Best Free websites to watch premiere movies online in 2020

Best Free websites to watch premiere movies online in 2020

The vast majority of people like to enjoy good movies, or we were once caught by a series that we did not want to end, and that is that they captivate us, make us fall in love, inspire them, we cannot deny it.

Over time, cinema and television have improved a lot; now, we can watch movies or series in high definition, different languages, and even subtitled.

Who has not cried in a sad scene or identified with a beautiful moment? This leads us to invite you on this trip, where we will visit some of the websites where we can enjoy drama, action, comedy, and much more online.

List of the best websites to watch free premiere HD movies

We love being one of the first to tell our friends about a movie that is opening and give our opinion. Today some pages allow us to enjoy very recent movies in high definition and online, to show off with our friends.

Here we will indicate a list of 10 interesting websites:


On this page, we can watch movies online without registering, in different languages and high definition. We just have to enter the website, search for the movie we want to see, play in watching online, and let it load a little so that we are enjoying our choice.


We will be able to see different movies and series; however, we will have to register first to be able to enter. If we are looking for a specific video, then we only select the list either serial or movie, and search for the one we want to see.

When selecting the movie or series that we want to see, we go to the section where it says link, then a list of the different languages will be displayed, also the server where the file is uploaded, and it’s quality. We must bear in mind that it opens a lot of advertising, so you must be vigilant.



Like the previous page, we will have to create a user. We can venture into the cinematic world and select from the list of series or movies to choose the one we want to see the most.

Once we choose the film, we will be able to notice that, they can be loaded in English and subtitled or Latin  (some are already loaded in both languages), we must bear in mind that this website jumps to many advertisements; you just have to go back and close those extra windows and try until you redirect to the page again.



Initially, we must register, then we can select the movie or series of our preference, just by clicking on the link a list of languages and video quality will be displayed. We choose the one we want, and our reproduction will be in a new window.



Once we enter this website, we will see a variety of movies and series to choose from; that is, we will not need to register. It will be easy to enjoy a video on this platform since, just by pressing the button view in HD online, it will load automatically.

We will be able to enjoy new releases on this platform in HD instantly and for free, in addition to the fact that this page does not open almost any pop-up window.



We must say that this page from the beginning is emitting constant announcements; however, registration is not required to enjoy any movie or series available on this website.

This page opens too many pop-up windows with each click that we execute, but only by closing them, we can continue without any problem. It has four options that indicate the types of servers where we can see online. Play at our choice and enjoy it.



It is mostly used for downloading the latest HD movies and series; however, it also has the option to view online, and we will not need a registration.

Once the series or movie is selected, we will go to the bottom of the screen, after the trailer player we must wait for it to load and show us the box where it tells us to watch online or download. We can select the link we want according to the available servers.



It offers different series and movies that are among the most current, in high quality and can also be in the subtitle.

It has a variety of servers that we can choose after selecting the video of our preference. It should be noted that some of the options that it presents in its billboard are not available so we will not be able to see them.



We will now recommend an elementary page where we can watch movies only in English. If you are a fan of movies in English or you are studying the language, and you want to improve your pronunciation, this will be of great help. Many use this method.

It is very easy to watch a movie on this platform, we will only select the video of our preference, and we will play it. It is essential to keep in mind that it jumps us to an advertisement that by simply closing it, we can enjoy our movie.



It is an easily accessible platform where we can choose any movie or series that is available, it has a high resolution, and we can select the language and server that we want. This website has no ads.

What are the risks of watching re-released movies on pirated portals?

We cannot doubt that our privacy and the security of each of our computers are at risk when we talk about pirated portals. For every moment there is a series or movie that has been so named that we all catch our attention and we want to see it.

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Under the figure of being reliable web pages and where they offer the best video quality, if it is an unsecured portal, cybercriminals prepared to steal your information may be hiding. That along with other risks, some of which we present below:

➡ Invasive advertising

Not only are they usually annoying, but they can also be one of the main accomplices of fraud. While it is true that they can be used to generate income at the expense of users, they can also be hackers trying to steal our information.

We recommend not clicking or selecting an ad, and if there is an interest in one that has arisen, head directly to the address bar and enter the official website. This way, we will avoid the wrong time.

➡ Phishing

These are emails that arrive in our inbox and appear to be from trusted sources, such as from the bank, to lead the recipient to follow a series of steps where they request personal information such as bank accounts, passwords, or other relevant information. They can be presented in several ways, and we can receive text messages or calls.

We recommend that you do not enter the links that are in the mail since they can be platforms designed by hackers and are usually very similar to the official pages, these express a series of alerts for the user to enter without thinking, so we must delete the emails and SMS that are sent to you.

➡ Virus

The main risk we run when watching movies on pirated platforms is viruses. Infestations that usually stay on our computer to damage or delete information, we must be vigilant with pop-up windows that open, since they must be closed immediately.

What platforms can I watch premiere HD movies without risk?

On the other hand, there are reliable platforms where we can enjoy series and movies without running the risk of invasive advertising, phishing or viruses.

The ones we will present here are paid, although they mostly offer a free trial of at least 30 days. They provide us with security, a varied billboard of movies and series, to excellent quality in audio and video.

➡ Netflix


We started with the great and well-known Netflix, which has an almost unlimited list of series and movies, mostly originals and at a very attractive price.

It is currently in more than 200 countries, and just by choosing the membership plan that best suits our needs, we can access it from any device (Smartphone, Smart TV, or PC).


Disneyplus, Disney+

Being a platform that is recently coming to market, it is said that it will be the competition of Netflix; and it has been decided to make original releases, in addition to the Disney classics to enjoy with the family.

It is currently available in some countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Despite its extensive billboard, Disney Plus is only exclusive to the potential content of Disney, and it will be here where you will enjoy the new releases of this company.



With more than 6,000 movies and series, this portal offers a 14-day free trial to show its potential. It is another of the most recognized platforms, where we can connect up to 5 devices that have the Internet from the same account.

➡ Amazon Prime

amazon prime

Being Amazon not only recognized for its most important online sales service in the world, but also for its Amazon Prime Streaming platform, which has become another of the greats where we can find a fairly wide variety in feature films and series.

Your subscription is also quite attractive, and we can enjoy it from any device that has the Internet. An important fact is that it has exclusive content from the platform to choose one of our preferences.

➡ Rakuten

We will find a peculiarity when we subscribe to this platform, and that is that if we decide on the Rakuten TV box office option, consumption will depend on the quantity and quality of the content we want to see.

If, on the other hand, we choose Rakuten Selection, we can enjoy a reasonably varied catalog and with a price according to the plan we contract.

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