Top 10 RPA Solutions

Top 10 RPA Solutions

Technologies like robotic process automation, cognitive automation, and artificial intelligence are no longer just buzzwords. They help create digital businesses today. The questions that we must then answer are: What is robotic process automation? What are the best RPA tools on the market?

Robotic process automation automates repetitive, rule-based processes across administrative functions across multiple industries, freeing the employee to focus on the highest value work. Businesses can move from being data-aware to data-driven by harnessing the power of automation. There are several RPA tools on the market that companies are looking to explore.

Are you preparing to be ready for the future? Here are the top 10 RPA tools or solutions that will help you go a long way toward building a digital business.


One of the leading RPA providers, UiPath RPA software has core automation capabilities that are second to none. Suitable for developers and non-developers, UiPath can handle processes of any complexity and caters to industries of all sizes. They also offer training, video tutorials, and implementation support for non-developers.

It supports web and desktop applications and can help deploy a digital workforce, thereby giving your business a competitive advantage.

Blue prism:

A leading automation software, it offers basic RPA capabilities and is compatible with any platform and any application. It helps automate administrative processes, thereby improving productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. A complete automation solution, it has a drag and drops functions that help automate various business processes. A highly efficient tool, automates business processes from end to end, thus relieving the human worker of manual and repetitive tasks.

Automation anywhere:

It offers central RPA capabilities that provide both on-premises and cloud services. From providing real-time analytics to security through encryption and authentication, their solutions combine traditional RPA features with smart automation capabilities, automating complex tasks.

NICE Systems:

By providing cloud and on-premise solutions, NICE RPA tools automate the mundane tasks of administrative processes. If you’re looking to increase operational efficiency or ensure compliance, look no further. Known as NEVA-Nice Employee Virtual Attendant, it helps deliver assisted and unattended automation streamlines the workforce and helps companies realize the full value of automation.


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys, EdgeVerve has earned an invaluable reputation for developing innovative software products on both on-premises and cloud-hosted platforms. EdgeVerve, a leading RPA provider, offers AssistEdge, a suite of automation products that help companies navigate the digital journey as smoothly as possible.

A cohesive RPA Platform, AssistEdge helps companies navigate the path of automation, from “deterministic automation to smart and human-powered.”


A business process management tool, Pega offers perfect cloud-based solutions or services for medium and large companies. A cloud-based solution helps automate high-volume, repetitive administrative work. A leading provider of CRM systems and applications helps meet the needs of business units and customers.


Kofax robots can be implemented with a centralized server. From cognitive capture to process orchestration and advanced analytics, the Kofax automation software platform has a number of capabilities that help deliver outstanding results.


Its suite of smart automation solutions helps companies reduce manual effort, speed up processing, and drive business.

Kryon systems:

Kryon Systems provides unattended, attended, and hybrid solutions. A scalable platform helps companies identify processes that can be automated, thereby eliminating time-consuming and repetitive tasks and improving productivity.


A robust and easy-to-use desktop automation tool, it is Windows-based software that enables companies to automate monotonous tasks.

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A critical vehicle to effecting a transformation across the enterprise, RPA software harnesses the potential of digital bots to help businesses navigate the digital journey. An ever-evolving industry promises incredible opportunities that companies seek to explore. From dealing with large amounts of data to creating meaningful customer experiences, automation introduces a new way of doing things we’ve never imagined before.

Beyond the obvious benefit of automating repetitive manual tasks, RPA transforms businesses, discovers opportunities, and redefines roles in the company. If you are new to RPA, this list will help you choose the right tools to navigate the vast digital landscape.

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