How to easily download and save anime, movies and other videos in B9DM (B9Good)!

How to easily download and save anime, movies and other videos in B9DM (B9Good)!

One of the best sites to stream anime and free streaming movies is B9DM (now B9Good). In this article, we would like to explain how to easily download and save B9 movies with images as much as possible.

B9DM (now B9Good) is one of the sites that offers free Japanese anime and movies.

There are many features of this site, but the first one is that the entire site is written almost entirely in Japanese.

You can search for “Japanese” from the search window on the site, and compared to other similar sites like Anitube, Kissanime, and 9anime, there are far fewer ads, making the site easy to get to know.

Since there are a lot of Japanese users, many of you are probably already using this site.

In this article, we would like to explain how to easily download and save B9 videos with as many images as possible.

How to Download B9DM Videos (B9Good)

Download using the site’s default feature (easier)

1. First, open the video page you want to download from the top page.

2. Scroll down from the video page and you will see the title, URL, and comment field.

3. Now pay attention to the URL part.

== URL ==

In the case of this video, two URLs are listed, but you can easily download from either one.

== The URL is “www.mp4up”.

If the URL is “www.mp4upload ~”.

When you open the URL, you will be taken to the download page. Click the green “Download” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

At this time, the download will start immediately. If you are using a pay as you go line, be careful about the amount of communication.

* An advertising window may appear at the same time you click. Please do nothing at this time and close immediately.

== URLS ==

When the URL ends with”~ .mp4

When you open the URL, you’ll see a page with just the video in the center and a black frame around it.

Place your cursor on the video part, right-click and click “Save Video As”.

* Depending on the browser you are using, the notation and operation method for right-clicking may vary.

Note that I use my favorite browser, Google Chrome, as an example here.

It works exactly the same in Firefox.

== == i.e.

By the way, with IE, the above black box screen is not displayed, and you will suddenly be taken to the standard Windows save screen.↓↓

== == The above example works exactly the same in Google Chrome.

Download from video conversion sites (generic)

1. In [Off Liberty], paste the URL of the video page you want to download and convert.

== Convert ==

2. After the conversion, a list of candidates will be displayed for which the file format to save will be displayed.

You must select a file ending in “.mp4” here, so be careful not to make a mistake.

Note: If it is a video like YouTube, the download will start with one click as it is, but in the case of B9 (due to the specifics of the article creation point), it will not save. It will take another minute or so.

== == 1.

3. Click on “~ .mp4” and a video window with the same black frame as before should appear.

Similarly, select “Save Video As” in the video window to complete the download.


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