Is Manga Town back and unavailable? Here’s an alternative site for Mangatown!

Is Manga Town back and unavailable? Here’s an alternative site for Mangatown!

Is Mangatown back and unavailable? Mangatown will conduct a real survey of the current situation and present to all alternative sites and other resources.

Is Mangatown back and not available?

Mangatown will conduct a real survey of the current situation and will present to all alternative sites and other resources.

What is manga city?

Mangatown is an illegal website established as a successor to Mangamura.

Like Mangamura, he had been uploading manga illegally and repeatedly earning advertising revenue.

However, it was closed in 2018 after Mangamura’s operator was arrested.

Manga Town is currently not available to view yet.

Although Manga Town has been shut down, it has been repeatedly revived and shut down.

Investigation on the current state of Manga Town

When we visited the last URL of the site, we couldn’t read the manga and jumped to

It can be said that Manga Town has become a scam advertising site.

Manga City Hazards

copyright infringement

Using illegal sites like Manga Town reduces the author’s income.

Unlike ebook sites that have obtained the ABJ mark, illegal sites like Mangatown do not pay copyright fees to manga artists no matter how many manga they read.

On Twitter, cartoonists often lure people who don’t read manga on illegal sites.

In the case of Manga-Mura, which is believed to be operated by the same operator as Manga-Town, the total damage suffered by manga artists and publishers is said to be 300 billion yen.

No matter how much manga is read on illegal sites like Mangatown, it not only generates no income for manga artists, but also creates sequels to their works.

If you really like the work, be sure to read it on legitimate sites that have earned the ABJ mark.

Malware damage

Internal information on your computer is transmitted without your permission.

Illegal sites like Manga Town may contain viruses called malware.

Illegal sites like Mangatown are known for their many ads, but the ads may contain malware, and by clicking on them, you may be infected with a virus or download a harmful program without permission.

Worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and keyloggers are the most common types of malware.

Malware can also broadcast keystrokes without permission or send information inside the computer to the outside world.

Leakage of personal information increases the risk of malicious fraud.

mining damage

Terminal resources are used without permission to generate virtual currency.

Illegal sites like Mangatown are not only subject to viruses, but also to mining scripts.

The miner scripts use the resources of the user’s terminal to generate virtual currency without permission.

While it is unpleasant to have a virtual currency generated on one’s terminal without permission, damage such as battery drain and huge communication volume can also be expected.

A virus software company has pointed out that Manga-Mura, which is believed to be operated by the same company as Manga Town, was actually mining using users’ terminals.

Miner damage can occur not only on PCs but also on smartphones.

Leaks of personal information|Possibility of fraudulent damage such as fictitious billing

E-book sites that have earned the ABJ mark are strict in their handling of personal information.

Illegal sites like Mangatown are illegal to operate, so there is a high chance that your personal information will be used for criminal purposes.

Even if an illegal site like Mangatown does not ask you to enter your personal information, there is still a chance that your personal information could be leaked due to a virus infection.

Also, there are cases where a warning message appears as if the site is infected with a virus, and the user is charged a hefty fee to remove the virus.

Additionally, malware can leak personal information and lead to fictitious billing.

Paid manga sites as alternatives to Mangatown

The following secure sites and services are available as alternatives to Mangatown.

manga kingdom

As an alternative to Mangatown, we recommend the Manga Kingdom website.

Manga Kingdom is a website where you can read Japanese comics and light novels for free. Manga Kingdom offers a wide variety of manga genres, from the most popular to the rarest. Manga Kingdom also updates serialized works from time to time, so you can read the latest stories right away.

Manga Kingdom Advantages

Manga Kingdom is the best value for money.

Up to 50% point reduction every day

Up to 80% point reduction for a limited period of time

In Manga Kingdom, you can read the manga not only on the normal screen, but also in a slideshow format. This allows you to read the manga more smoothly. In addition, the redemption of points

This is a very good deal, and you can read Manga almost for free, so give it a try.

Manga Kingdom] ★ No.1 in relation to quality 

manga kingdom Official Web site


We would like to recommend eBook as an alternative to Manga City.

E-book refers to electronic books. The advantages of using electronic books are as follows.

  • One of the largest e-book sales service in Japan, handling more than 800,000 e-books, mainly manga
  • More than 2,800 free manga titles available at any given time.
  • Low prices – Ebooks are often less expensive than books and manga. So one of the advantages of eBooks is that you can enjoy a lot of content.

(Various campaigns, including sales, unlimited reading of all volumes, and other unique measures! PayPay is available, and Yahoo! Premium members can save even more! Sign in for the first time! You can use it up to 6 times!] distribution!

To use e-books, you will need an e-reader, and there are a variety of e-readers available, including Kindle and Kobo. Choose the device that suits you best among them, and enjoy e-books.

Official e-book website

Instead of Mangatown, we would like to recommend

Manga-Zenmaku. Communicate is a website where you can buy and read manga. The site offers a wide variety of manga in different genres, which users can browse at their leisure. Furthermore, allows users to buy all the manga so that they can enjoy the story to the end. offers the following advantages

The site offers a large number of comics, which users can browse at their leisure.
It is the largest site in Japan for selling comic complete sets. You can buy complete sets of popular manga such as One Piece, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, etc. is the largest site for selling complete comic sets in Japan. Therefore, one of the advantages of is that you can enjoy the latest comics right away.

Currently, approximately 3 million customers visit the site each month. The store has been repeatedly featured on TV and in magazines, and has been No. 1 in Yahoo’s fast-rising search rankings, attracting attention from various media outlets.


The next place we would like to recommend as an alternative to Manga Town is called “Sukima .

Sukima is a site where you can read Japanese comics and light novels for free. Sukima offers a wide range of manga from a variety of genres, from the most popular to the rarest works. At Sukima, works on serialization are also updated as needed, so you can read the latest stories right away.

I want to read a whole manga to the end!

I want to read a lot of old and new manga every day!(I want to read a lot of old and new manga every day!)

I want to read the original manga that I can’t read anywhere else!

……recommended for those who want to read original manga that they can’t read anywhere else.

More than 32,000 popular manga are available for unlimited reading.

More than 2 million registered members!

DMM comics rental

We would like to recommend DMM Comic Rental as an alternative to Manga Town.

dmm Comic Rental is a website where you can rent manga. The site offers a variety of manga in different genres, which users are free to browse. In addition, DMM Comic Rental offers a large number of manga for rent.

DMM Comic Rental offers the following advantages.

You can read from the comfort of your own home (unlimited number of comics to rent, maximum rental period of 20 nights and 21 days).

Earn DMM points worth 1% of the rental price (can be used for services within DMM).

Free manga site as an alternative to Mangarow (manga city)

In this article, we have thoroughly investigated the free manga sites that are still up and running as alternatives to Manga city.

Mangetown Alternative 1. myanimelist

First, we recommend Myanimelist as an alternative to Mangatown.

Welcome to Myanimelist, the world’s most active online anime and manga community and database. Join our online community, create anime and manga lists, read reviews, browse forums, and follow the news.

Alternative to Manga Town 2.4Chan

We recommend 4 Chan as an alternative to Manga City.

4 Chan is a simple image-based forum where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously.

Alternative to Mangatown 3. NYAA

We recommend NYAA as an alternative to Mangatown.

The BitTorrent community focused on East Asian media, including anime, manga, music, etc.

4. 13 dl instead of manga city

Official website: 13DL

Manga download site that always appears at the top of the list when you search for “Job Name Zip” etc.

The site covers a wide range of genres including “manga”, “magazine”, “novel” and “adult comics”.
The site also provides links to download the entire collection and spare links in case a link is removed , and users who want to download Manga for free will surely have seen this site.

The corresponding uploader is as described above. The links screen is easy to read and the preview links appear to be updated daily. The site is very active with daily posts.

It is recommended to download from “Rapidgator” or “TakeFile”, so it is advisable to buy a premium account. They can also handle broken links.

5.  shovel Alternative to Mangatown

Official website: Shobon

A manga, novel and adult comics download site that is rapidly updated after “13DL.NET”.

The name of the site is strange, but there seem to be quite a few people who use it.

There are no image previews, which makes it hard to see, but in fact, if you mouse over the title, you can preview the image.

6. book Share zip instead of Mangatown

Official Website: Book Sharing ZIP CODE

Manga, magazine and novel download site.

It uses an unusual charger, but most chargers are compatible with the PLG side.
The links are neat and tidy, and you can download without going to the article page.

It seems to be accessed by quite a few people when I see that the site is updated frequently.

Alternative to Manga Town 7. Mangaraid

Official site: Mangarid



This is another frequently updated manga download site.

What we have found so far is that the alignment of the site is almost similar.
However, the linked chargers are different.
I don’t know if they’re reloading, but it’s possible that the main comic files are identical.

8. instead of Mangatown.

This site has strategy books and material books.

They have a lot of hub magazines so if you’re looking for something unusual this is the place to go.

Many major chargers are supported, making it easy to use.

9., an alternative to Mangatown “is a website that is divided into categories and the main part of the site is in Japanese.


The unique feature of “” is that you can search by author.

The “Author” tag is embedded in the sidebar, and the title can be easily pulled out, making it easy to find your desired work.

Alternative to Manga Town 10. Tengoku Manga

Manga Tengoku” is a site with links to download manga for free.

This site is very generous in its “response to requests” and “response to broken links.

Basically, download sites and Reach sites usually don’t respond to broken links or requests, but the site operator leaves comments, which shows that the site is actively managed.


The result of this survey is that Mangatown is not available even if it is restored.

Therefore, we recommend free manga and paid alternative sites.

However, free manga sites are too risky, so try to use a safe and legit manga site if possible.

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