AI for images: the best AI image generators

AI for images: the best AI image generators

AI image generators allow you to create unique visual content for your online presence in a matter of minutes, without requiring prior graphic design experience.

AI Image Generators – Unlimited Possibilities

The application areas of AI image generators are as diverse as those of AI video generators and AI text generators . You can quickly remove the background from images you’re working on, adjust their resolution, change the color, or create a completely new image; The creativity of artificial intelligence has no limits. Images created by AI are not only used in digital art and graphic design , but also in the video game industry, and film , to create textures, backgrounds or even characters. Additionally, they are used in fashion and interior design to generate new clothing designs or interior design ideas.

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Recently, images created by AI have caused a stir with so-called deepfakes , raising ethical and security questions. Overall, AI’s ability to create images has ushered in a new era of visual creativity where we no longer rely exclusively on royalty-free images or photo editing apps . We have compiled a list of the ten best AI image generators for you:

Tool name Image quality Cost Free trial version
Midjourney Very high From $8 to $96 per month No High to very high From $16 to $32.50 per month 50 images
DreamStudio High to very high $10 per month for 1,000 credits 25 credits
Dall-E 2 High to very high $15 for 115 credits 15 images per month
Neuroflash Medium to high Free
canva Medium to high Free or up to $23.99/month
Craiyon Medium to high Free or even price upon request
Jasper Art Half $20 a month 5 days/200 images
Photosonic Half Free or up to $25/month 15 credits Low to medium One-time payment of $227 No


Midjourney AI is one of the leading image generators with artificial intelligence and stands out for its extraordinary image quality. Its artificial intelligence generates images from descriptions, more specifically from machine learning . In addition, it allows you to ask the AI ​​to generate images according to the style of a certain artist or era . It is important that the instruction, also known as a “prompt,” be as precise as possible to obtain the desired result.

Midjourney also allows you to resize images or create different versions of the same image. However, it is important to note that it is only available through the Discord user interface . In addition to having a slightly confusing user interface, it has another disadvantage: any other Discord user can see the images that the AI ​​creates and, therefore, can also use them, since the rights to the image do not belong to the user who has requested them. Also, the AI ​​image generator is not free; the cheapest subscription costs $8 per month.

Screenshot of the Midjourney website


Advantages Disadvantages
Create images from natural language text It does not have a free version
High image quality Confusing user interface
Offers additional tools for image editing The images generated are in the public domain
Can only be used within Discord also allows you to create stunning images with AI. Unlike other image generating AI programs, is based on Stable Diffusion technology , a tool known as Deep Learning Generator , which converts text into high-quality images with a realistic and unique appearance. However, it is not the only thing that differentiates from other artificial intelligence for images, it also stands out for its intuitive user interface that is especially easy to use.

Additionally, AI gives you the ability to use predefined settings, such as camera orientation, weather conditions, and artist styles . However, it also has certain limitations: the tool requires text input that is as precise as possible to generate an image. If the text is not specific enough or is too generic, the resulting images will likely not match the user’s vision. In any case, the trial version allows you to create 50 AI images for free.

Screenshot of website


Advantages Disadvantages
Generate images from natural language text Requires precise text entry
High image quality Limited features compared to other image generators
Intuitive user interface
Free trial version

DreamStudio’s DreamStudio is also based on Stable Diffusion technology, like other image generators. The tool stands out for its continuous development and constant improvements. Today, DreamStudio also allows you to create company logos, banners and images for marketing campaigns . Another feature that stands out is its ease of use, thanks to its clear and intuitive user interface. Unlike other image-generating AI programs, DreamStudio offers few predefined style options and data entry assistance. Hence the tool is more suitable for advanced users.

Post-production options for AI images are limited and the AI ​​image generator is not free to use. Newcomers have free credits to try the tool at first, but must purchase more to continue using it. The fee is $10 per month for 1,000 credits, and the cost in credits per image varies depending on the configuration chosen. For higher levels and resolutions, more credits are needed to generate images.

Screenshot of DreamStudio web page


Advantages Disadvantages
Generate images from natural language text It has few options for predefined styles or input aids
High image quality Limited features compared to other image generators
Intuitive user interface Not suitable for beginners
Continuous development and expansion with new features Requires advance payment through a credit system

Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 , developed by OpenAI, like ChatGPT, represents an advance in artificial intelligence that not only allows the creation of images, but also their editing. It incorporates additional functions such as outpainting, inpainting and the generation of image variations . DALL-E 2 can be used both through an API and directly through OpenAI Labs.

DALL-E 2 differs from other AI image generators in its ability to upload a reference image , accompanied by a natural language description, to create an AI image. However, it has certain limitations, such as the inability to make additional adjustments, such as setting the aspect ratio. The cost of using DALL-E 2 is also relatively high: 115 credits are priced at $15 per month.

Screenshot of the Dall-E 2 website


Advantages Disadvantages
Generate images from natural language text The result depends largely on the accuracy of the description
High image quality High costs: payment in advance through a credit system
Image editing tool
Generated images can be used without restrictions after being created


Not only is Neuroflash one of the most popular AI text generators, but it also offers the ability to use AI to create images for free. Its AI image generator stands out for its ease of use thanks to its simple and intuitive design. However, it is important to note that the app lacks advanced options, such as the ability to edit images directly in the app or render them at higher resolutions, which can be a limitation. In terms of quality, the images generated are at a medium-high level. An additional advantage is the ability to edit and generate images from a mobile application .

Screenshot of the Neuroflash website


Advantages Disadvantages
Generate images from natural language text Image quality only reaches the mid-high range
Easy to use user interface Limitations on image editing options


As of March 2023, the widely recognized online graphic design platform, Canva , not only offers an AI text generator, but also offers an AI to create images. Canva is a technology based on Stable Diffusion and is distinguished by its easy-to-use and intuitive user interface . In addition to entering your own prompts, artificial intelligence offers the possibility to choose from a total of 19 predefined styles , including colored pencils, psychedelic, concept art, anime and watercolor, among others.

The results can be edited using various tools to customize the AI ​​images to your needs. You have the ability to make adjustments such as changing brightness and contrast , applying filters and effects, and inserting text in a variety of fonts into the generated images. Canva’s image quality is good, though not exceptional, but the basic version of the AI ​​image generator is free.

Screenshot of Canva website


Advantages Disadvantages
Generate images from natural language text Image quality in medium to high range
Free basic version Some advanced features require a paid subscription
Image editing available Image resolution is limited
Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface


Craiyon , formerly known as DALL-E mini, offers an easy-to-use user interface for creating AI images using simple prompts. The AI ​​image generator offers four different styles for generating images: art, drawing, photography, and “templateless.” One of the highlights of Craiyon is the “Next Prompt” option, which suggests new prompts based on previous entries. Additionally, the tool allows users to draw an image that serves as a reference , from which the image is created with AI.

While Craiyon allows you to create AI images quickly and easily, it lacks additional features and customization options. The quality of the images is also less impressive than other AI image generators. However, despite some limitations such as the presence of ads, longer generation times, and watermarks on images, Craiyon can be used for free. The Pro version is available for only $5 per month.

Screenshot of Craiyon website


Advantages Disadvantages
Generate images from natural language text or reference image Average image quality
Free basic version The free version has limitations
Easy to use user interface Image editing features are missing
The images generated are in the public domain

Jasper Art

Jasper Art is a powerful and easy-to-use AI image generator, leveraging the power of OpenAI’s “DALL-E 2” model and a modified version of GPT-3 to create AI images in seconds . In addition to entering text, you can also upload an image as a reference template and choose the AI ​​image style you want from a drop-down menu. However, the quality of Jasper Art’s images is rather mid-range, which does not mean that the AI ​​image generator is free, quite the opposite: in fact, it is priced at $20 per month, for which is not exactly cheap, although with this rate you can create an unlimited number of AI images. Fortunately, Jasper Art also offers a 5-day free trial that includes 200 images.

Screenshot of Jasper Art website


Advantages Disadvantages
Generate images from natural language text or a reference image Average image quality
Easy to use user interface Generated images cannot be adjusted
Free 5-day trial for 200 images Relatively expensive subscription
Wide selection of image options available


Like Jasper Art, PhotoSonic is also part of an AI text generating platform, in this case, it is WriteSonic. Unlike Jasper Art, there is no additional cost to use Photosonic ; You can use Writesonic monthly subscription credits for the AI ​​image generator. Although the user interface is intuitive and simple, it offers few additional features to edit or customize AI-created images. Additionally, there are no more options for preset styles or image enhancements and the overall image quality is also rather average.

Screenshot of PhotoSonic website


Advantages Disadvantages
Generate images from natural language text or reference image Average image quality
Easy to use user interface Offers few additional features
Free trial version with 15 credits Requires a WriteSonic subscription

Unlike most AI image generators, is not based on Stable Diffusion technology, but rather uses an internally developed AI model . In addition to entering prompts, you can also upload your own sketches or images to serve as a reference when creating images with AI. The tool stands out for how well-structured its user interface is and its ease of use. It offers inpainting and outpainting functions that allow you to retouch the images you have created. However, the biggest drawback it has is the quality of the images, which tends to be quite low. You can get lifetime access to the tool for a one-time payment of $227.

Screenshot of the website


Advantages Disadvantages
Generate images from natural text, sketches or reference images Low image quality
Easy to use user interface Offers few additional features
Image edition New technologies present bugs
Offers a lifetime subscription Does not have a free trial

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Create images with AI and improve your online presence

You can not only improve your online presence with text generators, but also with AI image generators. These tools offer an alternative to Adobe Photoshop , allowing you to save time on your online projects. AI images can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Content is King – Whether it is a blog or an online store, visual design contributes significantly to success on the Internet. AI images can be created quickly and easily, providing unlimited possibilities for generating content. For example, you can fill an elaborate image gallery for a website with the right images in the blink of an eye.
  • SEO – Unique and relevant images can help improve visibility in search engines, especially if they are described and assigned the appropriate keywords.
  • Personalized content : With AI you can create personalized images to be used in content marketing strategies aimed at different target groups.
  • Social Media – Images created with AI can also be used on social media to increase visibility and encourage interaction.
  • Quick adjustments : AI image generators allow you to react quickly to trends and hot topics, and create corresponding AI images without having to first commission them from a graphic designer.
  • Automated advertising campaigns – AI image generators can help create varied and attractive graphics for online advertising campaigns.
  • Interactive content – ​​Some artificial intelligence can create interactive images that improve interaction with users.

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