CouchTuner Unblock Sites like CouchTuner [100% working]

CouchTuner Unblock Sites like CouchTuner [100% working]

Most of us understand CouchTuner for its amazing Tv Show movie streaming solution that allowed us to watch TV series and movies for free for years. CouchTuner TELEVISION’s streaming solution was a convenient option to watch any type of TELEVISION episode you wanted without paying a dime anywhere. It was also a regular CouchTuner guy, and I also liked exactly how simple its interface was. With no messy ads, no spyware/adware, no studies, or registration, you can always go straight to CouchTuner’s main website,, and watch your favorite TV series in Full HD.

Can’t access CouchTuner? Are you looking for alternative ways to unlock CouchTuner? There are several methods to access CouchTuner when it is locked. However, the CouchTuner Proxy and CouchTuner Mirror sites are the most feasible. But, you will agree with me when I tell you that “finding CouchTuner Proxies working is not an easy job.”

However, recently CouchTuner has moved to a different domain name, and for many people around the world, CouchTuner is blocked. Therefore, they cannot access CouchTuner using their network connection. If CouchTuner crashed on your COMPUTER after that, I am here to inform you of the best CouchTuner alternatives as well as other sites like CouchTuner where you can go and watch complimentary TV shows in full high definition without registration or registration.

CouchTuner Mirror Websites


How to Unblock Couchtuner

If your ISP or office/school/university blocks the Couchtuner main site, you can simply unlock it using the methods below.

TOR Browser

TOR (The Onion Router) is a group of individual networks that helps us in anonymous communication. That means you can use this browser and unblock any restricted website.


VPN is a more secure method as the proxy site does not come securely. They can be easily tracked. But VPNs are not.
Some of the popular VPNs include Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost, Tor Guard, Express VPN, and Pure VPN, etc.

Sites like Couchtuner

Scroll down to the table to find CouchTuner alternatives. The main ones are the different main CouchTuner domains, and the following sites provided are the best free TV streaming websites that allow customers to openly watch any kind of TV series or TV episode in any style as well as even anime/cartoons in Full HD. We select these sites like CouchTuner just for you. Many of these free TV websites offer not only TV shows but also the ability to watch free movies online. So in one way or another, some of these CouchTuner options are better than CouchTuner, too. Inspect them.



Movie4u is the perfect website to watch movies online for free within Hindi and the English language. By streaming movies online, you can see a good amount of good and new movies on this website. You will be able to view new Bollywood moving images on this website.



Offering a clean and smooth user interface, easily categorized content, and a large library, 123Movies feels almost like a premium streaming service. At first, we noticed fewer pop-up ad banners, but there is no shortage of ads included in the content when you choose to play a movie or TV show. 123Movies understands that these ads can be annoying at times, so it offers a premium membership for those who don’t mind a little extra money for an ad-free experience.

Providing a neat and fluid interface, quickly classified material, and a massive collection of it, 123Movies feels almost like a cost-beaming service. At first, we discovered fewer pop-up banner ads, but there is no shortage of ads included in the material when you choose to play, as well as TV movies or shows. 123Movies understands that these ads can interfere at times, so it uses exceptional membership for those who don’t mind a little extra mass for an ad-free experience.


Yes Movies

YesMovies is just one of the high-quality movie streaming websites, providing suitable web content for people to feast on. You don’t need to register to watch movies or TV shows, but some ads are a bit frustrating. However, you can remove those ads by using an ad blocker.

The website provides an easy-to-use user interface to watch movies online for free, allowing people to discover movies and the TELEVISION collection with ease. The site constantly updates the content, making it a favorite for people to use from time to time.

It is recommended that users appreciate the web content on the site by reviewing the site at the optimal level. Various options are offered for filtering moving images, such as style, IMDb score, and national base. You can even rank movies based on Hollywood, Bollywood, etc.

It is also suggested to people to enjoy online here instead of downloading moving pictures because clicking on the download option will redirect you to potentially malicious websites. Also, it allows users to request a movie if it is not offered in Yes Films.



Developed to be basic and easy, GoMovies starts with a search engine that allows you to quickly discover the title of the movie and even a certain episode of the season you want to watch. But also for the times when you are not sure what web content you want to enjoy, the website uses a simple means to discover new movies, as well as TV shows using the trending area where you can watch movies online for free. Plus, you can also organize through content based on the main IMDB titles, Genre, and even search for fun native land-based stuff.



Bmovies is one of the best websites to watch movies online, free full movies, user interface, and very easy options. Most people criticize the site because of the ads, but it is quite evident on the free sites.

It offers an alternative to watch movies from various countries, including the United States, Korea, Taiwan, and also other Eastern countries. In addition to the country ranking, you can also use the category, AZ List, highest rated IMDb movies, and more.

BMovies have attracted many people in the current generation due to extended attributes like IMDb rating and advancements of movies within the site. Therefore, it is not necessary to visit several other sites to obtain more information related to movies and television shows.

Also, it includes additional servers to watch new version movies online for free without registering in case the initial web server is dead or damaged. The subscription option on the website is also not mandatory, so you can enjoy movies without hesitation in sharing data.



Vumoo has whatever it takes to be among the best movie streaming sites. It is just one of the high-quality platforms to locate and watch high-quality movies as well as television series. From activity, drama, horror to love, the platform has video clips of all genres to watch movies online for free.

Another impressive feature of Vumoo is its user interface. It is quite simple to navigate. Thus, you can find and start streaming movies in the blink of an eye. You can also search for movies by their release year on this system as well. Plus, it has fewer ads that appear most of the time.



Among the most notable streaming sites available, just because it has quickly gained popularity for many years. An excellent reason why it became so is precise that they break down high-quality service for each of its users.

This site offers each of its clients as much as the point where they are almost never obstructed at some major sites due to piracy reasons. They do not appreciate losing reputation on some Internet sites, as long as they break down a good solution for each of the clients. If Fmovies blocks in your country, read the details to Unlock Fmovies.

They have thousands of high quality movies and TV series where you can eat whenever you want. Just be careful when selecting the domain names to be given to you. All movies discovered on this website can be streamed in high-quality resolution. If you are quite satisfied with all its services, especially the high quality of the videos, you can choose to download them so that you can enjoy them offline for later. They even have those old movies that you used to enjoy.



We don’t see online streaming sites with .com domain names very often. Why? Because .com domain names are easy for anti-piracy organizations to remove, most administrators avoid if they can. But it seems the people behind Popcornflix are confident in its ability to keep the site afloat even with a .com domain, and we applaud its audacity.



A simple website with a good design. You don’t need to learn much when trying to navigate this website. This is neatly designed and laid out, so you can easily familiarize yourself with the site.

They also show the description of the film. With this, you will be able to know a brief introduction to what you are going to see.

The home page shows the movies that are in success these days. This feature is not found on most of the streaming websites mentioned in this list.

They even give ratings based on their IMDB ratings and reviews. All its contents are served through third-party sites, and they do not have their hosting service.



The very nice, neat, and clean All123movies user interface also features a search tab along with other content filtering features. You can also save your favorites using the bookmark function. Movies and TV series on this platform also have viewer statistics. This feature helps you evaluate and choose trending varieties. All123Movies is also frequently updated with the latest free online HD movies and TV series. Therefore, you can be sure to find nothing but the latest collections on this platform.

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