6 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Co Workers Retirement

6 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Co Workers Retirement

Did you know you spend 1/3 of your life working? Some studies suggest the average person will spend more than 90,000 hours at the office; that is 3,750 24-hour shifts or just over 10 non-stop years! It is no wonder why retirements should be celebrated, and any retiree you know deserves more than Zoom immersive view backgrounds.

A retirement party is a once-in-a-lifetime event, usually. The individual deserves a proper send-off, but what does that entail?

1. Get Outside the Office

Obviously, if you work in a virtual office, you can get creative and add virtual background in teams to make it appear that a retirement celebration is taking place elsewhere. However, it is likely better to actually meet up in person to toast the retiring individual.

Getting outside the office allows everyone to relax and have a good time. Sometimes, office parties can feel stiff and mandatory, meaning the office can suck the soul out of an event. Going out, having lunch or a drink is more fun.

2. Speeches All Around

You cannot forget the reason for the party, the retiree. While you can take the time to set up your virtual background with logo, the person at the center of the event deserves attention and recognition for their years of service.

Every retirement party should have speeches. The speeches do not have too long, but it is nice if everyone can make an effort to thank the retiree and give at least one reason they were a valued member of the team.

3. Video Montage

Some companies make it a habit of recording events. If there is any footage of the retiree that stands out, consider making a video montage to present at their retirement party. If there is no existing footage, consider making some.

You can take the time to record people giving their opinions about the retiring individual. Taking interviews and asking several questions about the retiree can provide several hours of footage. Having more footage than necessary allows you to edit the video, creating a succinct and perfect retirement gift.

4. Play a Game

Sometimes, the best way to spend a retirement party is by playing games. The games can have themes around retirement or simply be something the retiree would enjoy. Remember the party is about one individual, so try to find activities they will enjoy.

5. Send Them on a Cruise

If you are looking for a more lavish group gift, consider sending the retiree on a trip, such as a cruise. If at all possible, send them on an all-expenses-paid trip. Purchasing such a trip ensures the retiree can go without any financial risks.

6. Gift a Masterclass

An alternative to a cruise or trip is a masterclass. For instance, if the retiree is interested in golf, you can purchase golf lessons from a pro. The idea is to think of things they are interested in and find unique learning experiences for the retiree.

There are plenty of party options for a retiree. However, before jumping into any plans, make sure you know who you celebrate and why.

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