Top 20 Sites Where You Can Download Manga For Free (Zip, Rar, Raw Version)

Top 20 Sites Where You Can Download Manga For Free (Zip, Rar, Raw Version)
In this topic, we have done a thorough investigation of the sites where you can download the main content, “manga”, for free, and we would like to summarize the results.
In this article, we have conducted extensive research on sites that allow free downloading of “manga”, the site’s main content, and would like to summarize the results.*In addition to the characteristics of the sites, this article describes “user-friendliness, number of contents and security of the sites” on a 5-point scale based on our own criteria.
Also, since the information is current at the time of writing the article, there is a possibility that the site has already been shut down. Also, please note that this is not an article that the site recommends downloading.

Sites where you can download comics for free, a site that gained momentum after Mangamura’s closure and now reigns supreme among illegal comic sites.

As shown at the top of the site, the extension is “RAW/ZIP/RAR” and some comics are free to download.

Check out the following article for other detailed features and ease of use.

zip sleeve

The number of contents alone far exceeds that of “13DL.NET” mentioned in the previous section, with more than 50,000 if magazines are included.

By the way, it also ranks second in the number of hits, with about 60 million PV per month.

It’s easy to use because there are no ads or misleading links, but the biggest drawback is that the old manga have broken links across the board.

manga blog

The layout of the site is similar to “Manga Zip” and it is probably a mirror site, but the number of contents is about 8,000, about one seventh of the original.

However, there are no malicious ads, and the site is generally easy to use.

Book Share Zip

On many sites, you have to go through the works page once by clicking “Read More.”

However, this “Book Share Zip” site is very convenient because you can skip the works page and jump to the uploader directly from the top page as “13DL.NET”.

Another good point is that multiple links are provided, so there are few broken links.

zip rar dl sleeve

== == The first thing is that there are no unnecessary decorations.

First of all, the site is very easy on the eye, without unnecessary decorations.

Also, the details are written in Japanese, which is very usable and easy to use.

And the number of works uploaded is about 15,000, which is relatively large among the sites we have compiled here.

Also, the number of daily updates is high, and many of the links to previously uploaded comics are still live, so there are no glaring shortcomings. “is a website that receives more than 7 million page views per month due to its ease of use.

There are no unnecessary decorations, the site itself is light, and the number of manga works is large, so honestly speaking, there is nothing to complain about when it looks like a single site.

By the way, the number of works in each category is listed in the Category section, which was helpful for me personally as a researcher.

This site “” is already dangerous from the top page!

From the operator’s comments, it seems to be run by a foreigner who loves Japanese otaku culture.

The site itself has an elaborate design, and one feature not found on other sites is “views,” or an intuitive way to see the number of views on a work.

Personally, I was concerned that the link to the uploader is not a “direct link.

I assume it’s for security reasons, but if that’s the case, the site itself should be shut down.

I don’t think so, but don’t worry about the depth of this type of site.

Alternate manga village site “Brutoqq” sister site “”.

This site only moved RAWQQQ’s “manga download function”, and the detailed design and usability are almost the same, so please refer to the following article.” is a free music download site and “” is a specialized comic site.

With 8 years of operation and an average of 10 books uploaded per day, the number of contents is not half as large as it should be.

The number of comics alone is 20,000, and over 35,000 if you include other magazines and novels, which is excessive.

To be honest, the original “” was pretty big too, but this site has also grown to a considerable scale and now has anything and everything.

For reference, detailed site features and usability are summarized in the second half of the following article.

“”, a site that appears to be the only mirror site for “”.

There are few changes, including details. However, there is no need to dare to use this one, simply because it has more content than the original.

cartoon sky

The most dangerous site in this compilation is definitely this site.”Cartoon Heaven.

First of all, the site administrator is Japanese, and the site is operated on a server in Japan. This next point is already dangerous.

Of course, the site is easy to read and completely in Japanese, and each work has a comment box, where you can report a broken link, which will be fixed in a few dozen minutes as soon as possible, and the response from the administrator is fast. and polite.

Frankly speaking, without going into details, I think it is worse than the old “Manga Mura”, but somehow it operates smoothly.

Shobon Books

Shobon Books, a user-submitted DL manga site with cute emoticons.

This site is also run by a Japanese national, and it is easy to use as it has been translated into Japanese down to the smallest detail.

Compared to “” and “manga zip”, the number of contents seems to be slightly smaller, but still sufficient.

The main content is “general comics”, with a small number of books, magazines, adult content, and light novels.

As an aside, the old “Manga Mura” also claimed to be a “user treated” site, but I wonder if it’s really safe. is the only free manga download site that can be searched under “author.”

First, a feature not found on other sites is the “Author” tag embedded in the sidebar, making it easy to pull author titles.

The main language of the entire site is Japanese, and the categories are divided into smaller ones, making it easy to find the desired job.

In fact, this site has been running for about seven years, but the number of uploaded works is not that large, and the update frequency is very slow.

However, the site continues to update at its own pace, so I think it is a site that can be used stably for the long term.

Although the site is relatively new, having only just opened in May 2018, it already has 6,000 registered works and is updated at a very fast pace.

On top of that, the entire site is entirely in Japanese, and you can of course search in Japanese.

Also, like “”, you can jump to the uploader directly from the top page, so there is no stress.

The categories are well organized, the layout of the site itself is easy to read, and honestly, there are no flaws.

The site is too perfect for Japanese people, so maybe the site operator is Japanese, but who cares?

First of all, please be aware that this site has pop-up ads from time to time.

Also, the site itself is in Japanese, so you won’t get lost.

The biggest feature of this site is that there are “Yaoi” and “adult” categories, some of which seem to be for enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the number of contents is about 25,000 works, which is certainly less than “zip manga”, but still an extraordinary number.

A site that appears to be a mirror site of, the site introduced in the previous section.

The design is very similar, but it seems that the consideration of the manic cloak has been reduced.

By the way, the number of contents is much less than the original site.

First of all, this site “” is characterized by its large amount of R-rated content.

It is not well known not only in Japan but also in other countries, and the number of accesses is very small.

So the risk of the site being shut down is low, but the bias towards manga content is a bit of a concern.

And as the biggest drawback, pop-up ads are sometimes displayed, I personally felt this second point was too subtle.

“ ” is a medium-sized site with a relatively large number of users, with 4.5 million visits per month.

The site itself is almost entirely in Japanese, and even the synopsis of the works is written in Japanese.

Also, there are many categories set up, and the site is structured to meet the needs of almost everyone.

Actually, I had doubts about the theory that the operator is Japanese, but it seems that he is a foreigner.

Uploading more than 10,000 manga contents alone, this site can be said to be a specialized site for downloading “manga” in ZIP/RAR format.
Also, as a measure against broken links, a job has a link to an external uploader.


The layout of the site is very simple and easy to read.

The site design is very simple and easy to read, but I felt there was not enough content.

After a little research, it appears that the site has stopped updating since around October 2018.

However, there is a chance that the updates will resume in a few months, and the site itself is easy to use, so I am posting it here for your reference.

raw sleeve

This is a medium-sized site that is relatively well known among the Japanese for this type of site.

First of all, the content is abundant.

There are a wide range of categories other than manga, such as “Photo Books, Light Novels, Magazines, R-Rated”, but the contents are mainly “Manga”, which I think is easy to use.

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During the course of the survey, it was felt that there were quite a few such sites, especially those related to manga and magazines.

However, compared to animation-related video sites, they are small in scale: even the top site “13DL.NET” has around 80 million PVs per month, while the top animation “Kissanime” site has around 700 million PVs. There is a big gap in the numbers.

One factor may be that the notion that “anime is something to be reckoned with for free” has taken hold.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to use these sites, but no matter how careful you are, there is always a risk of virus infection, so I personally recommend using official services like U-Next and FOD Premium.

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