Top Useful Secret Codes of your Android and iOS Mobile

Top Useful Secret Codes of your Android and iOS Mobile

On many occasions, you don’t know how you can get the most out of your smartphone. When you are browsing among the different menus of the mobile, it is very likely that you will not locate certain data or information of interest about it.

However, there are a wide variety of secret codes, both on Android mobiles as well as those that operate under iOS, which give access to special and configuration options, as well as other menus other than those that the user usually visits.

In this sense, it is worth indicating what are these secret codes that you should know so that you can take better advantage of the general operation of your smartphone, being very simple to use and even, they can help you solve certain faults without having to carry the device to a technical service.

What are the secret codes of your mobile device and what are they for?

Although it is true, all the existing operating systems today, host a series of menus and options that are visible to any user, since they have easy access to them. However, beyond these options, there are also hidden menus that have been introduced to the device only for the use of technicians and professionals in the field.

Thus, it is necessary to note that the origin of the secret codes arises from the requirement to carry out certain actions and from them, obtain specific information related to the repair or maintenance of a machine. But, without this being visible to the common user.

That is why any device has hidden menus or secret codes and especially mobile phones. Which, from the beginning, were developed with this type of code. Being basically these numerical and character combinations that execute various functions and also serve to obtain important data, activate different menus, test elements of the smartphone or even restore it and release it.

List of all the secret commands of your Android or iOS and their function

Given that, today, the most widely used operating systems worldwide are Android and iOS, it is relevant to specify what are the hidden commands contained in the devices that operate under said OS. Taking into account, the most important depending on the function they offer to each user.

We provide you with a list of all the secret codes that these cell phones house:

➡ For Android:

Android secret codes
Credits: Androidpit

It is no secret to anyone that Android is the most widely used operating system on the Internet and because of this, the most popular and used around the world. Since, it is possible to do many things in it, apart from that it is highly customizable and was created with the intention of making it as intuitive as possible for users.

However, despite the fact that a person who uses an Android phone does not require advanced technical knowledge to be able to manage it and control its menus, the truth is that this operating system has a variety of secret codes designed and used by its developers.

But, even though different brands operate under said OS and have their own hidden commands, Android, in general, contains various secret codes that are relevant to know and use.

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Here are the most important of them:

               Code list                     Function
*#06# Know mobile IMEI code
*#0228# Specify the status of the smartphone battery
*#12580*369# See hardware and software details
*#3282*727336*# Detail data usage
*#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* Back up personal files
*#*#4636#*#* For mobile statistics
*#746# Used for debug mode
*#301279# Specify information from the mobile network
#*#7780#*#* Restore without data deletion
*2767*3855# Perform restoration with data erasure
#*#197328640#*#* Used to activate test mode
*#*#7262626#*#* For safe mode or test
*#8736364# Open OTA update menu
*#*#232338#*#* For Wi-Fi MAC address
*#*#44336#*#* Observe the build number
*#0*# Access the information and tests menu
*#*#3264#*#* Know the RAM version
*#7465625# To view the device lock status
*#*#34971539#*#* Get all the camera information
*#*#2663#*#* Know the touch screen version

➡ For iOS:

iOS secret codes
Credits: AppleToolbox

In the case of iOS, mobile devices also choose codes that surely you never even imagined that they could have and so, just as it happens in Android mobiles, these allow you to enter new options, functions, and secret menus that can serve you of great help.

However, it is appropriate to note that, unlike Android, the number of hidden codes in Apple iOS is less. This, mainly, because it is a much more closed system and that does not offer a variety of customization alternatives nor is it malleable.

But well, you can also make use of certain codes in iOS that gives you access to much more superficial menus, allowing you to consult certain parameters of the device and activate many others. These commands are the following:

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                     Code list                     Function
*3001#12345#* For Field Test Mode or Field Test
*#06# Used to query the IMEI code
*777# It allows you to check the balance of a prepaid account.
*#5005*7672 # For the SMS center number
*#33# Check which mobile services are disabled on the smartphone
*646# Know the remaining minutes in the contract with the mobile operator. But it is not valid in Spain
*5005*7672# Specify the address of the SMS message center
*#5005*7672*+Message center number# Used to establish a new message center
*#61# Employee to know the number of missed calls
#31#+Telephone number With this, you can make a call to the indicated number with a hidden number
*225# To check the balance of your mobile phone account currently

List of exclusive codes of the main mobile manufacturers

In the same way that operating systems have multiple secret codes valid for all smartphones that operate under them, some mobile phone manufacturers have also designed their equipment with additional hidden commands. This, in order to provide a more exclusive contribution to its users and thus, manage to get more out of the mobile.

Here we indicate the most common for both Samsung and Huawei, as well as others for iPhone:

➡ For Samsung:

Beyond the layer of customization that Android brings to all its devices, Samsung developers decided to offer an extra layer to ensure greater malleability in their phones from certain special commands.

The most used and common of them are:


             Code list                Function
*#1234# To find out the mobile software version
*#0808# Especially for USB services
*#0011# The general service menu
*#0228# Check the battery status
*#9090# Activate service mode
*#7284# Used to view the Factorykeystring number

➡ For Huawei:

Given that the Chinese multinational is another of the most famous manufacturers in the world when it comes to Android devices, it is also valuable to know the most important hidden commands it offers on its smartphones.

Bearing in mind that your EMUI layer can cause certain problems with the general codes and these are solved, in most cases, with the secret options to reset it. These codes are the following:

           Code list                     Function
##258741 Used to perform a hard reset
##1857448368 It allows you to know the mobile version
##147852 Use test mode
#8746846549 Contains user information
##5674165485 Perform Hardware test

➡ For iPhone:

Despite the fact that, previously, we indicated the most used and important hidden commands in iOS; It is also appropriate to specify some others specifically for iPhone so that you can easily gain greater control of your mobile:

       Code list                   Function
*43# Used to activate call waiting
#43# To deactivate call waiting
*#43# Check if call waiting is activated or deactivated
*#67# Enable call forwarding
*3370# Activate the improved range mode and allows to decrease the battery life
*3370# To activate or deactivate the call quality improvement mode


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