What is the 24betting Referral Program and How you can earn Passive Income through it?

What is the 24betting Referral Program and How you can earn Passive Income through it?

Affiliate Program with 24betting

Should we tell you a way to earn money without investment? Have you heard of passive income before? Well, with 24betting, you can earn without having to put much effort and skills.

Refer a friend to our site and upon every sign up get 2% cashback. It’s a lifetime commission offer! Go grab the opportunity now. To become a member, join here.

What is an Affiliate Program with 24betting and How to Become its Member

Through affiliation with 24betting, you’re basically joining hands with us on our venture to become a family of more. We believe the more, the better. Now what you’ll get in return is a 2% cashback on every new sign up through your referral. 

All your job is to share our site link with your friends and let them know what perks you’re enjoying with us. In the end, get 2000 rupees in return for every sign-up. 

Posting the link is super easy. It doesn’t require any special skills. Following is a stepwise process to guide you on how to do so. 

1. If you haven’t registered yourself at 24betting yet, sign up here

Following the link will lead you to the very first page of the site. Now if you’re new to it, go for the Join option. Then, you’ll have to enter your real phone number and email. This will open up your account at 24betting. 

24betting join

2. Now the main page will show where you can navigate all of our game providers and the whirlpool of online games they provide. Or if you would like to go for the betting option, we have our own sportsbook as well. For now, navigate to the drop-down menu, 3 bars at the top left. 

24betting Menu

3. By clicking on the menu, a slide will open with different options. Go for the Get 2000 Rupees one. 

24betting Bonus

4. Eventually, a final page will open with a link provided. Now, what you’re supposed to do is to copy the link and share it on your multiple social media platforms. Then, with every referral you get us, you’ll get paid 2000 rupees in return. 

24betting Referral Bonus

It’s an opportunity for everyone alike. You can either share the link on your social media wall like on Facebook or Instagram. Or if you’re a blogger, you can embed it in your content as well. It would be better if you will pin your post to get a maximum number of audiences. 

Also, another thing that matters is to get the right type of audience for your link. For instance, the majority of the bettors are between the ages of 25-48 and are settled in their life. So, we suggest you target them to get more sign-ups. For that case, you can use multiple relevant hashtags to reach them such as #Twitter #Passiveincome #business #betting #getpaidonline etc. 

24betting – Best Online Casino and Betting Site

The betting market is expanding day by day and you might wonder why you should partner with 24betting, in the first place? Well, hereunder we’ll clear all of your queries. 

24betting is specially catered to the needs of Indian players. We accept Indian currency as our primary option. And we have all the accessible payment options available to cater to your needs.

What’s more, 24betting is a site with all online gaming options available. We have all of the prime Indian options from Live Teen Patti to Baccarat to Blackjack. Not only this, our partnership with world-class game providers such as Evolution Gaming has given us the platform to provide you with the most intriguing slot games and poker. Our themes are quite attractive and irresistible. 

To add to that, 24betting has a team of experts always available to guide you through the process. We listen to your queries and complaints 24/7 through live chat, email and calling options. 

All in all, we have everything to call 24betting a one-stop-shop. And our struggle for the best never ends. We always try to improve and serve our users with value. That’s why you’ll always witness 24betting getting updated with high-tech every time a new thing comes into the market. So, if you join hands with 24betting, it’s a win-win for us both. We’ll get more users and you’ll get paid in return. So, what’s stopping you then?

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