Afdah Movies | Top 10 Afdah Alternative | Watch afdah Free Movies Online | TV Shows Alternatives

Afdah Movies | Top 10 Afdah Alternative | Watch afdah Free Movies Online | TV Shows Alternatives

There are several platforms to watch online movies available on the internet. Out of those websites, one of the prominent platforms is “Afdah” available on the internet to consider. You can stream H.D. movies with ease on Afdah, and you will get assistance and support from this website. However, the Afdah is only a media streaming site, and you can’t find a download button on the site, so you are not able to download the movies to your personal computer and can’t watch them offline. If you want to download Afdah movies / afdah movie to watch offline your free time, for that purpose, we are sharing some best ways to download  Afdah movies and watch them on your personal computer.

Afdah is one of the free online movie websites to Watch Free H.D. Movies, TV series, Online TV shows, hdmovies. For those who have a hobby of watching movies and TV shows around the world, for them, it is one of the online TV websites available to access on the internet. You can also check out TV Series & TV Shows on Afdah.

What is Afdah?

Afdah is a web scraper website that crawls throughout different sites and finds the various useful links to download the latest trending movies and popular web series. The website does not upload/host any of the copyright content and also not responsible for its compliance, accuracy, copyright, legality, and decency. Afdah is entirely free to use, and the interface of the website is quite natural for the user to use and is optimized. There are various weblinks available for the content available on the site. If you find anyone of the links stops working, then there are other options available for users.

There are different tabs available on the site that specially made for a similar type of content, and the entire content is sorted according to the different categories from countries and according to various languages.

As I already discuss that it is entirely free to use, to access the services of the website, there is no need for registering /signup process.  But to maintain this site, they also need some financial resources to keep running the websites without any interruption, and to do this, take the help of the ads, which might annoy you sometimes. Most of the content available on the website is pirated, and therefore it might also have the copyright issues as well.

Shut Down of Afdah

As you know, Afdah is a bit down in some of the countries because it allows the users to stream copyrighted content in it. But you can still access this site with the help of a premium VPN tools. Both tools Express VPN and Nord VPN are the most popular and safest VPN available in the market. I highly recommend not to use free VPN because they are not reliable like the premium ones.

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Is It Safe To Access Afdah?

The Govt and ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) continuously review and monitor the activities you are doing on the internet. If you caught streaming any of the copyrighted content, then you may get the severe troubles. So, I recommend you use a premium VPN tools to protect your I.P. (Internet Protocol) address. You can check your I.P. address on I always recommend you to use a good VPN because I don’t want your movie streaming experience to turn to troubles. I use Express VPN because it is the fastest and secure tool in the industry. It’s U.I.  (User Interface) is simple, and also easy to install on the devices, including Fire TV Stick.

Pros and Cons of Using Online Streaming Sites Like Afdah

Here, I will explain to you about the pros and cons of using  Online Streaming Sites Like Afdah.


  • Free of cost to access.


  • You have to use a VPN because your ISP and government keep monitoring on your regular activity on the internet, so if they caught you are streaming copyrighted content, then it may cause trouble to you.
  • Online Streaming Sites Like Afdah contain pop up ads that can redirect to spam sites and can automatically download malware in your device.

Safe Methods for Accessing Online Streaming Sites Like Afdah

If you want to use online streaming sites like Afdah, you need to hide your original I.P. address. For protecting the original I.P.’s, you need to use some blockers like using Adblocker, Script blocker, and using premium VPN.

➡ Ad Blocker:

Before using an Adblocker for an online movie streaming website, for example, Afdah, we advise you to use an ad-blocker extension such as Adblock Plus for your browser. By browsing the site after installing the extension, Your browsing experience is significantly improved since they redirect and blocks the majority of the advertisements and some other.

➡ VPN:

The primary use of VPNs is to bypass ISP blocks and make sure you have access to such sites like Afdah, you desire. ExpressVPN, Cyberghost VPN, and NordVPN are the most popular VPN’s in the industry. You can also use these VPNs  TunnelBear, VPNBook, OpenVPN, Hotspot Shield Free VPN.

➡ Script Blocker:

Installing a reliable script blocker, similar to such a script blocker for Chrome, it helps in boosting your security features and further improving your online streaming experience. These extensions will help to protect you from malware, spyware, adware, and advertisements.

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Is It Legal To Download Movies On Afdah?

No, It is not at all safe to download movies on the Afdah site because this website provides links to some other copyright content available on the internet, and it is a crime to support or doing any kind of piracy-related activities. So if you caught while watching the pirated content from unauthorized sites, then you might get into some serious trouble. Also, the redirecting pages contain malware and viruses that might put your device into risk, and there are also high chances of your devices being infected from virus and get hacked your device. Personal data might even get stolen.

How To Download Movies From Afdah?

You can download movies from the Afdah site by using third-party tools like iTube hd Video Downloader. By installing this tool on the computer, you can download most of the videos from online streaming websites such as Afdah movies, 123movies, etc., it comes with an in-built program that we can integrate along with the browser, and we can quickly download videos. They include Afdah movies/afdah movie, as well.

Top 20 Best Afdah Proxy and Mirror Sites List 2020

Afdah Proxy/Mirrors Status Speed Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast
UK Proxy Online Very Fast
US Proxy Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast


Disclaimer: We don’t encourage/promote piracy. This information is just for educational purposes only.

Download Afdah movies APK for Android & iOS

Afdah Movies TV Shows

If you can’t be able to access Afdah movies/afdah movie online application on the play store, you can download it from here, and we can watch free movies on the or afdah tv or site by using the Afdah APK Android application. If you want to download the Afdah APK Android application, just click on the link “Afdah Movies TV Shows for iOS application click on the link “Afdah Movies Discover.” By using the Afdah tv Movies application, you can watch movies online (afdah watch movies online), and also you can download movies online like Avengers Infinite War, Doctor Strange, Joker, Black Panther, and more.

Afdah Movies Discover

List of Top 10 Afdah Movies (Similar sites like Afdah) & TV Shows Alternatives

1. Pluto TV

pluto tv

Pluto TV is an American internet television service, and ViacomCBS own it. It was founded in 2013 and launched in 2014 and picked up steam fairly quickly. Tom Ryan is CEO and Co-Founder of Pluto TV. Ilya Pozin and Nick Grouf are also the co-founders of Pluto TV.

It is a free video content streaming platform. It is currently available only in the United States, Canada, and a few European countries. This platform offers live TV and also on-demand content, which consist of movies and TV shows for its user. Currently, Pluto TV has more than 20+ million active users around the world. As per the latest report, it has a broad user base and is considered one of the best alternatives to Afdah. It also contains a lot of Ads.

Pluto TV is partnered with 70+ content providers from which it was receiving licensed content. According to the survey, it has more than 20+ million active monthly users and thus making it one of the most popular free movie and TV show Streaming platform.

                                                   Pluto TV
Type of business Subsidiary
Type of site Entertainment,

OTT platform

Available in English
Founded 2013
Headquarters U.S. operations:
Los Angeles, California
New York City, New York
European operations:
Berlin, Germany
Area served United States
Puerto Rico
Founder(s) Tom Ryan
Ilya Pozin
Nick Grouf
Key people Tom Ryan (President/CEO)
Ilya Pozin (Chief Growth Officer)
Mike Drath (Co-COO/CFO)
Christof Wahl (Co-COO)
Jeff Shultz (CBO)
Kenneth Parks (Executive Chairman)
Robert Magdlen (Chief Programming Officer)
Olivier Jollet (Managing Director, Pluto TV Europe)
Products Streaming media
Video on demand
Television on demand
Parent ViacomCBS
Advertising Supported
Registration None
Launched March 31, 2014

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of the websites where we can watch free movies, and TV shows online. This site offers free ad-supported streaming online videos of feature-length movies and webisodes etc. Here we can watch documentaries, web series, TV series, directories, TV shows, and movies online. It consists of an extensive collection of TV shows, TV series, free movies, trailers, video clips. The categories like Action, Thriller, Family, Comedy, Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama, Anime, Documentaries, and many more. It is one of our alternate like Afdah movies online.


Features of Popcornflix:

  • No sign in or login is required.
  • Faster and smooth navigation with advanced navigation buttons.
  • It is stable and compatible with IOS and Android.
                                         Popcornflix LLC
Type of business Subsidiary
Founded  July 2010
Headquarters New York City, New York, U.S.
Parent Screen Media Ventures, LLC.
Registration  None
Launched Mar-2011
Current status  Active

3. 123movies

123movies is one of the best sites in the market contains thousands of similar sites like Afdah. It focuses not only on user experience but also on the user’s security. It includes simple U.I. Design, the user also experiences pleasant feelings by navigating the site, and Most of the recently released are hosted on 123 movies. This site provides the best and latest free online movies, TV shows, TV episodes, TV series, Games and anime, etc. It has an excellent team of support. Here we can give reviews & ratings after watching the movies.

123Movies, GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, or 123movieshub, was a network of file streaming websites operating from Vietnam, which allowed users to watch films for free. It was known as the most popular illegal site by the MPAA ( Motion Picture Association of America )

Features of 123 Movies:

  • Simple UI with great navigation buttons.
  • More focused on UX (user experience) and security.
  • Video recommendations according to previous browsing data.
                                         123Movies / GoMovies
Type of site Online file hosting index
Available in English
Editors (Vietnamese-based)
Revenue  Advertising
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Users 98 million at peak
Launched est. 2015–2016
Current status Offline (clones and copy sites are still available)
Content license Unlicensed

4. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time has become the leading platform where you can watch any series or movie directly and efficiently, although with the main drawback that it violates copyright in many of the countries in which it is used. It appreciates the level of popularity along with other sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Butter is designed so that the creators directly distribute their work to a large platform from which users will be able to dispose of them in an “elegant and simple” way, as explained by the creators of the new platform in a statement. This new platform will be primarily geared towards film distributors, independent creations, and alternative TV shows. In their declaration of intent, they explain that Butter wants it to be completely separate from Popcorn Time, beyond taking advantage of its infrastructure. At the same time that he tried to clarify to the users of this service that “quiet PopcornTime will continue exactly as if nothing had happened.”

Features of Popcorn Time:

  • You can download the content from the site, and you can take it offline.
  • Simple User Interface (U.I.), User Experience (UX), and navigation mechanism.
  • They are correctly categorized.
                                                 Popcorn Time
Original author(s) Federico Abad, Matías Fork, et al.
Preview release Beta 0.3.10 / October 31, 2016; 3 years ago
Written in HTML, JavaScript, NodeJS, CSS
Engine NW.js V8
Operating system Linux, OS X, Windows, Android
Platform Node.js
Available in 44 languages
Type BitTorrent client / Peer-to-peer
License GPL v3

5. Yes Movies

Yes Movies

You can watch movies full H.D. online free on Yes Movies. Also, you can watch the latest webisodes, TV shows, and TV series online. More than 10k free online streaming movies, TV shows, webisodes, and documentaries, etc. are currently available on Yes movies. If you are looking for more, you can explore by genres and categories on Yes Movies. It is one of the best alternates like Afdah.

Features of Yes Movies:

  • You can access it without registration or sign up.
  • Cc is not required.
  • It is available with the download feature.
  • You can watch 4K quality movies, TV Shows, with free account registration.
  • Autoplay next.option is available.

6. crackle / Sony Crackle


Crackle is a US-based OTT (Over the Top) video streaming platform that is a joint venture between Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television. Crackle consist of original content. Formerly known as Grouper, the streaming service was purchased by Sony Pictures in 2006 and changed the name to crackle in July 2007 and sony crackle in January 2018. Majority of the shares sold to Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment in the year March 2019, and it is renamed back to crackle.

Content on this platform is licensed from other suppliers. It consists of both free and premium versions. If you go with the paid version, you may get a few more extra features when compared to the free version.

Features of Crackle:

  • It is officially branding by Sony.
  • It has original and licensed content.
  • Along with movies, TV shows, Classic shows are also available.

7. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is one of the great websites for online movie streaming lovers if you are looking for free movie streaming sites. You can find documentaries, movies as well as TV shows on this platform. And it also allows the users to either streaming or downloading movies from this website. Another great thing about this website is its media library. You can find most of the popular movies, documentaries and TV shows available here on the website. The main advantage of Movie Watcher site is, sign up is not required.

Features of Movie Watcher:

  • The User Interface is clean and clear.
  • Easy to find movies with your favorite genre.

8. Fmovies


FMovies is launched in the year of 2016, and it is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites on the internet. Users can expect a great streaming experience on the fmovies website. The best thing about this website, it has enormous media collections based on movies, TV series, TV shows, etc.. You can find both old as well as the latest movie collection on the FMovies website. The media library gets updated regularly, and the most thing is you can also find the latest movies that have been released recently. Not only movies but also you can find most of the popular TV shows to stream on the FMovies website. The main advantage is it doesn’t require any signup.

Type of site Online Video Streaming
Available in English
Area served Worldwide (blocked in Australia, Sweden, and India)
Owner unknown
Created by unknown
Commercial No
Registration Yes
Launched 2016
Current status Online
Written in HTML, JavaScript and PHP

Features of Fmovies:

  • User Interface is simple.
  • Fmovies website has a rating option.

9. Yidio


Yidio is a video aggregator; it collects content from multiple subscription-based video streaming providers around the world and allows users to view that content from a single interface. Yidio aims to solve the problem for multiple online streaming providers offering different types of content by gathering all the providers and placing the content onto one platform. Yidio consolidates streaming videos from various providers such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, Crunchyroll, iTunes,  Showtime, and over 100+ others. It has enormous media collections based on movies, TV series, TV shows, Webisodes, etc..

Type Private
Traded as Optional
Industry Video aggregation
Founded San Francisco, California January 2008
Founders Brandon Eatros and Adam Eatros
Headquarters San Francisco’s SOMA District, USA
Area served Worldwide
Key people Brandon Eatros (Co-Founder and CEO)
Adam Eatros (Co-Founder and COO)
Number of employees 35


cine to

Cine is one of the online streaming platforms we have ever seen. Unlike other online streaming platforms, as discussed above, doesn’t embed a media player for streaming videos. gather the content from different platforms and includes it on the website. If the user wants to play the avengers endgame movie then he will click on the particular movie, immediately he will redirect to the source file, and fro there, he can watch the movie online. does the job of redirecting the user to other third-party films and shows online streaming platforms with content stored on their servers.

Features of

  • It redirects to other third-party online video content streaming platforms.
  • It does not embed a media player.
  • Users can give a rating from 1-10.
  • Users can select the particular year range of the movies (movies released year).

PRO TIP: You should always use the best VPN to protect your identity and secure your data from malware attacks while streaming online movies and other TV shows with free sites like Afdah.


The article is only for educational purpose, and We don’t Promote, encourage, and support any piracy-related activities. If you caught doing such activities, it is a punishable offense by the government authorities and FBI Anti-Piracy.

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