Best POS Systems for Nonprofit Organizations

Best POS Systems for Nonprofit Organizations

Your nonprofit organization needs a strategy for managing clients, encouraging repeat customers, and organizing your business analytics. Whether you’re working with clients and donors or offering nonprofit items for sale to customers, find out the best way to use Clover for nonprofits. Compare Clover hardware and software options with mobile card readers to see what you’re missing.

Mobile Card Readers

A mobile card reader is an affordable and convenient alternative to a full POS setup. A new POS system may offer you competitive ways to organize your nonprofit, but sometimes you need a simple way to accept credit cards. Pick up an affordable reader with a lifetime warranty to enjoy safe, rapid credit card and EMV chip card transactions. Connect your reader with Wi-Fi capabilities to accept payments anywhere in your location.

Clover Station

For a more dynamic and state-of-the-art option, consider the Clover Station. You may be surprised at how affordable these POS systems are, so it’s a great time to consider an update. Clover software is packed with helpful features for a busy nonprofit or an organization just entering a growth phase. Navigate your current phase with these features:

  • Secure payment processing
  • Included receipt printer and cash drawer
  • Rewards program
  • Detailed timesheet and inventory management software
  • EMV chip, mobile, and other payment options

Your clients, donors, and other individuals you work with deserve maximum security for their personal and credit card information. Stay safe with the latest encryption technology. A Clover Station also allows you to manage data easily to track inventory, prepare for payroll, or understand the time commitments of volunteers in your organization.

Clover Flex

For many of the Clover Station conveniences in a compact size, switch to the Clover Flex. This little powerhouse is about the size of your smartphone and can accept payments wirelessly. Navigate your storefront or other facilities to accept payments for products and services conveniently or to accept generous gifts by your donors. The Clover Flex offers a more discreet alternative to an extensive POS system, a crucial feature for many nonprofits.

Custom POS System Options

These are just the start of the many POS system options available to you. No two nonprofit organizations operate the same way, so it’s important to receive a system that reflects your business model and organizational practices. Work with a merchant service leader to find out which systems may fit well in your existing or ideal nonprofit organization. Don’t settle for a system that isn’t suited for your needs, but only pay for the products and features you need to expand your organization.

Grow Your Nonprofit With the Best New POS System

Enjoy streamlined data organization and secure payment processing with one of these systems. Compare rates for a mobile credit card reader or Clover Station from a leading merchant services provider to see how you can update your POS system. You may be able to save money on your credit card processing and get rid of your yearly contract requirements when you work with a friendly merchant services provider.

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