How to manage better your clients as a freelancer

How to manage better your clients as a freelancer

Online client management

Online business is the most common earning strategy presently. Most of the youth find it convenient and beneficial in respect of wealth and mental satisfaction. But it is not as easy as it is considered to be.

Freelancers have to compete with the whole world to prove them best for the job under consideration. It requires a lot of time, focus, and management skills to cover the dispersed work. Online business depends upon online customers with varying demands, schedules, and deadlines. In this way, it’s challenging and requires an effective and efficient system.

Effective and systematic management

Being a freelancer is not easy. A freelancer has to do a lot of jobs at the same time. He/she has to be a staff member, project manager, and a boss at the same time and all the responsibilities are to be performed related to these jobs.

Time management is challenging in this case. The freelancers have to manage time effectively to sign contracts online, manage the task progress, and keep the deadlines on time. Everything needs to be done systematically. This is not possible without the help of technology.

Software tools are available to maintain the flow of work while new tasks are also being added to the mainstream. The addition of urgent tasks adds to the headache of freelancers. So, more efficient and effective process management is needed.

Top tools for systematic management

Here is the list of top-rated tools for systematic management of the tasks to be performed online. These tools are beneficial for experts as well as beginners alike.

1. HoneyBook: HoneyBooks is one of the best solutions for freelancers and their search to find a suitable tool for management ends hers. This is not just a book but it is a system of management that helps the freelancers manage in a way to make it more productive and hassle-free through scheduling the flow of the work. It is equally beneficial for an online business to place and receive orders and for the people who have to deal with a lot of population.
2. Calendly: Calendly is the most reliable tool for people who find online business management exhausting and challenging. It helps to manage the affairs of teams, clients, and potential customers. It is capable the to manage the time for customers regarding meetings and deadlines.
3. It is one of the best collaboration and communication tools for freelancers to handle the progress and performance of the team members. It enables the leaders and entrepreneurs to deal with multiple projects easily and efficiently. Deliverance of monitoring of the instruction and performance is easy for the freelancers to team members, clients, and customers through this effective management application.

Tips to manage the clients

Here are some of the important tips for freelancers to organize the work and time according to their availability and unavailability.  

Set the priority: Time management is all about setting a priority list. It enables the freelancers’ other professionals to set time according to the deadline of the task. The flow of work and the addition of new work to the existing flow becomes easy for freelancers who set their priority and work according to it.
Build a team: The importance of a team cannot be denied can never be denied at any level of business whether it is small, medium, or large. Team members play an important role in developing the business smoothly and seamlessly. There is motivation, competition, consultation, coordination, and cooperation among the team members. One thing skipped by the executive or some of the members can be done or reminded by other members of the team. In this way, the working progress becomes easy and interesting with the help of a team.
Use of technology: Today, professionals depend more on technology as there is less or no chances of mistakes in their work. The work done with the use of technology is concise, precise, and on time. There are no long-term expenses and leaves as the human labor needs. The use of management applications performs multiple functions such as scheduling, alarm alerts, and even invoice generating.


Online business is the need of the hour but it is not without challenges and difficulties.  A little bit more focus, concentration, knowledge of management, and use of tools and tips can be helpful to manage the clients easily, speedily, and efficiently. The use of software applications to manage the clients, is cost-effective and time-saving.

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