Middle East is launching smart logistics warehouse for medicines and food

Middle East is launching smart logistics warehouse for medicines and food

Bahrain-based technology company MCV Global teamed up with Cox Logistics Group to launch the first smart logistics warehouse of its kind for medicines and food, Gulf reported on April 26.

According to the publication, as the current COVID-19 pandemic decimates global supply chains, this next-generation “SmartHub” logistics warehouse will use emerging technologies to ensure the rapid and efficient distribution of much-needed food and medicine. Across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), we are dramatically reducing the time required for paperwork, administration, and bureaucracy.

MVC Global is a provider to one of the leading supply chain tracking and tracing platforms for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. At the same time, Cox Logistics Group is a logistics provider based in Bahrain.

As a result of the strategic partnership between the two companies, the first intelligent smart center’ will be created in the Middle East that allows integrating a tracking and location system into a blockchain platform with smart contracts for customs clearance and tariff payments.

As published, the MVC platform ‘SmartHub’ integrates blockchain technology with serialized Track & Trace, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, and ‘SmartPass’ with smart contracts for compliance and government authorizations, as well as Fintech for chain financing supply and cross-border payments.

Additionally, the smart warehouse will combine the MVC platform with advanced Artificial Intelligence (1) (AI) technologies that will facilitate the distribution of cold and non-cold storage for food, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies in Bahrain and the entire Gulf, as the source points out…

They also noted that additional strategic partnerships would be announced as all partners are working together to implement a network of Smart Hubs and Node Operations with ‘SmartPass’ across the Gulf.

Shaikha Dheya Bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa, Global President of MVC, regarding the new association, said:

“Due to the ongoing pandemic, the availability, authenticity, and security of agricultural and pharmaceutical food supply chains are a priority more urgent than ever. We have been building a world-class team in Bahrain with the vision to position the Kingdom as a world leader in strengthening, sustaining, and developing the supply chain. I am delighted that we have now joined the Cox Group.”

For his part, Radford Cox, President of Cox Logistics, said:

“Global trade routes and supply chain financing are rapidly reconfiguring to meet today’s new challenges. We see this technology and this project as our opportunity to touch and change the lives not only of the citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain but also of people from all over the GCC and beyond. When completed, this will be something that the people of Bahrain will be able to say with pride, this is what Bahrain gave the world. ”

Husain Rajab, Investment Director of the Bahrain Economic Development Board, said:

“We are very pleased to see this international strategic partnership in Bahrain to establish a safe and secure supply chain network for pharmaceuticals and food. The project aims to build on Bahrain’s world-class digital infrastructure, which would allow the Kingdom to become a major regional logistics hub. Furthermore, our geocentric location in the heart of the Middle East, advanced customs policies and regulations, and the competitive cost of doing business are integral components of our logistics value proposition that continues to attract many international companies to establish regional operations in Bahrain.”

Glenn Abood, co-founder, and CEO of rfxcel, on the smart warehouse, added:

“The ‘Smart Hub’ is transformative and will protect both the pharmaceutical chain and the food supply chain. rfxcel is honored and excited to integrate our serialized Track & Trace solution with the ‘Smart Hub.’ Given global concerns with COVID-19, “Smart Hub” takes on new importance and has redoubled rfxcel’s commitment to enabling a safe and efficient supply chain. ”

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