From Gaming to Live Shopping – Fresh Developments in the Smartphone Domain

From Gaming to Live Shopping – Fresh Developments in the Smartphone Domain

Some incredible gadgets have been created through the years, but few have proven to be quite as essential to everyday life as the smartphone.

Mobile handsets may have initially made calls and sent messages, but their capabilities have gone on to evolve well beyond that. Apps have created a wide range of possibilities and the devices can be used for everything from banking to watching TV.

Furthermore, new innovations are emerging all the time and several notable developments have been in the news recently.

Netflix and gaming

One smartphone-related area that has experienced plenty of growth over the years is mobile gaming.

The quality of titles that are available on phones and tablets has improved massively, with many different genres and themes emerging. It is not just video game-style experiences that have appeared either, as other areas like casino gaming have also found a place on mobile devices. This is evident when you visit Genesis Casino online, as the site features a wide range of different gaming options. The homepage highlights how this includes video slots based on a range of themes, as well as table games and live casino experiences. The latter includes versions of roulette, blackjack and craps.

Now, another name looks set to enter the world of mobile gaming, as The Verge recently revealed that Netflix is exploring the area. According to the site, the company told investors that games will be included in subscriptions at no additional cost, while the initial focus will be on mobile titles.

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Video shopping

Another developing trend around smartphones relates to livestream shopping and TechCrunch recently reported on YouTube’s interest in the area.

The website revealed that the platform is testing a new feature that will allow people to shop for items featured in streams. YouTube is introducing the functionality for a few creators initially and it is thought that the move will help the company compete with other video shopping experiences. TechCrunch makes reference to the efforts of the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Amazon.

Finally, the use of augmented reality technology on smartphones has been attracting plenty of attention in recent years and its potential has been put in the spotlight by developments around the Olympic Games. Broadcast Now recently revealed how Samsung and the IOC had teamed up to create the AR-based World Lens, while Snapchat is also using the technology to challenge people to perform specific exercises within a certain amount of time.

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New trends and innovations

It is remarkable to consider just how far mobile technology has come in the past couple of decades. So much is now possible on smartphones and tablets, but it seems like there are plenty of new trends and innovations in the pipeline too.

Many people will be interested to see how Netflix gets on with gaming, as well as whether live shopping and AR continue to have an impact on the space. Could new trends also emerge to take the mobile world by storm? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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