Top 25 Anime Games of All Time [New 2023]

Top 25 Anime Games of All Time [New 2023]

Anime video games are creating a rapid growth these days. The popularity of this Japanese style of animation has led to the introduction of many online anime games.

What is an anime game?

Anime video games are creating a rapid growth these days. The popularity of this Japanese style of animation has led to the introduction of many online anime games. The word \ “Anime \” is derived from the English word \ “Animation \”. The anime style is widely used in TV shows, anime video games, etc.

Online anime gaming is a highly recognized art form with a deep-seated cultural connection to Japan. They present the country’s unique artistic style in various forms. These games can drive everyone crazy and are loved by millions of people from all over the world. Anime video games interest people of all ages such as children, teenagers and also adults. Looking at the craze for this game, various video game companies and animators produce anime games online every year.

The options in anime subgenres are endless. Classic Naruto Ultimate, Dragon Ball Z, etc. are some of the most popular anime video games that have become incredibly famous in the market. There are countless options for any fan of anime games. The anime industry is projected to be worth $19 billion.

Here are some reasons behind the huge popularity of anime games.

  • The anime game meets everyone’s needs

There are online anime games to suit every person’s interests. These anime video games are created to meet the needs of the diverse fan base. You can choose to play the action fantasy game i.e. titan or choose to play adult oriented anime games online such as Project QT. Some anime video games are based on the theme of young children and many others have complex adult themes.

  • A large number of followers

The anime has a huge fan following. Some of the most popular online anime game series include Bleach, Naruto, DBZ, One Piece, etc. People love these anime video games because they can relate to their characters on a personal level.

  • amazing storytelling

Another important feature of anime video games is that it has amazing storytelling that draws people into its charm. It describes intricate details of the characters, their actions, their entire lives, in a way that makes people hooked on anime games online.

The 1997 manga series was animated. It became a popular anime series in 1999. It became incredibly popular for its scrupulous storytelling, everlasting friendship, humor, characterization, and more.

  • Interesting animation styles:

Another reason why these games have gained great popularity among the people is because of their distinctive animation styles. Anime characters have an unmatched charm. They are crafted with high precision and attention to detail. Here we have selected the top 10 anime character creation tools: 10 Popular Anime Character Creation Tools .

They are created with sharp features and colors to give a realistic and original feel to the users. Online anime games are a great fusion of art style and animation. They come in various types such as anime dress up games, anime fighting games, anime video games, etc.

  • captivating plots

Another reason for the popularity of anime games online is due to well-written plots and stories, deep genres, etc., which entertain all generations. New anime video games with exciting stories and characters are created every year.

Top 25 Hot Anime Games in All Categories!

Category 1: Anime dress up games

1) Sweet Cute Candy

: Dress up game with the latest anime fashion


It is ranked among the absolutely adorable anime dress up games. Features VeggieStudio’s exemplary artwork. In this game, a player has to mix and match beautiful flowy pastel lolita bottoms and tops that are inspired by sweets.

In order to play this type of anime dress up games, users have to choose from a wide range of stockings, hats, Mary Janes, etc. to make it look attractive. Mix a variety of hairstyles, ponytails and bangs to style your manga style hair.

2) Sailor Senshi Maker 3.0


This is also considered as one of the best Doll Divine and Drachea Rannak anime dress up games. In this game, users can create their Senshi sailor girl characters, with many options. The Sailor Moon dress up set includes the complete set of Senshi fuku, along with all the necessary accessories.

In this type of anime dress up games, users can also try a wide range of makeup, jewelry, and hairstyles for all forms of sailors. Once you’ve decorated the character, you can pair him with sailor scouts, along with the dapper male “sailor” interpretation. Users can also add adorable pets and create infinite characters.

3) KatanaDC superhero katana


This is another exciting anime dress up game from StarSue. It looks like DC Comics but has revamped its heroines for a new generation. The main characters of the game are a superhero and a talented young samurai warrior named Katana. Players can outfit the characters in various samurai-inspired and casual clothing.

They can also put highlights in the hair, masks and give swords to the katana. Once your character is ready, you can place it in a conventional Japanese house or in a Japanese garden. Once the characters are designed, users can click the save button (\”gray semicircle\”) to save their artwork. To view the layout, click the Show button.

4) Creepy Doll Maker ~ Anime Halloween


This is one of the interesting anime dress up games created by Pichichama for RinmaruGames. It provides an opportunity for users to create a beautiful attractive anime girl. The game’s genetics menu is attractive.

One of the best features of this anime dress up game is that its interface is very clear and impressive. Users can easily see and understand the options mentioned in it. Everything fits correctly. While playing this type of anime dress up games, you will find an impressive variety of fashions, comprising of Victorian and historical styles.

You can also give your character Japanese touches to make her look like a lolita, a full kimono, or a schoolgirl. Players can also add spooky touches such as metal plates, scars, vampire teeth, etc. Put a finishing touch on your creation using a spooky background.

5) Kitten Maker Kitten Maker Animal Game


Just like other anime dress up games, this game is another interesting creation from Doll Divine. In this game, a player has to design a lovely kitty by selecting its tails, accessories, ears, cheeks, face, patterns, colors, etc. Among other anime dress up games, the updated version of this game comprises a complete color palette. It has all the original and fantasy colors.

You will also find a wide variation in the cat’s coat. It is also possible to create calico and tortoiseshell cats, pointy cats, or specific coats that resemble the Turkish Van pattern. Users get a realistic scramble button and a full scramble button that instantly generates cat coats. Finally, you can recreate all of the Warrior character types you choose.

Category 2: Anime Fighting Games

1) Melted blood


This game is considered to be one of the most desirable anime fighting games present in the industry. The Melty Blood series has over thirty characters from Tsukihime and various other Type-Moon graphic novels.

This game is two dimensional but has vibrant and attractive visuals. It also has a compelling animation that interests everyone. Being one of the most entertaining anime fighting games, it incorporates various fighting game mechanics for chain combos and cancels. Each Melty Blood character displays his distinctive fighting style.

2) One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition


This is one of the best anime fighting games out there for over a decade. One can gauge his popularity by looking at his episodes. The game will reach 1,000 episodes. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition is believed to be one of the best anime fighting games ever.

It features close to forty playable characters along with addictive gameplay that gives an authentic feel to the entire anime series. Here, players fight their way through groups of enemies on their own or in support of others.



This is an epic game that describes the real meaning of \”crazy\”. Like other popular anime dress up games, this killer game revolves around Ryuko, who tries to find out the truth behind her father’s death. The student president of Honnouji Academy named Satsuki Kiryuin seems as if he knows the murder mystery.

This is one of the anime fighting games that is modeled after the anime art style with the VA themselves reprising their roles. The KILL La KILL-IF game features fast-paced combat. There is a gameplay mechanic known as “Blood Valor” where players taunt and taunt their enemies to deal extra damage.

4) BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle


This game has a wild advantage over other different anime fighting game series. It is made by Arc Systems. In this game, players can choose two characters from four different series. They engage in a battle against opponents in \”2 on 2\” battles to gather fragments of a “keystone” and return the characters to their respective universes.

This is one of the spectacular anime fighting game that was introduced with forty characters out of which 20 were in the DLC and 20 in the base game. Each character is depicted in the BlazBlue art style. His special moves transform into Astral Finishes. Although it has a great rooster base, there is a need to add more characters in this fighting game.

5) Dengeki Bunko: Fight Climax


This game is created by French Bread and Ecole Software and published by Sega. It stands on the cusp of the entire light novel series that aired under Dengeki Bunko. Among other anime fighting games, this game consists of fourteen popular characters from Durarara, Valkyria Chronicles, Sword Art Online, Virtua Fighter, etc.

Players can choose their key fighter with an assist character. Like other anime fighting games, the controls of this game appeal to both casual gamers and veterans of online anime fighting games. Control of this game is easy to learn. Being issued by Sega, gamers can enjoy battle at different stages of their favorite Sega franchises which includes Sonic the Hedgehog.

Category 3: Anime games for PS4

1) Catherine: Full Body


This is one of the best puzzle-based anime games for PS4. It was developed by Atlus. The game was released on February 14, 2019. Catherine’s game revolves around a middle-class salaryman named Vincent who started having strange nightmares after meeting a beautiful woman named Catherine. The story uncovers the psychological impacts of lust and guilt.

In this puzzle game, Vincent fights his way through towers of deadly blocks. Being one of the most exciting anime games for PS4, it comprises social simulation elements where the player can meet his friends after work. The decisions a player makes in group meetings impact the conclusion of the game.

2) Dragon Ball FighterZ


This is one of the best anime games for PS4. It is developed by a developer called Bandai Namco. The game was released on January 26, 2018. Dragon Ball FighterZ manages to effectively combine a vast catalog of its beloved Dragon Ball characters. It has a three-person team fighting system that includes high-octane visual effects.

The story is captivating and fun too! It is set after the Universe 6 arc of Dragon Ball Super. Using the power of the Dragon Balls, the player revives some of Goku’s most legendary enemies.

3) Vein code


This is one of the best action based anime games for PS4. After Dragon Ball FighterZ, this is another game developed by Bandai Namco. It will be released on May 31, 2019. It has been rated by critics and fans as \”Dark Souls anime\”. It is among those anime games for PS4 that provides huge monsters to fight, souls to collect, strict criteria for evading enemy hits, and long attack animations.

The dramatic character design is fun. The story features a futuristic theme after the apocalypse. The characters are called Revenants and they look a lot like vampires. They bred many kinds of monsters. You can easily team up by using an AI-powered ally to explore the world.

In this way, this is one of the top anime games for PS4 to uncover the mystery of your lost memory. The style is not the only thing that the game has. The harrowing, over-the-top narrative adds a silly, fun element to a genre defined by bleak, gray-toned worlds.

4) Dragon Quest XI


If you are looking for exciting and adventurous anime games for PS4, this could be the best one. It is offered in single player mode. In this game, the player does not get a chance to fight with the simple anime characters. They might even have to fight monsters too.

Players must know that the monsters are very powerful and can be defeated. The player must keep in mind that he has to constantly move in the forward direction and avoid the troubles. They must constantly inspire and keep making new records in this best Anime game for PlayStation.

5) Person 5: Royal


This is one of the most entertaining anime games on PS4. It is developed by P-Studio. The game was released on October 31, 2019. The game allows you to make new friends, explore the city, discover the city of collective Mementos. Together with him, the players have to fight the \ “shadows \” who stay there, steal the hearts of spoiled adults.

Persona 5 has the style, modern jazz soundtrack, red and black color palette, etc. which make the number one fighting anime game. Compared to the other anime games on PS4, this game offers a collection of monsters, social simulation, a vibrant cast of supporting characters, and a turn-based fighting system.

It is an innovative game that shows a unique development of anime style. Persona 5 gameplay showcases the best mechanics and puts them together until they’re perfectly balanced.

Category 4: Anime video games

1) ‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto’


This is one of the best online anime games that has been running for a long time. It is nearing the end of its sixth installment. The game offers the ability to switch between characters which have increased the fun factor of the game.

The story mode wraps up the final chapters of the anime and ensures its biggest ninja showdowns in the form of a boss battle. The game also features the first adventure welcome DLC addition which sits on top of the premium adventure in field fighters.

2) Paradise Lost: Fist of the North Star


People who like the combination of SEGA’s Yakuza franchise and Fist of the North Star should play this game. This open world action RPG has to be part of the anime video game library. The game allows you to employ Kenshiro’s mastery of martial arts and engages you in the conflicts that center on the city of Eden.

Key antagonists and protagonists make special appearances which lead to the best boss fights that take place in the game. The Lost Paradise allows players to engage in amazing mini-games like retro arcade anime video games, operating a hostess bar, bartending, hitting baseball home runs, etc.

3) ‘Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’


This is a sequel to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse game that allowed fans to create their characters. This anime video game sequel helped the Xenoverse concept to get the most out of its potential.

The main hub world of Canton City is huge. It is home to different types of game modes. Upgrading the custom Z Warrior and repairing the sins of Dragon Ball Z transformed timelines is fun. Xenoverse 2 offers a ton of story mode content, side quests, costumes, and character abilities.

4) ‘Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’


This is one of the 2D anime fighting games online where Persona 4 villains and heroes compete against each other. To make the game more interesting, the game has been upgraded and upgraded with an enhanced edition called Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Additionally, eight new characters and battle mechanics are added to infuse more power and excitement into the game. The anime video game offers varied character options for players to master. This video game retains all the elements of the Persona franchise and presents them in an incredible two-dimensional combat package.

5) ‘.hack // GU Last recode’


The game brought back the original games in various forms for contemporary devices. The three initial \”hack//GU Story arc\” titles have been remastered with a bonus adventure from the unusual favorite franchise.

His anime visuals became much sharper. Game pacing and battle mechanics have been improved. The new modes offered long-term fans more enjoyment and satisfaction. This remastered collection provides a definitive way to explore the inner world.

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Category 5: Online anime games

1) Dragon Crown


The game is published by Atlus Company and developed by Vanillaware. It offers support for PSVita, PS3. It was released on August 6, 2013. This game is beautiful. It displays a precisely drawn art style and elaborate animation.

This is one of the most visually spectacular online anime games. It has different characters to play and interact with in a fairy tale book style. Its style is similar to the PS2 classic Odin’s Sphere.

2) 100% orange juice


The game is published by Fruitbat Factory and developed by ORANGE_JUICE. It was released on May 16, 2014. It offers support for PC. The game reeks of Japanese references and memes. The best part of this game is that you can play it as a single player game or as a multiplayer game with friends. The multiplayer functionality of the game makes it highly addictive.

It is one of the most random and brutal anime games online. At one point you may find yourself leading, and in the same instant, a bad dice roll can drop you in last place. The randomness and high addictiveness of the game will never make you bored.

3) Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Storm 4)


This anime video game is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment company and developed by CyberConnect2. It offers support for PC, Xbox One and PS4. It is released on February 9, 2016. This is a game made specifically for the new generation.

Its distinctive story, a wide range of characters, and exciting battles have helped it establish a place in anime history. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 game has impeccable modes and features.

4) nioh


The game is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment Company and developed by Team Ninja. This anime video game is only compatible with PS4. It will be released on February 7, 2017. The Nioh game provides an opportunity to beat a difficult level by inviting other players to enter it in Dark Souls style.

In most of the game, users will help players complete an area. The introduction of PvP gives Nioh some longevity with many players challenging each other to find the best samurai.

5) Monster Hunter Generations (Monster Hunter X)


The game is published and developed by the Capcom company. Provides support for Nintendo 3DS only. It is released on November 28, 2015. This is a game of thinking men. In this game, players hunt giant monsters for monster parts and rewards to upgrade their equipment.

To play this game, a player must do good planning and gain knowledge of the various areas. This is one of the long-running anime video games that features all fourteen weapons with a remarkable fan selection of the monsters you love.

The small screen resolution and lack of power of the 3DS make its art style very noticeable. You can work with other hunters to search for high level monsters. This cooperative play makes it the best part of the game.



The game is published by Arc System Works, PQube, Aksys Games and developed by Arc System Works Company. It provides support for Arcade, PC, PS3 and PS4 only. It is released on May 26, 2016.

This is a safe, true and flashy anime fighting game. This fighting game features well-designed and well-animated characters that are modeled in three dimensions but programmed. This makes GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR a contemporary fighting game with two-dimensional effects.


Anime, which is the brainchild of Japanese production companies, has generated a lot of buzz in recent years. These anime video games are magical and have a huge force that attracts a lot of people. There are a lot of people trying to find free websites to watch or stream anime online without charging any fee.,,,,, MyAnimeList,, and are some of the best places to download or play anime games online. These are the most entertaining online anime games that work across multiple platforms.

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