Although we have already touched on this topic, talking about websites like Myp2p , in a context of online sports broadcasts, we must highlight that there are also websites that use the torrent system (p2p or peer to peer) to watch movies, series or documentaries.

We will focus on examples of movies and sports content, but it is worth reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of using these web services and how to take advantage of this type of website to refine our soccer predictions, especially when it is the Spanish soccer classic (the match Barcelona vs Real Madrid) or the big events with sports betting.

What is Dontorrent?

Among the many contents that sports fans can find on Dontorrent, we mainly find movies (both in normal format and 4K and HD), series (complete and specific episodes or seasons) and documentaries. But not only that, since currently we can see up to 10,000 songs and 4,000 soccer games or other sports.

So it is not only a portal to download torrent files of sports entertainment hits, such as the Netflix documentary about Michael Jordan The Last Dance , but also where you can choose from more than 40,000 content.

As we will explain later, the legality of dontorrent is one of the aspects to take into account when considering its use to watch the best movies and series of the moment.

What are torrents?

Torrent files, which are what explain why a large part of streaming websites like Vidcorn and especially download websites to watch movies and series online, are a mass phenomenon. And obviously those of us who like movies and sports series can have the possibility of getting titles that are not available on payment platforms, or being able to enjoy productions in their original language or with subtitles.

First we are going to explain what they are, what they are for and how Torrent clients are used. And many sports fans go to websites of this type to watch sports movies, series or documentaries. What are torrents? They are programs that we install on our computers to download large files with the protocol called Peer 2 Peer, which means that it is a download that is done in parts and with different sources.

That is, it is not a download made by a user from a specific server. For example, if we download a YouTube video, we do it from a server that has YouTube. But with p2p technology, what we do is receive the file by downloading it from a network of computers that, in a shared way, make it easier for the file to reach us little by little… from different places.

A reality that was very successful in the early years of the internet and that has the present and future guaranteed with new uses such as blockchain technology, which is also based on the principle of blocks or cooperation.

What is needed to view dontorrent

As a content download website that uses torrents, whether movies, series or documentaries, Dontorrent makes it easy for these files to be shared between users without the user needing to pay attention to the process. To do this, what are called torrent clients are used, such as Bittorrent, which is capable of reading the file and the download data so that through peer to peer protocols we can download the content from several computers. The more users sharing the same content, the more complete and agile the network will be that will help us complete the download process.

So roughly what you need to see DonTorrent is:

a) having the ability to download a “.torrent” file, which we have already said, is one that stores information related to the location of the destination file (what we want to download) and that will divide the destination file into small pieces of information located on an unlimited number of hosts. In this way, torrents are capable of downloading large files at high speed. Once these parts of the file have been downloaded, they can be easily assembled for use.

b) have a client for torrent files. What is a torrent client? Well, a program that is used to open and interpret the .torrent file and thus obtain the content that other users share through bittorrent technology. Some torrent clients are Vuze, Utorrent, Bitcomet, µtorrent and qBittorrent.

With these two conditions we can perfectly enjoy DonTorrent downloads, which as we will see later has come to have a domain where you could access more specialized content in sports.

Dontorrent Sport

Among the many domains in which we have found the DonTorrent project, using to locate them websites that crawl web pages for years and maintain screenshots and cached versions, we found that Dontorrent Sport existed, a website for downloading sports movies in which it also We found successful sports documentaries such as Icarus or the Netflix hit Sunderland Til I Die , which chronicles the misadventures of Sunderland AFC fans, employees and players in two seasons.

And we can estimate that at least 15% of the content of films and series has a direct relationship with sports, which is why it was logical to bring together the content most closely related to sports and give them maximum visibility in one of the domains in which The Dontorrent project has been hosted.

Advantages of Dontorrent

While streaming is relatively recent, the Bittorrent protocol has existed since 2001, and little by little it became the most used P2P file sharing protocol on the Internet thanks to its security. A torrent file can be shared by any user who downloads it, but only when its bits match exactly. If a single bit is changed, that torrent will be different and you will not be able to share its content, thus preventing the spread of viruses if torrent links are downloaded from safe sites.

Bittorrent has historically emerged as the backbone of Internet piracy. When we access a streaming page, all the content stored there almost always comes first from a torrent.

Among the immediate advantages that we see in Dontorrent are the enormous possibilities offered by being able to have video, audio files or programs installed on the computer or device. We do not depend on internet outages or connection problems.

Also in the download process, favorable opinions are legion since we can pause the download and we can also download without limits (not like streaming platforms such as Livetv for sports in which navigation is sometimes limited). And in addition to doing it at high speed if the file is shared by many users, also by forming a virtual queue, the download of multiple files is managed very efficiently.

Don Torrent legality

Although torrent download pages are often associated with something illegal, the truth is that there are many completely legal projects for downloading torrents that verify that all the products available in the catalog have free transmission rights or even have a license to be shared. or they are even freeware, something much more common in programs and songs than in movies or series.

So, although everything related to torrents has always had a bad reputation due to its links with the downloading of illegal or copyrighted files, there are legal platforms for watching movies and series, completely legal and that use the bittorrent protocol. Furthermore, in other fields such as science, P2P is used to share knowledge within the scientific community.

And the structure of a bittorrent network has served to popularize the use of the following elements:

  • peers (peers). All elements that are on the network.
  • leechers (leeches). Those who are downloading the file but do not have it complete yet. And also to those who download files but do not share them.
  • seeders (planters). Those users who have the complete file (the seed).
  • trackers (trackers). A special service that contains the information for peers to connect to each other. It is the way to locate the target file to download.
  • swarm They are the users that the tracker is in charge of searching for

In any case, to be honest, given the constant changes of domains and the way that the owners of DonTorrent communicate the new web addresses where the download links to their spectacular catalog of movies, series, documentaries, music and television programs are hosted. software, it is clear that this is a project pursued by the authorities and although unlike Rojadirecta to watch football online, it has not had a court ruling that has put an end to the project; It does have endless attempts by internet providers and hosting and telephone operators to put an end to its websites.

Don torrent Telegram

For a few months, the only domain that the creators of the Don Torrent project openly use is “”, and to make it clear from the beginning, they show a pop-up window as soon as you access the website where you can directly access the group official Telegram called “DonTorrent Telegram” with its characteristic blue color and the white letter D.

A group where almost 30,000 subscribers currently meet (May 2021) and in which the different domains that can be accessed are updated. We verify that in recent weeks links to a huge number of websites have been shared using combinations of the term “dontorrent” and “dontorrents” with the domains .com, .org, .net… being since May 2, 2021 the cited the only one that works.

Like its entire website, this channel only uses Spanish as the language in which information is given.

But attention! because on Telegram there are several channels that use expressions similar to Dontorrent where download files or “torrents” of specific movies are directly offered. In any case, since we do not even have a website, it is much less reliable to download these files to our mobile devices.

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Dontorrent in 2024

Currently the Dontorrent project is frozen and we cannot find any of the websites that stood out in this brand and that brought together most of the traffic from 20016 to 2020. That is why lately you can see several domains that have become alternatives to Dontorrent in 2023, among them always a common characteristic: being able to find a wide variety of torrent files of all types, well classified to find the category of film, series or documentary we are looking for.

Among the alternatives to Dontorrent in 2023 we find, for example,, and the 1227x website, which has millions of downloads annually.

Without a doubt, torrent websites have become a successful formula for watching sports content; in this case films and series of which we have already given dozens of examples on this blog: from Sunderland Till I Die, to the best sports films according to who was our star collaborator for so long.

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