What Is Facebook’s New ‘Quiet Mode’ and How Does It Work?

What Is Facebook’s New ‘Quiet Mode’ and How Does It Work?

After the recent Facebook update, new functionalities appear within its app. On this occasion, its creators incorporated the silent mode to decrease notifications on your mobile. In addition, integrating other tools that allow its users to take advantage of this application. Recall that in recent weeks the use of entertainment platforms has been maximized. However, excess information, news, and spending hours on social networks could have consequences.

In this way, we find interesting support that offers an effective and ideal method for these cases. This in order to avoid negative health effects when using this popular application. Likewise, it is accompanied by other sections with detailed information and tips to prevent COVID-19. Next, we tell you how to configure the new silent mode of Facebook in simple steps and more:

So you can activate the silent mode of Facebook on your mobile

facebook silent mode

Precisely, the silent mode will give you the possibility to control the hours that you will dedicate to navigate in your Facebook account. Luckily, the procedure to activate this option on your smartphone is very simple. Once you enter the application you should go to the “Settings” section. Next, press the alternative of “Manage your time”. And finally, click on the “Silent Mode” section.

It should be noted that the company presents two ways to enable this function on your device. In this sense, you can set a schedule or execute this change manually to enjoy this service. Take into account that, while this alternative is activated and you decide to enter the app, a warning tab will slide. It will remind you that during those hours you have limited the consumption of this social network. In this way; Most notifications you receive will automatically be blocked.

More details of the new support of this application
As we mentioned, Facebook is committed to offering suggestions regarding the coronavirus crisis. In addition to, providing its users with basic tasks to take advantage of free time during the quarantine. For its part, this version is not only accompanied by silent mode. Also, it has more shortcuts to adjust the content of your preference.

Without a doubt, Silent mode and other Facebook functions are helpful resources for its users. However, now you can see the number of people who visit your profile. We have no doubt that in the coming months more changes will arise on Facebook for mobile; so stay tuned to our web portal.

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