alternatives to Zooqle | Zooqle Alternatives

If you are looking for alternatives to Zooqle because it does not work well or because you think it has closed, here we will give you some options with which you can continue downloading content from Torrent sites. Like Zooqle, we will give you alternatives where all the files are verified so as not to put your devices at risk with the transmission of a virus.

Is Zooqle not working or has it closed?

Although Zooqle has provided an impeccable Torrent service , it must be said that it has also been the subject of persecution and attempts to close it on several occasions. Therefore, nowadays it is practically impossible to enter the site to search and download torrents.

It’s a shame, because Zooqle had over three million secure torrents under its belt, many of them from TV shows and movies. That is why we are tasked with providing our users with a list of different options similar to Zooqle to view and download torrent content.

Alternatives to Zooqle and similar sites

Since there have been many torrent download sites that have closed , are blocked or no longer work well due to lack of support, this world is not as rich in options as it used to be. However, some options work very well like Zooqle, which is why we recommend it as alternatives in this post.

The Pirate Bay

Being the world’s market leader in torrents, The Pirate Bay was ranked the best Torrent site in 2018 and still holds the title. Therefore,  it is one of our first recommendations as an alternative to Zooqle.

The site hosts hundreds of torrent files from different categories that are available in a simple drop-down menu, making it one of the best torrent sites for everyone.

The torrent site offers fast download speeds depending on the speed of your internet connection. Although the website has been blocked in different countries, it still manages to stay up and running. Therefore, you can quickly get the Pirate Bay software for free anywhere on the web and also through their website.


This is a famous torrent website that has the largest database of more than 9.8 million torrents , making it an excellent option due to the absence of Zooqle. The site offers multiple categories including TV shows, games, movies, apps, anime, and software.

We previously mentioned Private Bay and its vast library of content, but nothing compares to LimeTorrents. This site still provides hundreds of torrents whose website has good download speed, which takes less time to complete the download than what you want to watch.

The complete list of torrents shows the size, date added and status of the file. The information page is easily understood and not cluttered like other websites.

Unfortunately this website is only available in some countries through VPN , so if you want to visit it you can use the Opera browser .


Formerly known as Torrentz, Torrentz2 is an old torrent site that has a good number of torrents along with mainstream games ,  movies and TV shows just like Zooqle. Although Torrentz2 does not host its own content, it manages to index millions of torrent files from different sources.

Whether you like music or movies, this site is a good choice with a good ratio of peers. In the past, users complained about the introduction of malware, but with an update, the site fixed all malicious errors. In short, it is a definite contender for the best torrent websites and best torrent sites.


YTS or YiFy need no introduction as these two have been a great addition to the torrent world and compare to the service that Zooqle offered . YTS has been around since 2011 and has been providing quality movies ever since. Its user interface is wonderful like Netflix, and in fact, such a clean and admirable torrent site has not been known.

The movie library is huge, and all the famous movies reach this website within a few days of their release.


This is a different type of website because it provides torrent files as you get direct magnet links to torrents. With over 18 million torrents, they offer a simple user interface so that users can download torrents on different devices.

Additionally, iDope has a large collection of trending TV shows and movies and has a good collection for classic enthusiasts. A good addition to your list of best torrent sites and best torrent sites.


1337x is a benchmark for torrents as its directory provides magnet links and torrent files that can be said to be the best Zooqle alternatives.

This site has been around for almost 11 years, and over time, the torrent website has provided games, books, movies, and music.

1137x started getting noticed after the infamous KickAss Torrents site was taken down and users turned to 1137x. It is a large community full of torrent uploaders who upload the latest files as soon as they hit the big screen, making this torrent website one of the best torrent sites.


After 2008, RARBG rose to fame as it manages to provide an average of 300,000 torrent users per day . It is an alternative to Zooqle because it has a significant library of content from different categories.

RARBG offers ten different categories including TV shows, movies, anime software, and much more.

The download speed of this site may vary depending on the Internet connection you have. Therefore, you must have a good reliable connection for the torrent site to work smoothly.

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With this total of 7 alternatives to Zooqle to watch and download torrent content without problems , you can be sure of obtaining a quality of content very similar to what Zooqle offered you, given that the latter has closed or no longer works with the same quality than before.

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