How to Send that Self Destruction Messages on WhatsApp Easy and Fast? 100% working

How to Send that Self Destruction Messages on WhatsApp Easy and Fast? 100% working

It is no secret to anyone that WhatsApp has become the preferred instant messaging app for millions of users around the world in recent years. Thanks to that, the application owned by Mark Zuckerberg has a remarkable number of functions that attract people’s attention because it facilitates one of the complete communication channels for your day today.

In this sense, WhatsApp has also focused on achieving to be the best example regarding the incorporation of improvements in the privacy of its users. Since this is one of the main characteristics that people look for in digital alternatives, currently. For this reason, it announced that it would launch the self-destructing messages option during 2020.

However, before making this function official, it published a beta version available to all users, which allows testing the operation of these “Missing Messages“. Now, if you want to know more about it, accentuating its benefits and explaining how you can send the messages that self-destruct from the Wassap, read on.

Is it possible to send self-destructing messages in WhatsApp natively?

As we indicated from the beginning, WhatsApp allows you to use the function of messages that self-destruct from its beta version 2.19.348 for Android devices and ensures that, during the year 2020, this option will arrive in the definitive application of instant messaging. Thus, an interesting novelty due to its similarity to the Snapchat and Instagram stories that only remain in force for 24 hours, and then automatically disappear.

In this sense, it is known that the new function of the Wasap shown in one of its public betas, can self-destruct messages in a time interval of 5 seconds to an hour, in principle. However, they have pointed out that the users of this app will have much more control around that time and therefore, they will be able to select the message in question and decide when they want it to be instantly deleted; be it an hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year.

Thus, ephemeral messages are considered to be a useful tool for all users of the app who need to send sensitive data and prefer that they not be kept available indefinitely over time. But, it is valuable to note that these types of messages are mainly intended for WhatsApp groups, for the moment.

Indeed, all those users who tried the function in the beta version for Android, confirmed that it could only be used within groups and not in individual chats. Taking into account that, also, the only people responsible for activating the option and the time in which the messages disappear, are the administrators of these groups.

But, it is worth noting that the messages that self-destruct on WhatsApp are still in an early stage and their development may be subject to specific changes and variations. Therefore, in the stable version of the instant messaging application, these self-destructing messages are expected to be available both for dialogues and for group conversations.

What are the benefits of sending messages that are deleted after a while on WhatsApp?

Just as the possibility of sending self-destructing messages on their own on WhatsApp reveals great privacy for all its users, it also allows them to obtain many more important advantages. Above all, bearing in mind that it has been a highly requested function in this instant messaging app and, especially, knowing that other services already have this option available (Gmail and Telegram, for example).

In this way, we proceed to point out the greatest advantages that the messages deleted from this application could provide, until today:

Prevent you from forwarding the message

Although it is true, forwarding any message from WhatsApp is extremely easy because it only requires a few taps on the device screen and, due to this simplicity, many users stop sharing any number of messages and/or items in the app since your privacy could be affected in a few seconds.

In this sense, the fact of having the function of the messages that self-destruct in WhatsApp is a great support to be able to use this application in its maximum expression and not stop sending what you want without worrying about it being issued to third parties. So if, for example, you want to send an intimate photograph and that it is not shown to anyone else via Wasap, this option will be very useful.

Prevent chats from being filled with messages

Another of the main benefits of deleted messages in the Mark Zuckerberg app is that they prevent chats from being saturated with many messages. This could generate a much slower operation of the device and, also, visually, a conversation full of writings, photos, videos, audios, etc. can be very annoying.

In addition to this, it is an exciting function for companies and/or companies that want to have a cleaner interaction from WhatsApp. Since the messages sent with promotions will only be available while the message has not been self-destructing, and when the time set for its elimination has expired, they will be automatically deleted.

Increase privacy

As we indicated previously, the possibility of sharing messages that self-destruct on WhatsApp is an excellent function to increase privacy as a user. Thanks to that, it will be possible to write what you want, share the photos, videos or audios you want, without having to worry.

In this way, you will have the complete certainty that the other WhatsApp user cannot handle your message as they wish since they do not have unlimited time for their availability. In addition, if an intruder manages to access your mobile and open WhatsApp, they will not be able to dive into your chats or use that information against you (in the worst cases).

Greater simplicity when deleting messages

Nowadays, when you delete messages on WhatsApp, you have the option of deleting for yourself only or deleting for everyone; which, in many cases, has managed to confuse the users of the application and with it, they lose the possibility of deleting the message to avoid that the receiver can observe it.

But, with the function of self-destruction messages, there is no chance of this happening. Because, you simply have to activate the option, select the time you want for its availability and nothing else, since the system itself will take care of the rest. Thus, a tool that reveals greater simplicity to delete and/or clear WhatsApp messages automatically, practically.

Steps to send messages that self-destruct from the Wasap

Now, since ephemeral messages are not natively available to WhatsApp users around the world so far, many of them will wonder if there are other ways to make their messages self-destruct on WhatsApp, as can be done on Telegram. Therefore, we limit that if it is possible to do it using a free and simple app that works together with that of Zuckerberg.

In that sense, it is “Soon!” It has been classified as one of the best applications to optimize the experience obtained from WhatsApp, which is compatible with both Android and iPhone and is available in the Google Play Store, as well as in the App Store—also valuing that this application also works for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WeChat and any other messaging app with built-in chat.

Having clarified the above, it is time to specify each of the steps to follow to automatically delete the messages on your Wasap, even though this function has not been released in the native app:

  • To start, from your mobile device access the app store of your operating system (Play Store or App Store, as the case may be) and search for the app in question to proceed to download it.
  • Once the download process is completed, you will have to grant it the permissions to access your contacts and also the camera, in order to install its installation.
  • After you have installed the app and granted the required permissions, enter “Soon!” and simply touch the screen to proceed to write the text message you want (supports a maximum of 200 characters). You can also choose to take a photograph, record a video, or upload the message from a file.
  • Later, when you have created the message to send, it will be necessary to choose the time you want for its availability, directly from the clock icon shown at the bottom and we also recommend using the icon in the form of a padlock, since which allows you to protect the message against screenshots. Thus, if the recipient takes that action, you will receive a notification immediately.
  • Now, press the arrow icon located in the lower right to send the message in question. Well, the link will be generated with the message you have created, and you will see all the options available to share it. Among all of them, click on the Wasap icon.
  • After that, find and select the WhatsApp contact you want to send the self-destructing message to, which will be shared in the form of a link and will expire when the established time has been met, so the recipient will not be able to see it again or have any record of it.

Among other details, it is worth distinguishing that “Soon!” It consists of an app that offers several advantages to its users and shows optimal performance for sending ephemeral messages to various fashionable instant messaging apps.

Considering that, among its best pros, we find that all the messages it shares are encrypted so that the recipient is the only one who can read them, it also has a screen capture prevention mechanism. It allows you to use your creativity to send different messages to your WhatsApp contacts (adding photos, videos, filters, handmade drawings, etc.).

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