As we did a few days ago when talking about rojadirecta , the world of streaming and the possibilities of watching football for free have changed drastically with the arrival of 4G technology. Today we are talking about Pirlo TV, a website that broadcasts hundreds of sporting events through links to different audiovisual media from around the world, including El Clásico or the Superbowl.

So, making it clear that we are not going to talk about Andrea Pirlo, current coach of Juventus and historical Italian footballer, we also want to start the description of this controversial website by explaining that although in addition to recorded matches and broadcasts of football betting and other live sports, this web project has faced numerous obstacles in countries that protect the intellectual property of sports broadcasts and that pursue massive advertising on the Internet.

So we do not recommend under any circumstances using this website if its use has been prohibited in our country.

Pirlo TV sports website

When it comes to sports websites that offer free content, one of the best known is PirloTV, competing directly with Rojadirecta and other similar websites that work in the same way: they offer links as a broadcast of matches and sporting events whose signal is It broadcasts online, becoming a great option for fans of sports predictions who seek to follow most of the events where they want to bet live to have first-hand information about what happens at the event.

PirloTV is an online platform where you can watch the best sports competitions, such as the best soccer leagues and other sports such as the NBA, Tennis, MotoGP. Similar to  the house of tiki taka and other portals of the style, it offers a daily list of events on which, by clicking, you access an external page where you can watch the broadcast of the match in the language and characteristics indicated.

As usual, although football is the most followed sport on this type of website, we also find a large offer of basketball games, especially rich offers for our NBA predictions every morning and American football, tennis and sports like rugby matches. in competitions like the Six Nations.

See pirlotv

One of the qualities that PirloTv users most appreciate is the stability of its streaming signal and that everything can be seen in high definition in most of the events that are broadcast. And unlike other websites, it seems that PirloTV selects the links it offers under criteria of quality and broadcast speed, changing them quickly when quality or bandwidth suffers.

As a tip, the platform developers recommend going to the event a few minutes before so that the meeting is displayed smoothly. The interface is very intuitive and easy for the user, the user will quickly be able to find the event they want to see, if the event is quite popular the website will offer several links where they can watch the match.

As is known and quite common on free websites, to access the content you will have to eliminate several banners and advertising pop-ups. To avoid this, you can use an ad blocker but it will have to be deactivated to be able to watch the chosen content, although we recommend not using VPN and giving up this platform in countries where this way of watching televised matches from your computer or our own is not allowed. mobile device.

Pirlo mobile TV and app

PirloTV has an app, but to download it you will not find it in the Play Store, you will have to go to the pirlotvapk.com website and you will almost certainly need to enter the mobile settings to be able to install it, allowing the installation of third-party applications. The app allows the user to view events in HD anywhere and is very easy to use. A paradigmatic example of the reality that we have already noticed; And Pirlo TV is not legal in many countries and in most it is illegal, so entertainment giants like Google or Apple, in their official app stores like Google Play or the App Store, do not offer applications that have to do with projects. like Pirlo TV or similar.

In any case, the website works in a way that loads the streaming as it is viewed, which is why it is recommended to enter a few minutes before so that the event loads and does not suffer interruptions.

Obviously the quality of the connection will affect the performance of the website or app, so we recommend having a good WiFi signal or a data rate on our mobile that is up to par.

How to watch pirlo tv

We insist that the use of VPN is not recommended; In fact, PirloTV itself recommends using a VPN whenever you visit websites streaming sporting events to hide the IP and access the content from a country where it is allowed, this also prevents you from being tracked and facing any possible legal problems in a future.

In any case, if we are in a country where this website in any of its domains has authorization or its prohibition is not explicitly specified (in some jurisdictions the domain is blocked by the Authorities), the use of VPN will clearly affect the quality and the speed of the emission. That is why, if we decide to use a VPN, we must keep in mind that we will have to use a powerful VPN that can support a large volume of data, something that free VPNs that are easily found on the internet would not do.

Making a summary of PirloTV we will see that it is one of the best pages to watch football online where you can access practically all the leagues in the world, and European and South American competitions.

PirloTV has a very easy to understand and use interface, which shows the live matches and those that are going to be offered.

There is advertising like on all similar pages but it is not usually very abusive or annoying like on other websites.

Programming on Pirlo TV

The programming on Pirlo TV is displayed in order of proximity to the start time, so it is an excellent way to check which sporting events are going to be current in the next few hours. For example, currently, 72 hours before the Atletico Madrid – Barcelona match , we will not be able to find the links to this match, so we will have to wait until at least the same day of the match to see where the broadcast will be.

Each match or event has a headline in the form of a list in which the competition to which the match belongs appears and to the right the rivals who face each other are shown, as well as the start time of the match. And to the right of everything, the link you have to go to for the broadcast to start.

In many events there are several streaming options and it will be the user who chooses which one to choose, as we also see in the review we did of the tiki taka house. The streaming services are not hosted on their servers, so the business model is basically to receive money for advertising, something that makes it a not highly recommended option, and that causes the speed of the page to decrease in certain links.

The classic on pirlo tv

The offer of links that can be seen on PirloTV for each match or sporting event is usually about 5 on average. In the case of big events with prime-time sporting events, such as Saturday’s Clasico that comes with Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, ​​these can multiply since it is well known that in these matches the expectation and reality that The majority of these events are broadcast on paid platforms, causing streaming website operators to substantially increase their offer to capture the traffic that will surely accumulate in the minutes before and during the match itself.

In the case of the last Spanish football Classic between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​played at the end of the 2020-2021 season and which decided which of the two teams competed against Atlético de Madrid for the title, Pirlo TV matched the audience peaks reached by the portal in the first round classic and in last year’s Champions League matches.

The appointment was on Saturday, April 10 at 9:00 p.m.

The same is expected from the first Santander League classic between culés and meringues, scheduled for October 24, 2021. Logically, we recommend trying to attend the official broadcast that will be broadcast on Movistar’s El partezo since watching the classic on pirlotv You may have some difficulties because the broadcast links may go down or because of the logical saturation due to the excess of users watching the game.

Pirlotv legality

The European Parliament is very interested in putting an end to all kinds of these projects like Pirlotv that infringe many of the community and member country regulations. Since May 2021, the highest European institution has been taking giant steps to prevent audiovisual piracy and has recently approved a new certificate to pursue and eliminate websites of this type from the internet in less than 30 minutes.

This measure responds to a report adopted by the Legal Affairs Commission in which the official broadcasting carried out by television channels is valued and this type of competitors is attacked as unfair competition. It is expected that the removal of content will be a measure already put into practice in this Eurocup and Copa América in June and July 2021.


Pirlotv fr

Although we have already highlighted the legal circumstances related to piracy or the abuse of intrusive advertising as weak points, the graphic quality of Pirlo TV streaming is not guaranteed either, depending greatly on the user’s internet connection. In any case, it is worth knowing these ways to watch sports on the internet. And also be attentive to which domains appear with the same name.

In the case of the start of the 2021-2022 football season, PirloTV has seen how its historical domains located in first positions have fallen after the leap in quality of websites such as Pirlotv.fr, a website that, although it may seem, is focused on the French public. , nothing could be further from the truth: it is a website entirely in Spanish that has simply managed to position itself in that “fr” domain.

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