How Can I Become An Ethical Hacker?

How Can I Become An Ethical Hacker?

Today’s digital world is going through critical situations like cyber threats or cyber-attacks, or hacking. It is defined as the unfair use of another person’s or organization’s computer system, resources, or networks. So, ethical hacking is becoming one of the most crucial processes in any organization that helps to protect the valuable data of companies from threats and attacks. It refers to the evaluation of programs that are required for the coding purpose that offers promising security with better efficiency. 

Ethical Hacking is a type of system and resource that contributes to promising and providing different levels of security networks for customer’s and company’s systems. It also provides the best qualities of infrastructure and strengthens the systems and networks. Ethical hacking provides three kinds of vital services: Wireless security, Application security, and Network Security. 

So these days, ethical hacking is used as a common and favored process to check and analyze the programs and security systems of an organization. It can work together with red teaming, security judgment, vulnerability, and intrusion. Ethical hacking is useful and helps to uncover virus attacks (Trojan horses, spam emails, and viruses) against systems that land with high-level security. So this article is all about an ethical hacker and why taking an ethical hacking course in Hyderabad is essential. 

Who Is An Ethical Hacker?

An Ethical hacker is a professional who has excellent skills and technical knowledge and knows how to identify and sort out vulnerabilities in the target system. He always works with the permission of the owner of the system and complies with the rules of the organization. Their aim is to assess the security posture of a targeted system/organization. Ethical hackers prevent data from being misused and stolen by malicious attackers. 

They can fix weak points by discovering vulnerabilities from an attacker’s POV. They also implement a secure network that prevents security breaches. They play a vital role in national security by protecting data from terrorists. They always try to gain the trust of investors and customers by ensuring the security of their data and product. They always work with real-world assessments and improve the security footprints so they can better withstand attacks or divert them.

Many organizations and businesses hire ethical hackers to improve their applications, networks,  and other computer systems to keep their data safe from fraud and thefts. They use the same skills and techniques to bypass a system’s defenses as a hacker. Their main job is to research documents and discuss their methods and security findings with IT and management teams. They also provide verification and feedback as an organization fixes security issues. 

Types Of Hackers

Hackers are of different types, and their names are based on their intent of the hacking system. Hackers are of three types: White-Hat, Black-hat, and Gray-Hat. White hackers or Ethical Hackers do not intend to harm the organization or system, but they have to do it officially. They locate and penetrate the vulnerabilities and provide solutions to fix them and ensure safety. 

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Steps To Become An Ethical Hacker

There is a specific skill set you need to cultivate if you want to land your career as an ethical hacker. Some of the crucial steps are:

  • Prerequisite Knowledge required- To enter the era of security, one should be well versed in Programming, Networking, Databases, and Operating system (Windows and Linux). So this is the basic required knowledge to start learning about hacking.
  • Stay Legal- For a faithful career, it’s important never to engage in black-hat hacking. Engaging in illegal terms will likely kill your ethical hacking career, so try always to stay legal.
  • Learn LINUX/UNIX-  It is the best operating system that provides better security to computer systems. It is a freely available open-source version, and it is not possible to become a hacker without learning it. Learn Kali Linux, BackBox, Fedora Security Spin, Caine, Blackarch Linux, Parrot Security OS.
  • Learn Cryptography- With cryptography, you can master your hacking skills and become a successful ethical hacker. Encryption and Decryption are crucial skills in hacking and are used in several aspects of information system security in authentication, confidentiality, and integrity of data.
  • Join Ethical Hacking Courses- Take some ethical hacking courses to learn about the various areas of ethical hacking that will prove to be a great way to recognize qualifications.
  • Know About Tools- To become a tricky hacker, always try to know about the latest hardware tools such as Hak5, Hackerwarehouse, Hacker Equipment, HackDay, SPY Goodies, etc.
  • Communicate- To gain more knowledge in hacking, always try to communicate and follow other IT security enthusiasts through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Follow these steps with great patience to become a successful ethical hacker as it is not all the way easy and simple and requires a lot of time and dedication.

CEH Certification-

CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacking Certification. CEH v11 can teach you the latest high-level and commercial hacking tools, methodologies, and techniques used by hackers and Information security professionals to legally/lawfully hack an organization’s systems/data/network. This certification validates your skills in information security threats and Attack Detection, Attack vectors, Attack Prevention, Methodologies, Procedures, and much more. With CEH certification, one can gain training and master advanced network packet analysis and system penetration testing techniques to create a network security skill-set and prevent attackers/hackers.

Benefits Of Taking CEH Certification- 

Ethical Hacking roles are among the best in the cybersecurity career. It is considered the leading certification to bring “black hat” hacking methods to a mainstream audience of IT specialists. It also provides the knowledge required to anticipate and respond to cyber-criminal methods adequately. This certification is beneficial for those who want to:

  • Advance their security career
  • Learn/think/work as a hacker
  • Boost salary
  • Use real hacking tools
  • Improve their knowledge of risks and vulnerabilities.

Today’s digital world is full of threats and cyber-attacks. Hackers can attack any time an organization’s data and system network. It is necessary for every company to protect its essential documents through ethical hacking. So grab this golden opportunity and be a Certified Ethical Hacker.

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