The Different Courses and Certifications to Become a Scrum Master

The Different Courses and Certifications to Become a Scrum Master

Currently, employees with a scrum master certification are in high demand across several organizations in different domains. So, are you interested? Do you want to advance in your career and shine in your organization? Do you want to set a successful career trajectory for yourself? The simplest way to do this would be by becoming a scrum master. Now here’s the catch with becoming a scrum master- there are several courses and corresponding certifications for this. So, which one should you opt for? This article will enlighten you with the different courses and certifications that you can do to become a scrum master! 

Certification Options for Scrum Master

There are several certification options available for you to choose from. It all depends on your interest and aptitude. The options have been listed as follows: 

Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®) 

This is by far one of the most popular courses and certifications that you can opt for. Certified by the Scrum Alliance, this course will take you 2 days to complete. The examination cost is included in the course cost. There are no specific prerequisites for taking the training and giving the examination. However, if you know the fundamentals of the Scrum application, it may be helpful. The examination will be online. It will be a closed book examination. You will have to answer 50 multiple choice questions in an hour. The passing score is 74 percent. Once you complete the examination and secure the passing score, you will be awarded the certified scrum master certificate. 

Disciplined Agile Scrum Master® (DASM®) 

This is another well-known scrum master certification. In this course, you will undergo at least 14 hours of live training. This course does not have any eligibility criteria. However, a comprehensive idea of Agile Scrum will help you make the most of the course. The examination will be web-based (online). An advantageous fact is that it will be an open book examination. You’ll have to answer 50 questions (all multiple choice questions) within 90 minutes. If you secure a minimum score of 70 percent, you will be able to download your DASM certificate instantly. 

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Professional Scrum Master ™ (PSM™) 

This is another viable scrum master certification option for you. This course and certification also do not have any particular prerequisites. To complete this course, you will undergo a minimum of 14-16 hours of training with a certified professional. The certification is provided by The assessment will be in online mode. It is an open-book test. You will get 60 minutes to complete 85 questions (multiple choice questions). The passing score for this examination is 85 percent. Once you finish the exam and secure the minimum passing score, you’ll be able to download your PSM certificate instantly! 

These are the top three courses that you can choose from. For all these courses, you do not need to have any work experience to undergo the training or get certified. However, it is mandatory that you complete the training to take the examination. If you have some prior experience in the scrum, it would be great. But this isn’t mandatory.

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