Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

It is nothing new that Windows 10 hides news and features in the new versions of its operating system. These are usually experimental features, which are not even available to Insider users, and allow us to get an idea of ​​the next news that will come to the operating system. Some of these experiments make it to the final version of Windows, while others (like Tabs) eventually disappear without a trace. Analyzing the latest build of Windows 10 20H2 we can find some secret news hidden in the operating system, news that all users want to have now.

Windows 10X is having a great influence on the development of the desktop version of Windows 10. Especially on the interface design. We have already been able to see changes in the Windows 10 search engine and a new design of the start menu that will gradually come to the operating system. However, Microsoft is working on bringing other aesthetic improvements to the operating system. And the truth is that they are changes that can mark a before and after in the appearance of the desktop and the general usability of Windows.

Multimedia controls change places to become more useful

The first of the changes that come to Windows 10 does so around multimedia controls. When we turn the volume up or down in Windows right now a box appears on the top left of the screen. In it, we can see the volume. And if we have an open multimedia application (Chrome, Spotify, Windows player, etc.), we can see information about what we are listening to, pause it and control it from there.

Credits: Superuser

This floating window is fine, but it could be more useful if it were placed elsewhere since surely this floating window has appeared to us here and prevented us from clicking other elements. Until it has disappeared after a few seconds.

Now Microsoft wants to change the position of this item to place it at the bottom right of the screen. Specifically next to the volume panel of Windows 10. In this way, we can control the volume, audio devices, and everything related to multimedia playback from one place.

Credits: Windows latest

This change makes Windows 10 look much tidier and more organized. Without a doubt, it is something that we all want to have right now.

Now it will be easier to know what’s new in Windows 10

In addition to the previous change, Microsoft also hides another secret feature in Windows 10. Specifically, a new panel of news called “What’s New” in the menu of Settings> Update and security.

Credits: Neowin

From it, we will be able to see in detail all the news that has been introduced in the latest Windows 10 update. Also, we will be able to see in detail how this news works when clicking on them, through an explanatory panel.

Credits: Beebom

We remember that all these features are experimental, and should only be tested on test machines or virtual machines.

How to activate the hidden files of Windows 10

These new features are disabled by default in the operating system. And also Microsoft does not have a button within the configuration to enable them. Sooner or later they will become part of the operating system. However, if we don’t want to wait, we can enable them to use special tools.

One of the most popular tools for this purpose is Mach2, although we can also use another alternative called Vive. We are going to explain the process using the first one. What we must do is unzip the file that we downloaded from GitHub, open a CMD window inside the mach2 directory, and we will execute the following commands:

  • To enable the new multimedia controls:
    • mach2 enable 23403403
    • mach2 enable 23674478
  • To enable the new What’s New menu:
    • mach2 enable 20446796

After restarting the operating system we can start enjoying all this news. In case, for some reason, we want to deactivate them to return to the original Windows configuration, the process is the same, changing “enable” to “disable” in each of the elements.

Stable versions of Windows 10 also have some hidden and disabled secret novelties by default. Using the previous tools we will also be able to enable them if we want to be able to enjoy them.

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