12 Free Animation Sites

12 Free Animation Sites
Although many free anime sites have recently shut down and are no longer available to watch, here are 14 sites where you can still enjoy free anime as of 2023. If you want to enjoy anime easily, check them out.

Free Anime Site 1: Animeflv

Animeflv (Animeflvv (Animeflv) is a popular free anime viewing site in Spanish-speaking countries. On this site, you can watch many types of anime, from the latest releases to past classics.

Animeflv specializes in Japanese anime, and its high quality has made it a favorite among many fans.

Free Anime Site 2: Gogoanime

Goanime (Gogoanime) is one of the most popular pirate sites for free streaming of Asian anime and drama.

This site offers not only Japanese anime and manga, but also content from other Asian countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and India. The site also offers many language options, including English subtitles and dubbing, and fans from all over the world used the fans.

Free Anime Site 3: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the world’s largest streaming service for Japanese anime and drama content, with more than 50 million registered users worldwide.

The site offers not only Japanese anime and manga, but also content from other Asian countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and India, with multilingual subtitles and dubbing available.

Crunchyroll also produces original anime and is supported by anime fans around the world. Crunchyroll provides its content under an official contract and is available for legal use.

Free Anime Site 4: Acfun

Acfun is a video-sharing website originating from China, where users can enjoy videos, comments, and real situations voluntarily posted by users. The content is mainly related to Otaku culture, such as anime, manga, games, and music.

It also has a live streaming feature, which allows users to watch live streaming of many popular shows and celebrities.

ACFUN originally grew out of Chinese internet culture and has influenced Japanese otaku culture.

Recently, however, government regulations have made it difficult to operate, and its future development is drawing attention!

Free Anime Site 5: Kissanime

Kissanime is one of the pirate sites where you can stream mainly Japanese anime for free. On this site, you can watch many types of anime, from the latest releases to past classics.

Kissanime is one of the most popular sites used by international anime fans, especially in English-speaking countries.

Free Anime Site 6: Funimation

Funimaton is an anime streaming site specializing in dubbed anime series for English-speaking audiences. The site is updated with the latest anime series for a particular season. The site is also known for producing English versions of hit anime movies. Funimation’s library contains a wide variety of anime series, with a wide selection of current and off-air titles. Users can watch on Funimation for free, ad-supported. They can also subscribe to watch ad-free.

Free Anime Sites 7:9anima

The next site we will be introducing is, 9 anime which is a free anime site. This site offers super high quality anime series and movies, featuring some of the most acclaimed anime series in Japan. It also has a unique feature that lists the upcoming episodes scheduled to air. Also, if a user has a video of an anime series that is not on the site, it can be added to the site. All anime series and episodes are properly categorized based on genre for smooth access.

Free anime site 8: myanimelist

Myanimelista is one of the best free anime streaming sites without ads. It is very popular due to its user-friendly user interface. With different tabs available, users can easily find their favorite anime series. Each show comes with a short introduction, and you can get the rating, popularity, number of viewers, and character information from the introduction. Users can also watch their favorite anime series in HD video with English subtitles.

Free Anime Site 9: Animeheaven

Anime is a completely free anime site. It features all the popular anime series, current season videos and series, movies and more. It is also possible to download quality videos respectively. Therefore, for those who are looking for a site where they can download and play, Anime Heaven is the ideal choice.

Free Anime Site 10: Anime-Planet

Anime Planet is one of the most popular sites for playing funny anime. Similar to other anime sites, you can watch your favorite anime and series online. It also provides basic information about the video you are trying to play. The main attraction of this site is the ability to make friends; Anime-Planet offers a channel to join the community and follow other users who share the same interests.

Free Anime Site 11: Bilibili

Bilibili is a video sharing website that originated from China and mainly focuses on content related to Otaku culture, including anime, games, and music.

It also features a live streaming feature and a comment system that allows posters and viewers to interact with each other.

Originally started as a community of anime and manga fans, Bilibili is now supported by many users.

Recently, Bilibili has expanded internationally, for example by promoting cooperation with Japanese anime production companies. However, some extreme comments and inappropriate content have become a problem.

Free Anime Site 12: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription video-on-demand rental and streaming service offered by Amazon in the United States. The service is available individually or as part of an Amazon Prime membership. It primarily offers movies and TV shows produced by Amazon Studios and MGM Holdings, as well as Amazon-licensed content. In January 2017, Amazon launched Anime Strike, a service dedicated to anime, which was later discontinued as it was integrated into Prime Video’s main library.

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Q&A About free anime sites

Frequently asked questions and answers about free anime sites.

Are free anime sites illegal?

Whether or not a site is illegal depends on the country in which it is operated. Of course, it is illegal in Japan, but since the server is not located in Japan, there is no problem. There is no problem in watching videos as long as you do not give them to others.

Can I turn off the subtitles of the animations?

There are two types of subtitles: forced subtitles and non-forced subtitles. Forced subtitles cannot be turned off. For general subtitles, you can turn them off if there is a setting on the playback screen.

How to download anime from free anime sites?

It is recommended to download movies from free video sites with downloading software to prevent viruses and other risks.

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