What Is USP Marketing And How It Helps You Define Your Strategy

What Is USP Marketing And How It Helps You Define Your Strategy

The USP is a sales strategy that consists of differentiating itself from other competitors by highlighting those aspects that make the brand, product or service unique . However, it can also be useful to develop an effective marketing strategy and stand out from the competition.

Therefore, the USP, also called Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Sales Proposition, is what will make (among other things) customers buy your products or services instead of those of the competition.

You may think that, due to its acronym, a USP is only going to be reflected in the sales speech, but no, it is also something that can be reflected in the marketing speech that the company develops. And the success of a company is not only about creating good products and services, but also about knowing how to give them differential value and knowing how to transmit it to consumers.

Doesn’t it happen to you that, many times, you realize that the best-selling product is not always the best in objective terms? Well, sometimes that is due to the development of a great USP in marketing and sales that has been able to capture what makes a product or service different and unique in the market.

Why USP is important in marketing

This is everything that creating a USP in marketing can help you with:

  • Building brand identity : highlighting the positive and unique characteristics of a product or services helps a brand to be perceived by consumers as stronger and more interesting, thus making it have a more attractive and own personality.
  • Increased sales : By directly teaching the unique benefits of a product or service, consumers identify them more easily and increase the chances that they will make the purchase and stop searching in the market.
  • More effective communication : the unique selling proposition in marketing allows you to identify the concepts that are most important when reaching the target audience and include them in the different advertising texts to make them more powerful.
  • Strengthening strategic decisions : the USP not only helps create better marketing and sales strategies, but thanks to the analysis of weaknesses and strengths that is intrinsic in the creation of the unique selling proposition, other teams in the company can use them in their field and positively improve it.
  • Improving market positioning and brand awareness : relating a brand, product or service with unique and different qualities causes it to be more easily recognized by consumers and, therefore, also positioned in a privileged way in its sector.

Characteristics of an effective unique selling proposition or USP

Interesting, being different is not enough

Although it is important for a USP in marketing to be different, unique and special with respect to competitors, they are characteristics that are nothing if we do not accompany them with another: that it is important to consumers .

No matter how unique the unique selling proposition in marketing is, if it does not interest the target audience, it will not give results. Therefore, focusing on customers when creating a USP in marketing is essential.

Real, we must not miss the truth

The unique selling proposition for marketing must reflect a real value of the product, service or brand . Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain, since consumers will feel deceived and will not trust you again, considering your strategy as false.

Simple, simpler is better

Do not look for complex characteristics or values, identifying simple differences will make what you want to sell easier to communicate and consumers will make the association in a simpler way, thus increasing brand awareness of your brand more quickly.


An effective USP in marketing not only identifies objective characteristics in a product, but also subjective elements that allude to the most sentimental part of customers.

In this sense, for example, a unique selling proposition in marketing can house concepts such as “the fastest”, “the most economical”, “the most durable”… But we should not forget others that reflect how the consumer will feel. when making the purchase and using the product or service, such as “happier”, “freer”, “calmer”, etc.

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Examples of a good Unique Selling Proposition in marketing

Dominos Pizza

This is the perfect example of how to achieve a simple, catchy and easy-to-remember USP in marketing, three elements that make a unique selling proposition successful. And the best of all is that it also rhymes (at least in English). But, in addition, it has its share of originality, since delivery services do not usually promise what Domino’s Pizza promises.


Unique selling proposition Dominos

As you can see in this image, the pizza company released their copy: “WE GUARANTEE: fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes or less or it’s FREE!”


The use of the superlative is a classic of any USP in marketing, but you have to know how to hit the nail on the head with the concepts. The WooCommerce company knew what its audience needs and used it very well.

WooCommerce promotion

As an e-commerce platform, it was clear that personalization was something its consumers valued above anything else. Here we leave you an example of how he transmitted his unique selling proposition in marketing.

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The M&M candy brand had a clear vision with its message: “It melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” With this simple phrase it was already differentiating itself from the competition by indicating that with its products there would be no problems with dirty fingers, something that is of great interest to the public when they eat any product with chocolate. But, above all, to that part of the target audience who were parents and gave M&Ms to their children, since children are the ones who most often get stains when eating chocolates.

m&m promotion

And the thing is, M&Ms have a hard layer that covers them, something that other competing products do not have.

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