How to watch Movistar Plus online and for free

How to watch Movistar Plus online and for free

Do you know how to have Movistar Plus online and for free ? The distribution of television and channels in Spain changed a lot when Movistar began to offer its satellite television service and launch its own channels. The first thing they did was buy already consolidated channels and rename them, as was the case with Canal +, which is now called Movistar + . That is why many seek to see it without paying anything to Movistar. Find out here some recommended pages and applications to watch Movistar Plus online and for free. Although we will focus on the alternatives to be able to enjoy the great sports content available, we have not forgotten series lovers and movie buffs. Therefore, if you are looking for series and movies, we recommend that you now review our articles on online series streaming websites and the best pages to watch free movies .

Recommended pages and applications to watch Movistar Plus for free online

One of the easiest ways to watch Movistar Plus online for free is to directly access a website without the obligation to install anything on your devices. However, also thinking about those who do like applications, we have compiled a few at the end of the list.


Have a great time with Pirlo.TV, a website where you can access for free , without registration and without paying any subscription , to watch all the sports programming you want, the soccer games you prefer, as well as the most important leagues.

The menu is easy to interact with and you will have no problem finding what you were looking for with just a few clicks. In addition, it is well optimized since the sporting events are segmented by hour . So don’t wait any longer and give this platform a chance.

The website works but requires access from a VPN to enter.

beIN Connect

On this beIN Connect website you can watch your Movistar Plus channels online for free . Additionally, you can also download the application on your mobile to enjoy all the programming anywhere and for free.

On this page you can even quickly access the latest top football news and match results . So don’t make excuses and enjoy a wide variety of football entertainment completely free.

Currently it seems that they do not offer service for Spain, but you can continue entering from the recommended websites depending on the area that interests you most.


Elitegol  is another  alternative to watch Movistar Plus online for free and enjoy all the sports programming. All this without paying any monthly subscription  and even better without prior registration.

You just have to enter the page, choose which is the best option for you and enjoy the content presented by the platform. You may encounter some advertising , but you can avoid it with a few clicks. Dare to give the varied sports programming on this website a chance.

You will only have to log in from a VPN to access all the content, or use Opera or Tor, which come with their own.

Red card

This is  another of the most popular websites to watch Movistar Plus programming for free and live. Red Card, thinking about different football tastes, also has an Android application to download completely free.

This platform puts a large number of sporting events at your disposal . In addition, the interface and menu that is segmented by  time, match, language, channel , among others, will help you spend a pleasant day. Don’t waste time and go to this page and enjoy the content totally free.

Sports TV

Don’t miss out on your favorite Movistar Plus sports if  you can’t afford a monthly subscription. Access Sport TV where you have at your disposal all the matches, commentary programs, sports analysis and 60 other international channels live and completely free.

Like other pages on this list, it also has an app to download to your mobile . It has an eye-catching and intuitive interface, so you have nothing to lose. Enter this platform now and cheer on your favorite team, all from the comfort of your home.


Another recommended platform is Livesporttv. With this free service you can cheer on your favorite team on your television, computer, mobile phone or any digital device of your choice . This page provides you with live, delayed and broadcast broadcasts of major sports events. It also has an interesting sports program.

It presents an intuitive interface and the menu has many options such as changing the language, selecting your favorite sport, a calendar, results, statistical tables , etc. Furthermore, advertising is not invasive. As additional information, on this page you can find different sports such as basketball, tennis, baseball, rugby, ice hockey, among others.


Liveaugoal has a great design. The menu is interactive, so if you focus on the left side, you will discover the programming and schedule of the live broadcasts . On the right you will find some highlighted videos with the results of the different football matches. You will also find the matches that are about to be played and a list of channels that will broadcast them.

As additional information, practically all the European football leagues and tournaments are on the page . You can find, apart from the Spanish League, the Premier League, Serie A, the Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, among others. Without a doubt, Liveaugoal is a platform to take into account.

The page is operational, although only through VPN for some countries.

Best applications to watch Movistar Plus online for free

Below we present 3 of the best applications to watch Movistar Plus (Canal +) live and completely free. Many of these apps are very powerful and you can even sync them with devices like Chromecast or SmartTV.

  1. Web Video Cast is an application that offers you great digital entertainment . In addition to sports channels, it also offers you a wide range of movies, documentaries, news and more. It is a very easy app to use thanks to its extreme intuition. It is available for Android 4.4 or higher and iOS, as well as Chromecast and other TV Box devices.
  2. Wiseplay –  This app has many features that make it one of the most powerful apps on this list  to watch Movistar Plus . To begin with, it is one of the networks with the most channels, both in Spain and Latin America, in addition to being able to link it to your SmartTV to see all the content on a larger and more comfortable screen. At the moment, it has some problems, but it is expected to return soon; That’s why it remains on this list.
  3. MegaTV:  we cannot talk about  the best applications to watch Movistar Plus online and for free  without mentioning MegaTV , a platform that gives you access to a large number of live TV channels that are completely free and with excellent definition.

As additional information, in this list you will find not only Movistar’s Canal +, but also others such as HBO, TNT, BeinSport, and basically the most popular among Spanish and Latin American society in general.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the websites safe to watch Movistar Plus online for free?

Yes they are safe. If your dilemma originates from the fear of a virus attacking your computer, then you can rest assured since all the platforms that we have presented to you do not present this problem.

Sure you may encounter some banner ads, but this is quickly resolved with a few clicks. In addition, it is a fair deal in exchange for the completely free content offered by the different pages.

Why can’t I access the website to watch Movistar Plus online for free?

First of all, make sure your Internet is working properly. If the problem still persists, then it may be that the platform, unfortunately, has gone down or at best is under maintenance and will soon be back.

It happens that the different websites that provide free content can fall under attack due to different factors, therefore, do not despair and look for another option from the list that we have prepared for you.

Are the applications to watch Movistar Plus online for free safe?

The applications are always under constant evaluation and study on the different digital distribution platforms. If they present any danger, they are eliminated and communicated to users. So you can rest assured.

Additionally, although sometimes we don’t do it, it is important to read the different permissions that applications ask for before being installed. If you do not consider some permissions relevant, you just have to deny access.

On which electronic devices do the free online Movistar Plus channels work best?

All the pages that we have presented to you are optimized. Therefore, if you have a mobile phone, tablet or laptop you will have no problems when enjoying the website or application of your choice.

It also depends on each person’s taste. It is true that the size of the device’s screen has a lot of influence, so perhaps a computer or tablet can be considered the most suitable.

What is the best page to watch Movistar Plus online and for free?

This choice depends on what you want to see. Each page presents an interface and a menu that are structured with the intention of presenting the different Movistar Plus channels totally free.

So you are the one chosen to test which platform suits your tastes and you consider to be the best. Browse the catalog and find the one that best suits your preference.

You have just seen the safest alternatives to watch Movistar Plus Online for free , either by accessing a website or downloading the free application on your Android or iOS device.

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