When we talk about watching soccer for free , the name of the Rojadirecta project is one of the first that comes to mind. A website that can help us follow predictions and recover matches that have already been played to see them again and take good note of what we see.

At least as far as football betting is concerned in Europe and in the majority of Spanish-speaking countries where through other names such as Roja Dirécta or Roja Dirécta TV they achieve a larger audience than legal payment platforms, with million-dollar audiences in matches as special ones like those expected when it is the classic between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.


In these sections we will analyze the Rojadirecta website itself, although we will also explain the impact of the Anti-Piracy Law of May 2021, which will surely be a blow to piracy: something in which Roja Directa has stood out as a standard bearer of the model. of business that exploits this reality to almost the legal limit, which has in any case encouraged the proliferation of fraudulent platforms in its likeness.

As I said: when one hears about watching football online, one quickly associates it with the Roja Directa website, which is surely the best-known website dedicated to broadcasting football matches and other online sports. Rojadirecta was the pioneer website in broadcasting football online for free more than ten years ago, and today we can see it operating under various names such as Cocherojadirecta.

Direct red Manchester City Madrid

Manchester City is undefeated in its last 14 home games. His scoring record is incredible: 49 goals for and only 7 against. And in that state of form, they host Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League semifinals, a golden opportunity so that we can analyze this match in our champions predictions.

  • We know that Rojadirecta will be one of the websites where the most fans of the white team will watch Carlo Ancelotti’s 50th game as Real Madrid manager in the UEFA Champions League. With Wednesday’s match, the Italian coach will surpass Sir Alex Fergusson’s 190 coached games.
  • In the 49 games that Ancelotti led Madrid in the Champions League, the Italian coach has two Champions trophies, 36 wins, 5 draws and 8 losses with 120 goals scored and 42 goals conceded.
  • There have been a total of 9 direct confrontations that have resulted in 3 wins for each and 3 draws, although Madrid has scored 14 goals compared to City’s 13.
  • The two times that Madrid and City met in this phase of the UEFA Champions League, the white team advanced to the final and won the trophy.
  • Manchester City has gone 25 consecutive games without losing in home games in European competition. In fact, Pep Guardiola’s men have won 17 of the last 18 games played at home in the Champions League.
  • City have won their last five home games against Spanish clubs and are unbeaten in seven (6 wins and 1 draw), since the 2-1 defeat against Barcelona in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 League 2014/15. Their overall record at home against La Liga teams is 8 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, both against Barcelona.
  • City have only lost one game in the last 10 they have played against Spanish teams. They have 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.
  • City have won all eight UEFA competition ties in which they drew the first leg away from home, in each case winning the second leg at home, most recently against Leipzig in this season’s round of 16.
  • Last season’s comeback in the semifinals against Manchester City was the first time in Real Madrid’s history that the white team came back from a semifinal tie after losing the first leg. Their record is 8 eliminations out of 9 possible in which they lost the first leg in the semis.

Real Madrid recovers Ferland Mendy and Militao for this decisive match. The French full-back played the 90 minutes against Getafe and will be ready in case Ancelotti decides to start him to try to stop Bernardo Silva. For this reason, Manchester City vs Real Madrid is presented as the highest-rated match that Rojadirecta has this 2023 season.

Rojadirecta and streaming websites

Broadcasting football and other sports over the Internet has become a multimillion-dollar business around the world. Thanks to continuous advances in technology and Internet networks, users have a range of websites that carry out streaming broadcasts. A more than fierce competition between all these websites to attract as many users as possible. Users who, beyond sports predictions or betting, seek entertainment with one of the leading hobbies: sports.

A factor for the success of these websites is neither more nor less than the busy lifestyle to which we are accustomed and in which in many cases it is no longer possible to watch a sporting event on television and watching it online is the best option or often even the only option.

Within all these available websites there are all kinds, some will ask you to register, others are paid after free offers at the beginning, many of them are free where advertising is abundant and it is possible that some of them are limited by the user location.

Social networks are also involved in this multimillion-dollar business, and such popular networks as Facebook or Twitter offer the possibility of watching some of the most followed sports through them.

The biggest problem encountered when doing so is the location of the user and in many cases the event will not be available due to that circumstance. A VPN can be a solution to this problem, although, as in many online businesses and services, its use is already prohibited in many jurisdictions.

Rojadirecta: history and legal problems

In its beginnings back in 2005 it only offered soccer and in the first months it managed to have more than two and a half million users visit it. Subsequently, it added other sports offered by pay television, thereby attracting many users who until that date did not have alternative methods to watch and enjoy other sports for free.

In 2011 the problems began when complaints were filed in the US and the .org and .com domains were withdrawn, and incomprehensibly and without reason none of them were returned two years later and they continued to broadcast the sporting events with the largest audience on television.

In Spain they had already started in 2007 when it was denounced by Audiovisual Sport for violating intellectual property. At that time, Rojadirecta won the trial and appeal in 2010, and although it seems that these problems ended in 2010, nothing could be further from the truth. , because La Liga and the companies that own the rights continue to fight for the free streaming of Rojadirecta and all similar websites to disappear.

In France in 2015 they were forced to remove the links from League 1 and 2 and pay compensation and publish that they were acting illegally, something they did on the blog where visibility was lower than on the web.

See Rojadirecta today

Currently you can enjoy the web services also with these names, Red Card, Roja Directa Tv, Red Card Online; so you can still enjoy the 2024 sports calendar on this platform. It is estimated that the website invoices more than three thousand euros a day and is valued at more than 15 million euros.

Something that causes some curiosity among the free websites that offer sports is that several have cloned the Roja Directa design and in some even the name Rojadirecta appears somewhere on the page, which raises suspicion if they are “family” pages. or simply a matter of marketing or pure negligence on the part of the page designer, in this case the cloner.

Thanks to Rojadirecta, sports users, especially soccer, should be eternally grateful. Thanks to it, many users can enjoy watching football that would not be possible without pages like Rojadirecta.

Let us remember that subscription television and sports channels are not accessible in all parts of the world, even in some of them it is a real luxury to have them.

If we also add to all this that on many occasions televisions do not broadcast all the events we want, pages like Rojadirecta are necessary, very necessary.

The operation of the website is very simple once you are a user, but for those who use it for the first time it becomes a little annoying to use.

Once inside the website the user will search among the events for the one they want to see, once they find it they must click on the link and a window will open that will carry advertising, after this they must click on the link again and this second time usually redirect the user to a sale with the requested event.

The page will take about 20 seconds to load the event, after these seconds the user must choose the option on the screen to increase the volume or expand the screen completely, but again the screen will redirect them 3 or 4 times to another page with advertising, after this the page will make the action you use effective.

During the transmission of the event, if you do not use the full screen mode, advertisements will appear in the middle of it and even the screen will be dark again for another 20 seconds and it will automatically return to being clear, so it is best to set the screen mode complete.

Rojadirecta com

Due to the legal problems that we have talked about previously, the rojadirecta project has also suffered from the natural battle of competitors who have tried to replicate the same business model, countless domain changes and the appearance of websites that had nothing to do with the original, hosted on servers and domains in dozens of different locations. For example, in the United Kingdom , darts betting fans cannot find offers for this sport on the web.

Just do a simple Google search to see how we can see active websites on domains such as Rojadirecta.tv, Rojadirecta.me, Rojadirecta.blog and even many pages that use variations of the original name such as Rojadirectatvhd.com or cardroja.tv.

Obviously, we first recommend using legal web services on official platforms; whether they are specialized websites offering paid broadcasts such as Eurosport.tv or official platforms of the competitions themselves that we want to see (such as NFL Pass or NBA Live), but if you go to watch football for free online on Rojadirecta, it is better to use one of the main domains of the root brand.


Among the multitude of websites that have appeared around the Rojadirecta brand, there are names that do not even use a variation of the expression “roja directa”. Mostly it is due to the domain purchasing strategy known as “typosquatting” which consists of acquiring domains that replicate the name that many users type into their browser to find an existing and successful website.

In this case, the successful website would be Rojadirecta and since one of the most common typographical errors is forgetting the final letter of the word (the vowel “a”), the Rojadirect domain would be the one that some webmasters have tried to exploit to try to create a website with a similar theme and a similar design. That is why, unlike other more powerful projects such as Pirlo TV or Elite TV, websites such as Rojadirect.tv have tried to take market share from RojaDirecta and have truly managed to attract some traffic for years and from there it has been possible to watch football and sports. Free online.


If we look at the evolution of the domains that have led the interest of fans in the historic Rojadirecta portal, currently it is the Rojadirectatv.tv domain that attracts the most viewers. This is due to the legal struggle that many states have had with the different owners of websites that have the name Rojadirecta and that have replicated that business model.

From Rojadirectatv.tv you can access the entire offer of matches that can be seen online on any of the similar pages, with the guarantee that it is a Rojadierctaonline broadcast, which always guarantees moderate advertising and not as annoying as others. do you copy.

Direct red

Although as we have already said, in April 2021 the Rojadirectatv.tv and Roja dirécta domains are the most popular on the internet to watch matches online, the truth is that there are many applications that have been created for both Android and iOS that can be downloaded on mobile devices and take advantage of the mobile connection to enjoy the games. Applications like red direct tv are among the most downloaded on the Appstore and Google Play.

Rojadirecta tv 2024

Although summarizing we can certainly reach the conclusion that the Spanish platform Rojadirecta has become, since its origins, one of the favorite options for millions of users to watch sports broadcasts online, the truth is that both the legal problems that have accompanied its founders since 7 years ago, like the increasingly restrictive permissibility policy for this type of business in Spain, the situation in 2021 is much more complicated.

So in addition to what we have mentioned about the creator of Rojadirecta, Igor Seoane, and his arrest and being brought before a judge in La Coruña, for having deposited a total of 11 million euros into his bank accounts, offering sporting events free in 2021 seems to be an activity that is directly persecuted both by sports organizations such as the LFP and by the operators themselves, who, protected by European legislation from May 2021, can close in just 30 minutes the domains that are reported for broadcasting televised matches or sporting events without permission.

Rojadirecta alternatives 2024

That said, over time, criticism and legal pressure on this business model, it has become possible for many other similar websites to have copied this business model (offering as a directory a list of links from which to view the most interesting sports streaming of each day) and that the direct red itself has had to change domains as soon as the different countries have started their legal processes accusing it of piracy and unfair competition to the large communication multinationals that pay for the broadcasting rights of the top events in world sport.

A reality that also affects regular Rojadirecta users, who are forced either to look for payment alternatives or to try to get used to other projects such as live TV , which has links to Rojadirecta-style sports broadcasts.

From our betting house, we recommend opting only for legal options and if we cannot have payment platforms in our homes or mobile devices, search among the streaming websites and services that we are going to talk about in this blog. sports betting in these next few days.

The classic Rojadirecta

In La Liga Santander 2022-2023 we are going to enjoy a first classic between Madrid and Barcelona on Sunday, October 16, 2022 in the afternoon, at 4:15 p.m., an unusual time slot and not too strong in terms of traffic in direct red.

But we know that this will be one of the events that the owners of domain websites with the word rojadirecta look forward to throughout the year. We also confirmed this in 2022 last Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 8 p.m., match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid corresponding to the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup.

A factor to take into account in this next El Clásico, as happened with the match on October 16, is broadcast on a pay channel (DAZN).

Rojadirecta Super Cup

The attention among Spanish football fans is primarily focused on the Clásico Barcelona vs Real Madrid in the final of the 2023 Spanish Super Cup, which is held in Saudi Arabia and has the two favorites in the final after the triumphs of the Catalans. and meringues in semi-finals decided by penalties against Betis and Valencia respectively.

This competition is the first trophy that Barça, Madrid, Betis and Valencia will play for in 2023 and although it is broadcast on Movistar+, as it is a pay channel, it is expected that like every year, many fans will opt for online streaming websites, which Despite being illegal and persecuted by the League, they continue to operate.


Rojadirecta News 2024

In spring 2022, Marca and most Spanish sports newspapers published a news story based on a text that many consider institutional advertising from La Liga de Fútbol Profesional in which it was reported that Igor Seoane, the owner of the Rojadirecta project, had been convicted. However, in June 2022 the same media that published that information had to retract it with a note in which any conviction or crime against intellectual property was categorically rejected.

In that same press release it is made clear that the Rojadirecta website has never been declared criminal and in the only criminal procedure against it it was made clear in the judge’s letter that the website was not criminal. So with a firm judicial resolution, it is clear that Rojadirecta in 2022 has not been a website that has committed any crime. only judicial problems.

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