SEO with AI: Search Engine Optimization With Artificial Intelligence

SEO with AI: Search Engine Optimization With Artificial Intelligence

With artificial intelligence you can save a lot of work time, also in search engine optimization (SEO). Whether you need to create metadata or content, search for topics or perform an analysis, with the right AI SEO tools you can easily achieve the success of your project.

SEO with AI: what exactly does it consist of?

In SEO with artificial intelligence, AI is used to apply measures that improve the positioning of your website. Therefore, the ability of AI to best understand user behavior and desires is crucial. The different AI tools for SEO make your SEO strategy even more effective, as they help adapt your project more efficiently to the target audience.

Note: SEO and artificial intelligence have been linked for years: for search engine algorithms, artificial intelligence is key. The Google RankBrain algorithm system represents a good example of this. Therefore, when designing an SEO strategy it is not only important to consider the use of tools with AI, but also to understand as much as possible how the artificial intelligence implemented by search engines works.

How to apply AI in the SEO of your website?

AI can enrich and improve your SEO strategy in many ways. First of all, you have to discover the existing potential . For your web project to be successful, it is very important to publish content of interest to the target audience, which is based on a keyword strategy . This is where AI SEO tools start to come in handy, as they can show you, for example, which keywords and topics you may have missed. Another field of action of AI in SEO is to include link building suggestions . Among the optimization options that AI SEO tools offer are:

  • Content creation: do you already have the topics and keywords for your content strategy? AI tools for SEO, especially generative AI , can help you with content creation: create text with artificial intelligence text generators and use other similar tools to create videos with subtitles or transcripts, or generate and edit images and graphics for image SEO .
  • Content optimization: does your website already have enough content? With AI tools for SEO you can adapt it even more to the target audience. AI SEO tools help you set the perfect text length, evaluate its readability, or optimize meta information.
  • Voice Search Optimization – Searches are typically conducted via mobile devices. As voice search is becoming more and more relevant, so is voice search optimization . AI for SEO addresses this and helps you optimize your content so that it can be reached via voice search.
  • Improving user experience (UX): UX design is currently one of the most important disciplines for SEO. AI tools for SEO offer you valuable information and advice to optimize aspects related to page structure, navigation, usability or loading speed in the long term.
  • Automation of SEO measures: how effective is your SEO strategy? What content is working and what isn’t? Is there duplicate content ? AI for SEO takes care of a series of daily tasks in this area and offers solutions that automate different steps.
Note: Google Search’s useful content system was one of the most important Google updates in recent years. Google revised the guidelines for offering AI-generated content in the “quality offensive” : when the update was released in August 2022, the page still maintained a paragraph stating that “high-quality and useful” content should be created “ by people for people.” Additionally, a new Google Search Guide to AI-generated content was released .

Summary: The best tools for SEO with AI

Search engine optimization encompasses different actions. There are numerous AI tools for SEO that can support you in carrying out different tasks. Below we list the best AI solutions that you can use in your daily work.


Frase is a powerful tool for keyword research and content optimization. This tool is used both to find ideas for new content and to analyze existing texts. To do this, Frase analyzes the best search results and, from them, creates complete reports. In addition, the software allows you to analyze existing texts and offers suggestions on topics and keywords with potential not yet used.

Frase homepage screenshot

Frase also includes its own AI text generator . In addition to creating suitable titles, you can also create, if necessary, full texts . You can even have the AI ​​SEO tool create content instructions from the text titles.

The Frase trial for five days costs around 1 euro. Afterwards, a paid subscription is required. The “Solo” package, available for around 14 euros per month, is limited to four SEO-optimized texts per month. Only with the “Team” package, available for more than 100 euros per month, you have an unlimited number of texts at your disposal.

Advantages Disadvantages
Keyword tool and text generator High monthly costs
Helps throughout the creative process Maximum three users
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ChatGPT is probably the best-known AI tool for creating text and programming code. Although using it requires certain knowledge of prompt engineering , once you understand how to enter the instructions, the limits of this tool are practically non-existent. With one-click prompts, ChatGPT also offers hundreds of predefined commands and the ability to store your own prompts.

ChatGPT console screenshot

ChatGPT’s SEO possibilities are not limited to the creation of optimized texts: structured data or metadata such as titles and descriptions can also be generated. Additionally, ChatGPT, thanks to its large database, is an excellent source for researching new topics and content formats.

Although ChatGPT can be used for free , in this case it only offers access to an older version of the program. To work with more recent data and functions, you must join the “Plus” option, with a price of about 18.20 euros per month. However, due to high demand for applications, you will first need to sign up for a waiting list. Meanwhile, businesses can contact the support of this AI SEO tool and get a customized ChatGPT business solution.

Advantages Disadvantages
Large database in constant growth The level of customization of the texts is not very high
Free use possible Often slow due to high traffic

Ahrefs: free AI writing tools

Singapore-based software company Ahrefs offers a suite of free AI writing tools . Among other things, these tools can be used to rephrase sentences or write summaries . However, the most interesting things for SEO with AI are the tools for creating meta-information and the tools for paraphrasing. Ahrefs AI Title Generator

With the title and meta description generator you can generate search engine optimized metadata . To do this, just specify the topic or the main keyword. Meanwhile, with the image alt text generator, you can get alt text suggestions for any image or graphic. The video script generator creates transcripts in no time for YouTube, TikTok or Instagram videos.

Ahrefs AI SEO tools are free to use . However, in most cases, it is better to take the results as a source of inspiration, since the generated texts are usually not very personalized.

Advantages Disadvantages
Free Often the results are not very personalized
Variety of practical SEO tools

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MarketMuse is an SEO tool with artificial intelligence focused on content planning and optimization. The AI ​​begins by analyzing the most important topics for your website and, from this, generates a comprehensive content plan that includes topic clusters and market analysis. This way you can quickly know what is missing at that moment and what steps need to be prioritized.

Screenshot of MarketMuse website

MarketMuse can also be used to prepare the content you want to generate. The AI ​​creates a list of keywords and creates first drafts for the briefings that writers will use to create search engine optimized content. Additionally, the AI ​​SEO solution provides improvement suggestions for existing articles, so content is always up-to-date and useful.

To test the advantages of MarketMuse, you can use a trial phase for one week. Next, you will have to pay to be able to use the AI ​​suite for SEO: “Standard” (1 user, 100 queries) is the cheapest package with a price of 130 euros.

Advantages Disadvantages
Accompany you throughout the content creation process High price
Integrates research and analysis of keywords and topics Does not integrate CMS or e-commerce systems

Market Brew

Market Brew ‘s artificial intelligence SEO software allows you to check the effect of your SEO measures at any time and accurately. With the tool, you can create your own search engine to use as a testing machine for your website . Market Brew uses machine learning to do this, constantly incorporating new algorithms to always be ahead of real search engines.

Screenshot of Market Brew website

Market Brew allows you to carry out classic A/B Testing tests for adaptations to the SEO strategy. In this process, the AI ​​SEO tool not only tells you which variant is best, but also shows different optimization options with advice on internal and external links, structured data and keywords, as well as the level of authority and uniqueness. of your website.

AI SEO testing with the Market Brew platform is always subject to a fee. The solution is always adapted to your needs, so there are no specific prices or plans. Those interested can contact the Market Brew team to try and purchase the tool.

Advantages Disadvantages
Live SEO test Price upon request
Live search engines one step ahead

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AI for SEO: summary of the solutions presented

SEO Features with AI Difficulty level Objective group Price
Phrase Keyword research, content creation, content optimization Half Company €€
ChatGPT Content and metadata creation Half Self-employed, companies and enterprise
Ahrefs Free AI Creation of content and metadata, creation of Alt-text and video scripts Low Self-employed
MarketMuse Content planning and optimization High Enterprise €€€
Market Brew SEO testing High Company and Enterprise €€€

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