Euphoria Review (6 Episodes) and Where to Watch

Euphoria Review (6 Episodes) and Where to Watch

In this article, we will be discussing the Euphoria anime, reviewing the masterpiece, and where to watch it.

I am not here. I never thought that I would see such cruel images in this age. It’s been a long time since a large-scale torture animation appeared.One male and six female students are locked up in a certain facility. To get out, they are forced to “put a man’s key in a woman’s keyhole” and if they refuse, they are immediately killed. A rape show unfolds.

== ==

Episode 1 – Manaka Nemu: Hell Begins (10 points)


The first thing that struck me was that he actually killed the girl from the start. They answered Miyako Ando, ​​who did not raise her voice, to an electric chair without telling her whether or not he was shocking her with a high-voltage electrical current.

With his entire body trembling and his blood innovative eyes wide open, he died. Her body was charred black here and there, and smoke from the charring of her flesh rose in a thick plume.

Oh, this animation has a different resolution. The scene made me feel like they were seriously trying to stage a torture animation.

Seeing such a gruesome murder scene, on the contrary, a male student with abnormal sexual desire erects his crotch. He completely fucks her childhood friend Kanae who feels like a child.

Episode 2 – Hokari Kanae – The End of Paradise (10 points)

The scene where the proud Nemu is restrained and forcibly raped is also a naughty scene, but what I liked the most was Kano-chan’s torture scene in the second episode.

Kano-chan is restricted to a chair and is subjected to electrical current not only on the surface of her body, but also on her vagina and asshole, causing her to squirm.

At first the electrical current is so weak that it makes it tingle, and then the voltage gradually increases as we watch it. Her expression fell more and more, and I felt a tremendous pleasure that I had never felt before.

It was kind of the perfect ending, like he was tortured to the end.

I already think that this work called “Euphoria” is really dangerous. I thought I was somewhat immune to rape anime, but as expected, this torture rape was a really unpleasant experience for me. It was such a traumatic experience, and it’s definitely a memorable piece of work that woke me up to a new sexuality.

Episode 3 – Byakuya Rinne Rinne: Rinne’s Reincarnation (9 points)

== Sorry, it’s been a while since the release of the second episode.

It’s been so long since the release of the second episode that I had given up on it, thinking I’d never see another character’s story again, but I’m so glad a sequel has been decided.

When I played the original story, I was fascinated by Rinne and Yarika, as well as by the main heroines Nemu and Kaye. I have been waiting for it for a long time.

Episodes 1 and 2 of the adult anime version of euphoria mainly depict intense torture scenes (of course, it’s great to get excited about them), but in this episode 3, there are not only torture scenes, but also many scenes of torture. loving sex with Rinne Byakuya, which gives me the impression that it is closer to the original work than before. I had the impression that the style was closer to the original work than before.

Rinne, who had an inorganic atmosphere, inevitably reveals her emotions when she suddenly plunges into her virgin hole without foreplay and squirms in the womb. And from there, new emotions begin to develop between him.

As I watched Rinne’s increasingly rich expressions of emotion, I found myself crying more than once.

As expected, this third episode alone wasn’t enough to depict the true pain Rinne-chan is going through, but it was still very satisfying and conveyed her charm.

Now, the next episode, Episode 4, will be about Rika Makiha, the girl I personally fell in love with the most in the original Bishojo game. I’m looking forward to this one too.

Episode 4 – “Rika Makiba” and “Natsuki Aoi” – Reviving Hell Edition – (9 points)

== ==

There is no doubt that the two main heroines “Manaka-chan” and “Hokorika-chan” maintain the core of the Bishojo game called Euphonium. She is the subcharacteristic Rika Makurakawa-chan.

In this fourth episode, she is a whiny, spoiled and slightly ditzy girl who is raped like a keyhole by her English teacher, Aoi Natsuki.

In contrast to the other girls, Rika showed a clear refusal to be raped until the very end.

She believes that if she cries and begs for forgiveness, she will surely be saved, but this attitude in turn causes the protagonist pain, and she is subjected to extremely harsh torture. She was going to clean up the mess.

Rika is submerged in a tank and her virginity is taken from her as she drowns. She is also held by her head de ella and semen has been poured into her uterus de ella while she is on the verge of suffocation. I felt it.

Euphoria is famous for its torture anime. There aren’t many adult anime that depict such inhuman acts of torture with such aplomb.

Of course, the best thing about this work is that it properly focuses not only on the torture scenes, but also on the changes in his mind.

At one point, Rika hates the main character from the bottom of her heart. She goes, but it was very lovely to see her like this.

In the epilogue, we get to see the long-awaited love scene with her, which was also very nice, but my only disappointment was that the older Dr. Natsuki appears in that scene.

I wanted to enjoy sex with Rika to my heart’s content, but the teacher interrupted me and I couldn’t focus on enjoying it…

I didn’t want to see her horny body with zero shame for not being a virgin, but it didn’t bother me at all.

Why are there only two heroines in episode 4 instead of one? I wanted to watch episode 4 just for Rika! That’s the only thing that still makes me really sad…

However, I think it’s safe to say that the overall quality of the show is still very high, so it’s worth checking out. et al. I’m sure you can see a lot of traumatic scenes in this movie that you don’t find in the “mere old man” adult works.

Episode 5 – Underground game, scatological hell above ground. The mastermind of laughs is… a childhood friend! Editing ~ (10 points)

== screaming

I have been waiting for you! ! Finally, the real charm of Nemu Manaka, the main heroine of this work, is here! !

Until now, Nemu has been portrayed as a cold-hearted and sadistic girl, but her true personality and character are the complete opposite of that cold impression. Ever since I played the original game, she has fascinated me with the pure side of her.

In this fifth episode, Nehan-Chan, who cares for the main character more than anyone, has a series of cute moe scenes while enjoying her sudden redness. He is.

And by pushing this pair of lovers mentally, the result is a story that is or even more painful than the torture scenes we’ve seen so far. I personally enjoyed watching it to the fullest.

Of course, there were also plenty of scenes of physical torture, such as a blindfolded girl being promptly decapitated by Kano and forced to eat other children’s excrement. I became Kano’s sex toy in front of him, and I had no choice but to watch the whole scene as other men being raped. Orgasmic face and Nehara-chan’s orgasmic face (this scene is really amazing!)) and other normal(?) solo sex scenes. The sex scenes alone were more than enough ecstasy for this piece.

My only regret is that as Nemu-chan’s lover, the ending is not completely happy, but there is no chance of happiness in the future! I don’t think there are any, so let’s just accept that.

Euphoria, which continues even in its fifth episode, is definitely a masterpiece that represents the world of adults. (Hashimoto)

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Episode 6 – The paradise we are aiming for is beyond the sacred ritual. The mother of the Savior is……Rinne Byakuya! ed. ~ (9 points)

== ==

In contrast to Episode 5, Episode 6 restarts with the exact opposite composition. Nemu is the villain and the victim is Kano-san.

Of course, since this is an adult-oriented anime based on a Bishojo game, it’s understandable that there are a lot of branches to the story, but I have to admit that this change took me back when the aftermath of episode 5 was still vivid in my mind. . Tashiro.

Well, you can treat any route you like as a true story, so I personally would like to enjoy this episode 6 as one of the IF routes.

In any case, episode 6 begins with the main heroines Nezuma and Kano, but the real heroine this time around is actually the founder of the cult, Byakuya Rinri. She will be

In order to become the Savior, Rinne kidnapped and imprisoned the main character and forced her to continue forcing her offspring to become the Savior.

Originally, she was supposed to be the Savior, but the cult seems to have a rule that the Savior must be a male. The mission to give birth was filled with crazy play: orgies, branding, whipping, beheading, you name it.

Madness is the true value of euphoria! This urge is alive and well in this sixth episode.

Despite all these crazy acts, the last scene was ordinary and peaceful. That is inexcusable. I think the final development was also a euphoric ending.

I don’t know if there will be a sequel in the future, but it’s very rare in recent years to find an adult anime that offers torture gameplay as intense as this work, so as a fan of yesteryear, I can’t expect more of the same. . I can not stay! (Hashiro)

Watch Euphoria anime for free?

Now you may be wondering where you can watch euphoria anime.

The Euphonium anime is not available on popular OTT streaming platforms due to the cruel and sexual content it contains. This TV anime is also not suitable for all viewers.

However, we have managed to find some websites where you can still watch the Euphonium anime.

Here is the list of websites where you can easily watch euphoria anime tv series for free and in good quality.


You can also watch all the euphoria anime hentai on Dailymotion. The best part is that you can watch euphonium anime hentai on Dailymotion with English subtitles. This is one more point for all English speaking viewers who want to watch this unique TV anime.

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Hentaitube is another website where you can watch Euphoria anime, all Euphoria anime porn scenes are available on this site.

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