20 Alternatives & Successors to NYAA Torrents Sites to Download Cartoons!

20 Alternatives & Successors to NYAA Torrents Sites to Download Cartoons!

“NYAA Torrents was one of the largest torrent sites in the world and attracted a lot of users, we recommend 20 Alternatives & Successor Sites to NYAA Torrents!

What are NYAA torrents?

First, we will briefly explain what kind of site NYAA Torrents is. In particular, we will explain in some depth what a torrent site is. This is because torrent sites are different from regular pirate sites in terms of their structure, and “using a torrent site always makes you a criminal.”

– Why is it a crime?

– How are torrent sites different from regular hacking sites in terms of illegality?

Here we explain what NYAA torrents are and how they differ from regular hacking sites.

The world’s largest anime piracy site

NYAA Torrents was an anime-focused piracy site and was the world’s largest operation in this field. This can be seen in the following description from English Wikipedia

NYAA Torrents (named after the onomatopoeic sound of a cat’s meow) is a bittorrent website focused on East Asian (Japan, Chinese, and Korean) media. It is one of the largest publicly available anime torrent indexes.

The largest torrent site to be exact.

NYAA Torrents is, in plain English, a “hacking site”. However, it is precisely a “torrent” pirate site.

What is a torrent site?

This is simply a site where users provide file data to each other.

Is this a common “upload and share” site for everyone?

Actually, it is not. It is a more revolutionary system.

Fuwa (Japanese only)

How the torrent site works

First of all, all files, like videos, are a mass of “data. For example, below is a scene from a “kingdom” animation.

This image can be opened on a computer or smartphone due to the “character code data. The actual open code is shown below.

I don’t have a software to open the captcha, so the characters are jumbled, but actually, the numbers, alphabets, etc. they are lined up without scribbles.

In any case, all the images and videos are a huge mass of data.

Let’s say a video is made up of “100 parts…”

The numbers are just an analogy, but let’s say a video is made up of 100 parts (100 codes). And these parts do not have to be collected at once.

You can collect them in chunks, but eventually “when they’re all collected” the video will be viewable.

You usually download 100 pieces from “one site”…

Normally, when you download a video, you download these “100 pieces” from “One Site”. Most of the time when I download something, be it an image or a PDF file, I do so.

However, if you only need to collect 100 pieces in the end, you don’t need to download from a site.

  • No.1 Parts are from Jackson, USA.
  • No. 2 parts come from Ronaldo in Brazil
  • (omitted)
  • No.100 parts are from Nelson in South Africa

If we collect pieces from 100 people in this way, even popular videos can be downloaded without being too heavy.

Of course, if “access is concentrated to the pieces that Jackson has”, only his pieces will be slow. But in that case, we can only change the No. 1 component to a DL from a different person (for example, Michel in France).

Everyone is a “file dropper” and a “file provider” at the same time.

As explained above, the Torrent site brings together people from all over the world, who not only drop files, but also “provide files themselves.

  • It also does not upload them as “finished products”.
  • They go up as “pieces”.
  • And this starts at the same time the file is downloaded.
  • In other words, the system says, “If you want to DL a file, you have to provide the parts yourself.
  • This is how the torrent site runs automatically.

In this way, the Torrent site is a place where everyone becomes a “site operator and file provider” and voluntarily creates a place for file sharing. As shown in the GIF animation below, each person’s computer is exchanging files in all directions with little load on the main site (like NYAA torrents).

13 Alternative Torrent Sites to Torrents NYAA

There are many alternative torrent sites for NYAA torrents. Here are 13 of the most popular.


Without a doubt, HorriBlessubs is the best alternative to NYAA. When you visit the home page, you will see a notice about the closure of NYAA; Horrible Subs offers the same content as NYAA, but with the most attractive platform compared to other anime download sites. What is more interesting is that HorriBleSubs publicly displays an IP warning that you should hide your IP before downloading media from the site. We found this very useful.

anime exchange

As the name suggests, the anime exchange is the second largest media exchange site after NYAA. The anime exchange is a bit like Piratebay. Using its search engine, you can browse torrents and download your desired anime series instantly. Also, the anime exchange receives millions of visitors every day.

Tip: After downloading your favorite anime torrents from these torrent sites, you should first prepare a video converter so that later you can watch them in different formats like 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, and M4V Converters are highly recommended to convert videos between the above formats.

3.Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is one of the largest torrent sites available as an alternative to NYAA. The site has thrived in recent years thanks to torrent enthusiasts, and while Pirate Bay has faced several closures in the past, the site has regained its presence and users. It offers hundreds of torrents of popular anime series and games.

Tip: If you’re a gaming geek, you’ve heard of Twitch and are familiar with its streaming methods. That’s why we can’t wait to show you the best Twitch streaming software that will help you enjoy live game streaming even more.

4. Extraordinary

As an alternative to NYAA, the extratorrent site offers torrents to download popular anime series, movies, shows, etc. One of the extra benefits of Extratorrent is a well-designed search engine that allows for hassle-free searching. Extratorrent also has a wide collection of animated movies that is continuously growing. If you are unable to access the extra-torrent, maybe due to some minor bug, then don’t worry as you can access the extra-torrent alternative.

5. Animates Tosho

Tosho anime, which can be seen as another alternative to NYAA, has an excellent directory of NYAA-like content pulled from thousands of torrent resources. Users can find high-quality torrent files in small sizes, which makes the downloading process very easy and interesting. The only problem is that the UI is outdated due to the use of a very old blue theme.

6.Animation torrents

Anime Torrents is one of the more premium torrent sites in the sense that it is a private torrent tracker for anime. It offers anime, TV shows, movies, novels, manga, and more. The best thing about this site is that all the content is available in Blu-ray, HD, and other high-quality formats. You must be a registered user to use the site. However, if your registration is restricted due to geolocation, you can still download cartoons from this site using a VPN.

7. Anirene

As an easy-to-use alternative to NYAA, the Anirena site allows anime lovers to download torrents without registering first. The site has a number of resource categories that appear on the interface, including Hentai, Anime, Raw, and Music. The good thing is that most of its content is named in multiple languages ​​​​with subtitles. Anirena has the ability to offer legitimate torrent files, and thanks to its community, members can report malicious or broken torrents to keep torrent resources safe. The website user interface is basic, nothing fancy.

8. Anime cape

The anime layer offers all the popular titles in a beautiful and presentable way. This NYAA alternative is professionally designed. However, there is a lot of Russian on the site. Don’t panic. This is because this site is based in Russia. Along with the anime series, music, manga, and drama, the site also offers a very unique live radio show. And the best thing about this site is that all the content is offered in high quality but in small file sizes for easy downloading.

9.Shana Project

This new torrent site for users to download anime also offers a user experience similar to NYAA. Shana Project offers a variety of popular anime shows with subtitles and in multiple languages. There is a full search option available which makes finding torrents a breeze. The site can automate torrent downloads, so customers can automatically download torrents of their choice.


Hylia is a great alternative NYAA site where you can download most anime and erotic content. The best thing about this site is that it does not allow the display of ads or affiliate links and only offers simple torrents. The site has a simple interface suitable for browsing the website. The only limitation is that there is a limit to the number of files you can download at the same time.

11. Acgnx Torrent

If you are looking for everything anime, Acgnx Torrent is the site you should visit. This site offers anime, games, comics, novels, and more. However, if you want to stay in business, you will need to add content to the site. Otherwise, this site works like any other alternative NYAA site.

12. Tokyo Library

Tokyo Library is a very beautiful torrent site full of classic anime programming. This site has all the content neatly organized by category, including the latest releases, games, and manga.

13. GGBases

GGBases is a Japanese anime site full of great stuff. The content is well organized by category. Since the site is in Japanese, navigating this site can be very difficult. Therefore, you will need to understand the language to fully navigate the site.

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7 nyaa torrent mirror sites

NYAA Torrents has seven mirror sites. Each of them has slightly different content, so we’ll introduce you to all seven sites along with their differences.

Nyaa.si … Successor Site

NYAA.SI” is the true successor of NYAA Torrents. Its features are given below.

In the list of categories written in the previous paragraph, only “software” may not give you a picture of the content. If you enlarge the image above, you can get an idea of ​​the content.

  • URL of “nyaa.si
  • https://nyaa.si/

Nyaa sukebei… specialized in adults

As the title suggests, “Nyaa Sukebei” is an adult site. It collects only adult-oriented content from “NYAA.SI.

The categories are first divided into “art” and “real life. In Japanese, this means “3-D and 2-D.”

The three-dimensional category includes anime and manga, as well as a “doujinshi” category. The other categorization is roughly the same as “NYAA.SI”. The only differences are the absence of software and music.

  • URL of “Get sukebei
  • https://sukebei.nyaa.si/

Nyaa Pantsu…Japanese Version

NYAA Pantsu” is the Japanese version of NYAA.SI. Many of the titles of the works are still in English. However, the site’s menu, etc., are all in Japanese.

For example, in the categories, what was “adult” on the original site is now “Echi” here. The text in the “FAQ” section is also written in perfect Japanese. The site also includes a note using the slang “Echi-No Wa~”, suggesting that the Japanese are probably involved in some way in the operation of the site.

The number of contents is overwhelmingly similar to the original site. For example, from 16:30 on September 17, 2019, the number of jobs uploaded on the same day are counted below respectively.

Nyaa Pantsu 31 movies
Nyaa.yes 139 works

Therefore, there is a difference of approximately 108 pieces. In percentage terms, this means that it is about a quarter of the original number.

Although there is a big difference, reading submissions from other sites, the difference was “about 10 times bigger” at the beginning of 2019. Compared to that, the gap has narrowed considerably now. In the future, the gap may narrow further (more meow works).

However, no matter how much the number of works increases, NYAA Pantsu will remain a dangerous illegal site, so please do not browse it.

  • URL of “I’m not sure what to do
  • https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/

Nyaa Pantsu sukebei…Japanese x Adult Version

Nyaa Pantsu sukebei” is an adult version of Nyaa Pantsu. In other words, it is an “adult&Japanese” NYAA torrents.

Although it is an adult-only version, it has more content than NYAA Pantsu, which handles all genres. This is because many contributors say that they do not upload their works to Nyaa Pantsu, but only to NYAA torrents.

  • URL of “Nyaa Pantsu sukebei
  • https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/

NYAA RIP…a downgraded version of the adult version

NYAA RIP” can easily be understood as a “downgraded” version of NYAA Sukebei. In other words, it is an “adult version” and a “downgraded version” of NyaA.Si.

You may think it’s a stretch to call it a “downgraded” version, but it has so little content that it’s the easiest to understand. In addition, the design of the site is not different from other sites, and it is difficult to understand why it became a different site.

  • URL of “NYAA RIP
  • https://nyaa.rip/


This is a copy of the earlier “NYAA RIP”. The URL “New.nyaa.rip” is a subdomain of the domain “NYAA.RIP”, but the reason for the subdomain is not clear.

I understand that if you hit that subdomain it would forward to the main site, but it doesn’t. The site looks like a mysterious addition to the original site, but in case you’re wondering, the URL is as below.

  • URL of “new NYAA RIP
  • https://new.nyaa.rip/

Got a rip sukebei…also a copied version

Like “New NYAA RIP” above, this too is a complete copy of the NYAA RIP. It has its own URL “sukebei.nyaa.rip” without being sent.

As long as the content is exactly the same, there is no point in daring to access it, but since it may be different in the future, the URL is as follows.


Without a doubt, NYAA was a well-known blue-chip site for animation. Unfortunately this main anime sharing site is no longer available and there is nothing we can do about it. Fortunately, the above 13 handy alternatives to NYAA are capable of providing full episodes of the latest anime series, so you can download anime from these sites.

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