Is Nhentai ( unsafe? 20 free Erotic doujinshi manga sites

Is Nhentai ( unsafe? 20 free Erotic doujinshi manga sites Safety and Investigation of Similar Sites! Let’s Get Bored of Free Porn Safely!

After and disappeared, they rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Do not get surprised. Magical big tits, asses, and all the other mysteries in this genre abound… (N -hentai – n hentai), as the name implies, is a site dedicated to Hentai, with free access to Hentai Manga, Doujinshi and currently over 165,000 galleries.

That’s all. Nothing to say. But for true Hentai fans, there is no better place to go. This site knows Hentai from 0 to 100, it is updated frequently and nothing is missing. The site is user friendly and user friendly in its operation. I can’t find any fault.

The home page has several sections that introduce new content. Scroll down and you will find a menu where you can view other content and chat with other users. Yes, there is even a live chat feature between users.

What kind of site is

Is erotic manga site dangerous? How can I read adult manga safely? is a site where you can watch erotic manga for free.

Unlike other pirate sites, you are looking at JPG images.

Some of them can be read in Japanese, but others are in multiple languages, such as English, Chinese, and Korean.

There are almost no ads, so it is not clear if the site is illegal or not.

However, the security of such sites is questionable.

There are dangers like viruses.

nhentai.netdanger virus infection

Hacked manga sites may contain programs that can infect smartphones and computers with viruses or extract personal information.

In fact, after browsing manga on a pirate site, you will often see a pop-up message saying that you have been infected with a virus.

You may worry and click on that popup.

A malicious app can then be downloaded to your device and you can get infected with a virus.

Summary of alternative (illegal) manga sites to

A roundup of pirate successor sites that may replace the manga bank.

Illegal sites run the risk of virus infection and personal information leaks and will eventually be shut down.

Manga Play

Manga Play is an illegal manga site that replaces and succeeds Manga Bank. The manga site has since been shut down and moved to (My Manga)

This is a manga piracy site in the Manga Raw family. A successor and alternative illegal site to Manga-RAW.

The successor to Mangaplay, an illegal manga site. The manga cannot be read without downloading. We do not recommend using this site due to the risk of virus infection and leakage of personal information.

This illegal manga site is the successor and replacement of Manga Bank (Manga Bank). After Manga Play was closed, an error message was immediately displayed. It was not restored by the shutdown.


One of the biggest illegal manga sites in Japan, but it shut down.

It was a popular illegal site with listings like Tokyo Revengers and One Piece (One Peace).

Combing (Combing)


Combay was revived after Manga Bank went out of business, but it soon went out of business and was revived again as FBay. It is funded by advertising fees earned by affiliates by illegally uploading the manga without permission. There is also a risk of virus infection.
The base turns out to be affiliated with the Chinese. Japanese laws do not apply.

Manga Raw, Manga Raw (manga1001 cerrado)

The most accessed illegal manga site after Manga Bank (Mangabank) closed.

The site loads, displays images, and has few ads.

Manga Mura (Manga Village)

Manga Mura (マンガ 村) is a pirate viewfinder site. Mangamura (マンガ 村) was established in January 2016 and closed in April 2018.


Hamiraw came about after Manga11 went out of business.

Chapter 11

Hamiraw, Mikaraw, Hakaraw and Manga11 are probably the same operator.

Manga Village Pro

Mangamura Pro is a paid version of Mangamura. It was closed at the same time as Mangamura.

Manga gohan

Illegal manga site where you can read manga without downloading. The ads are annoying.

Manga Rock (Manga Rock)

Manga Rock was released for the international market in the early 2000s. It distributed English translations of Japanese and other manga on its website and app (iOS/Android). Popular works such as “City Hunter”, “St. ☆ Oniisan”, and “Sakamoto desu” were listed on the official Twitter distribution list, but it was closed.

When you access, you will be taken to the RAW manga page. is an illegal manga site affiliated with Manga Raw. ですが, the manga is hard to read.


In progress.

Mangatoro (formerly Mangasum)

In progress.

freak out

In progress.

We continue.


In progress

Gross weight

In progress.


The image display speed is slow. hard to see

In progress.

raw mango raw mango

Changed from white layout to dark theme.

Chapter 11

In progress.

Lovehug (formerly LoveHeaven)

LoveHeaven was closed and changed to Lovehug.



Zip it

In progress.

Synobook (formerly Digicoca)

Synobook (formerly Digicoca) is the BL version of Manga Bank.

Manga11 (Komiraw) (Hakaraw)

Komiraw moved their site and changed their name to Manga11.


Especially in English.

Rawmangas (Mangalaw)

Mangalaw was closed, but its successor site “Rawmangas

LoveHeaven (lhscan)

LoveHeaven by LHScan. closed.

Kisslove (Mangahato)

Rawqv High Kisslove. Closed.

Hanascan (

Sitio similar to LoveHeaven and Kisslove.

Hanascan ( and rawqq)

Different from Hanascan above.

Manga Village World (app Manga Kuchikomi)

Manga Village World is distributed under the name Manga Kuchikomi app.

manga world

Manga World is a website that collects manga distributed by publishers on the Internet. It allows users to manage manga app updates and manga websites in one place, as well as breaking news on new releases and sales of Kindle and other eBooks.

Nhentai: 5 mirror sites

Here are five alternatives to Nhentai that have more content and the same design. is nothing new compared to the basic site. However, if the “classic” site, also known as, is blocked in your country, this site is a great alternative. This site offers only an early version of

You can access the normal tag system, but there is no “Recently Popular: Today/This Week/All Week” tab. In short, Nhentai.To is still a Nhentai-like site with no new suggestions, which seems to be what you’re looking for. is one of the Nhentai clone sites. is banned in some countries, but with nhentai. to access the vast hentai catalog that this site offers without having to use a VPN. is a site of the same name and similarly has a lot of hentai content and many Doujinshi are available for free.

The site offers many parodies, so you can jerk off to your favorite manga characters. If you don’t speak English, Japanese or Chinese, it may be difficult to understand what is being said in the hentai offered on this site. But it doesn’t matter, you came to Nhentai to drown in Zegeg, not to read the latest volume of “One Piece”. offers a different interface than the usual site. This site is actually more organized than the basic one. On the home page, the hentai scans are divided into three tabs in the following order

Popular Comics – These are the newest and most popular scans at the moment.
Latest Updates – These are the latest Hentai scans to be posted on the site.
Discover Comics – A random list of hentai scans to discover new scans.
Also, the most searched tags are displayed at the top of the home page. In short, this site is very similar to, but still offers a refreshing and more ergonomic interface. If you’re looking for a site like Nhentai, there’s (probably) a better version.

How about a kinky manga about a mischievous high school girl who got into trouble? How about a naughty manga about a girl with cat ears getting violently fucked? Would you like to see a Sailor Moon parody with a French maid giving a blow job, a warrior bitch being caressed by tentacles, or sailor Venus being raped by a monster? Well, is the place for you.

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I won’t go into too much of the description of this site; is simply the same site as, just an older version of Nhentai.To. In fact, it’s a site like Nhentai, but it’s not as good as the “.NET” and “.To” sites from which it takes its name. In short, there is something better like Nhentai.

This site is not as good as the other versions and is probably the worst Nhentai mirror site. The interface is more or less the same as the other Nhentai sites, but more cumbersome to explain. If you are used to seeing scans based on language or specific tags, you can forget about it on this site.

In fact, as soon as you click on a tag (for example, “English”), the site will suggest other content that has nothing to do with what you were looking for. Basically, move on; There are other sites like Nhentai.

Let’s face it, you don’t have to be sane to watch anime, much less in scanned form. But the top of the top, the mentally ill, will certainly be pleased to learn that their favorite site has a mobile version. Yes, that’s right, nhentai on smartphones.

By downloading the Nhentai app, you can join a community of about 6,000 psychopaths and access over 320,000 hentai scans. Also, if you are a high-class psycho, you can download your favorite Nhentai.

In conclusion, which is better, a site like Nhentai or a mobile app that allows you to browse, download and bookmark over 300,000 different hentai to FBI?

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