The best generators with artificial intelligence for texts | AI Text Generators

The best generators with artificial intelligence for texts | AI Text Generators

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) text generators have seen significant advances in the creation and editing of written content. However, when looking for a suitable AI for your texts, you should not choose one at random.

AI Text Generators Overview

AI text generators have a wide range of applications. Artificial intelligence can take a lot of tedious work away from you, especially when it comes to writing for the web . In addition to creating attractive text for various pages, such as the “About me” page or the “About us” page , with the right tool you can also generate the SEO content necessary to improve your Internet presence.

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The variety of AI tools available can make it challenging to stay on top of them all. Along with AI image generators and AI video generators , there are now also numerous options for text-generating AI tools. Finding the best AI website to meet your specific needs can be a challenge. Below, we present the ten best AI text generators:

Tool name Purpose Cost
ChatGPT Universal Free or up to $20/month
Jasper AI Marketing and SEO content From $39/month to $99/month
Neuroflash Behavioral Marketing From 29 USD/month to 400 €/month
WriteSonic Generation of versatile texts Free or up to 1,000 USD/month
Phrase SEO Oriented Content From $14.99/month to $114.99/month Generation of marketing texts Free or even price upon request
Scalenut SEO Oriented Content From 20 USD to 75 USD/month
writer Content Marketing 18 USD/month or until price upon request
Hypotenuse AI Product Descriptions 15 USD/month or up to price upon request
Rytr Generation of versatile texts Free or up to $29/month


ChatGPT is probably the best-known AI text generator in the world. In addition to generating text and programming code from short instructions, this AI offers many other functions. For example, you can rewrite texts or change the tone from formal to informal. You can also specify the number of words you want the text to contain or the keywords from which the AI ​​should generate the text.

However, keep in mind that ChatGPT’s capabilities, while impressive, are not foolproof. Depending on the data provided and the topic at hand, AI can generate incorrect answers, so use it with caution, especially in professional or critical applications. The base version (GPT 3.5) of the AI ​​text generator is free. For $20/month, you can access the most powerful version (GPT 4), which offers faster response times and exclusive access to new features such as navigation, plugins, and code interpreters.

ChatGPT UI Screenshot


Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful and versatile in various application areas May generate incorrect answers if you have outdated data
Generate code and text Limited generating code for complex applications
Very good spelling skills Less customization in the generated text
Save time on SEO texts Keywords must be searched individually
It has a free version Free version may be limited due to high demand

Jasper AI

Unlike ChatGPT’s versatility, Jasper specializes in SEO content creation . It is an AI that writes texts and is ideal for creating content for your website and copywriting . You just need to specify the text requirements you want and Jasper AI will automatically generate advertising content (text) optimized for search engines. Jasper is capable of generating content in more than 25 languages, including Spanish. The only drawback is that the artificial intelligence text generator is not free; Subscriptions start at $39/month and can be paid monthly or annually.

Screenshot of Jasper AI web page


Advantages Disadvantages
Optimized for creating content in various formats, such as blogs and social media posts Not oriented towards creative texts
Wide selection of templates and over 2,500 different writing styles Lack of customization
Easy to use It does not have a free version
Supports 26 languages
Can be used from any location thanks to the Chrome extension


Neuroflash also allows you to create content for your website. It is German technology and stands out for its ability to generate texts in German, but it supports a total of 7 languages, including Spanish. Neuroflash offers more than 100 templates for blogs, social media posts, product descriptions or texts from different categories and more. It uses the GPT model to generate text and can also create images. In the free version, you can generate up to 2000 words per month. Subscription prices range between 29 and 400 euros/month, depending on the word limit and additional features.

Screenshot of the Neuroflash website


Advantages Disadvantages
Optimized for creating content in various formats, such as blogs and social media posts Not oriented towards creative texts
Selection of more than 100 text templates Only supports seven languages
Offers various workflows Occasionally long wait times
Free version with up to 2000 words/month Version with unlimited words is only available in the most expensive monthly subscription


Writesonic is, like ChatGPT, an all-in-one AI text generator. Its artificial intelligence can generate texts of any type, from advertising texts to image captions, social media posts and emails. Writesonic is a versatile tool that offers several templates for different types of text and is one of the few AI tools that allow you to directly select which version of GPT should be used to generate each text. The advantage is that, although texts generated with GPT-4 are more expensive than those generated with GPT-3, their quality is usually higher. In addition, artificial intelligence has a summary and paraphrasing function to give the final touch to the content. Likewise, the user interface is especially simple compared to other artificial intelligence text generators. You can use Writesonic AI to create text for free up to 10,000 words/month, and starting at $19/month, you can create up to 100,000 words/month.

Screenshot of Writesonic website


Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful and versatile Possible inconsistencies requiring manual editing and quality control
Free version with up to 10,000 words per month Free version has limited features
Wide selection of text templates Credit-based system can be cumbersome
Allows you to select the GPT version
Additional tools to improve content

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Phrase is a powerful keyword analysis tool with a built-in AI text generator. The AI ​​analyzes articles for certain keywords and offers recommendations on how to modify the content to improve Google rankings. Additionally, AI offers automated content summaries for SEO texts. Based on a given keyword, the tool provides important information, such as the most frequently asked questions on a certain topic, making the content creation process easier. When you enter a specific keyword, Frase collects information about it from the highest-ranking pages and uses it to generate optimized AI texts. Starting at around $15/month, you can write or optimize up to four articles per month, and this limitation only disappears on the most expensive subscription, which costs around $115/month.

Screenshot of the Frase website


Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful and versatile SEO tool Not oriented towards creative texts
Automated content creation Limitations in generating content for specific niches
Many useful tools for SEO optimization Some tools are limited to 400 words
The cheapest version has a limit of four texts per month, only the most expensive subscription has no word limit per month is another very versatile AI text generator. It offers a wide selection of over 90 templates that allow you to create content for various needs, from Instagram posts to marketing emails.’s sophisticated workflow makes it easy for the AI ​​text generator to create high-quality content from short inputs, similar to ChatGPT’s functionality. In addition, is capable of generating content in more than 25 languages, including Spanish. Once finalized, the texts can be edited and optimized in an intuitive control panel before being published on the Internet. It is possible to use to create free texts with a maximum limit of 2,000 words per month; but starting at $49/month, this restriction is lifted and you have access to a greater variety of tools.

Screenshot of website


Advantages Disadvantages
Optimized for creating content in various formats, such as blogs and social media posts Possibility of outdated data generating incorrect information
Wide variety of 90+ templates to choose from Lack of customization options
Easy to use interface Limitation on text length in the free version
Supports more than 25 languages
Offers useful tools, such as grammar check and tonality


Scalenut is another AI text generator specialized in SEO-oriented content. With a collection of over 40 templates, it gives you the ability to research, create, and optimize content across multiple categories quickly and efficiently. Additionally, its SEO text toolset offers additional resources for keyword analysis and content planning. In Cruise Mode, you can generate entire blog posts in as little as 5 minutes, allowing you to achieve optimal ranking thanks to optimization suggestions and real-time SEO evaluations.

Scalenut operates through a set of hybrid technologies. Like most AI text generators, it uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 for text generation, but it also relies on its own AI and natural language processing (NLP) models. Plus, its Chrome extension makes it easy to use this AI tool anywhere you need it. However, it’s important to note that Scalenut is not a free-to-access AI text generator: for $20/month you can generate up to 100,000 words per month, for $40/month you have no limitations.

Screenshot of Scalenut website


Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful and versatile SEO tool Not oriented towards creative texts
Offers more than 40 templates Limitations in generating content for specific niches
Abundance of useful tools for SEO optimization The cheapest subscription imposes a limit on the number of words, does not offer a free version
Offers a Chrome extension


Writer stands out as one of the few AI text generators that is not based on GPT. Its artificial intelligence is nourished by user data. Writer carefully analyzes the most successful blog posts, web pages, ads, emails and social media channels to fit the needs of the brand or company in question. This gives it a versatility that makes it ideal for various applications, such as content marketing , demand generation, product and brand marketing, as well as content design. Additionally, you can join the Writer community, where top content developers share tips on how to scale your online presence. The trial version is free and allows you to try all the features for 14 days, while the paid subscription costs $18/month.

Screenshot of Writer


Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful tool for brand-related content Limited to brand-related content
Collaboration with work team The cheapest subscription has a limit of five team members
Free trial version for 14 days
SEO Optimized Content
Compatibility with popular tools and platforms

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI has been specifically developed to automatically generate product descriptions for e-commerce web pages. This tool can significantly speed up and optimize content creation for online stores. Instead of manually writing each product description, Hypotenuse AI uses GPT technology to generate detailed, SEO-optimized product descriptions. The AI ​​text generator stands out mainly for its batch processing capacity, with which product descriptions and SEO texts can be generated in large quantities. Hypotenuse AI is an AI tool that is primarily aimed at businesses that want to save time and money by automating routine tasks. Additionally, Hypotenuse AI has powerful algorithms to analyze customer data and offer personalized product recommendations.

Screenshot of Hypotenuse AI


Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful tool for creating product descriptions Limited scope of application
Time saving: you can generate thousands of product descriptions in no time From an SEO point of view, the content could be more extensive
Product descriptions are usually optimized for SEO Does not offer real-time keyword suggestions
Integrations with popular tools and platforms


Rytr is a versatile AI text generator that can be used to generate reviews, emails, blogs, social media content, and web pages for free. To create content, simply enter a short description. It has the advantage that, thanks to the grammar improvement function, the texts are also correct from a spelling point of view. Rytr’s SEO Analyzer allows you to find the best-valued keywords for your SEO texts in a matter of seconds and allows you to create a Content Briefing for them. Plus, thanks to its Chrome extension, you can generate content in more than 30 languages ​​anywhere. Beyond its AI text generator, Rytr offers an AI image generator that lets you create up to 100 images each month for $29/month.

Rytr UI Screenshot


Advantages Disadvantages
Versatile tool for product descriptions Not as advanced as other AI text generators
Affordable price Free version offers limited features
Keyword search function Other useful tools are missing
Offers a Chrome extension

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How to Improve Online Presence with AI Text Generators

AI text generators have advanced significantly in recent years and offer a wide range of applications to improve your online presence, all without the need to invest large amounts of time and effort. These various tools can be of great help in several aspects:

  • Content Creation – Text AIs allow you to generate a large amount of content in a short period of time, including blogs, product descriptions, and web pages. This way, you can maintain a constant flow of relevant content for users, which not only interests them, but can also improve your Google rankings.
  • SEO Optimization – Many of these tools offer specific features to optimize content for SEO. Use them to increase the visibility of your website in search engines.
  • Social media posts : AI text generators can generate social media posts, strengthening your social media presence and encouraging user engagement.
  • Personalization – Thanks to AI, you can use user data to create personalized content and improve the user experience.
  • Quick Updates – In changing industries, AI text tools can help you quickly incorporate current information and trends into your content, keeping your online presence up to date and therefore attractive to users.
  • Optimized Product Descriptions – AI text generators can help you create SEO-optimized product descriptions , which can not only improve your search engine rankings but also boost your sales.

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