How to Manage iPhone Files and Storage Without iTunes

How to Manage iPhone Files and Storage Without iTunes

iTunes is the official software provided by Apple for you to manage your iPhone, iPad and iPod. However, it is unstable and crushes a lot, which brings a lot of difficulty to data management. And some music formats are not supported by iTunes. So, you have your reasons for leaving iTunes. This article helps you find alternatives to manage iPhone without iTunes . Please read on and try it yourself.

Best All-in-One iPhone File Manager – FoneTrans

FoneTrans is the best alternative to iTunes to handle iPhone device management. You can also use it to manage iPod without iTunes . It helps users to bypass all iTunes restrictions and is easy to use. You can use it to sync and manage photos, music, contacts, messages, videos, notes, calendars, etc. from iPhone/iPad/iPod. You can also use it to transfer files between iOS devices or between computers (Windows and Mac) and iPhone/iPad/iPod.


  • Transfer data between iOS devices and computer seamlessly
  • Sync all types of files for iPhone, iPad and iPod securely
  • Manage iOS data on computer smartly and easily
  • Lossless contact backup and restore
  • Make your own ringtones with your favorite music

FoneTrans is the most powerful software to manage your iPhone data. After getting to know it briefly, you can download it and try it out. Now, follow the detailed guide below.

How to Manage Data on iPhone with FoneTrans Easily

Although with so many powerful features, FoneTrans is easy to operate. The interface is intuitive and the process is easy to learn. Now, follow the detailed guide and try it yourself.

1. How to manage photos on iPhone

Step 1. Connect iPhone with PC
Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Your device will be detected automatically.


Step 2. Transfer photos from PC to iPhone
You can add photos from your computer by clicking the MORE icon in the top menu. Select the desired files from computer and you will see those photos on your iPhone later.


Step 3. Delete photos on iPhone
Select the photos you don’t want and click the Recycle Bin icon to delete them from your iPhone.


Step 4. Create new album
Right click on the Photos interface and choose New Album . You can rename it and get a new album on your iPhone.

Create new album

Step 5. Export Photos
If you want to export the selected photos to another iOS device. You must also connect the target device to the computer. Then click Export to device . If you want to export to computer, just click Export to PC .


2. How to manage music with FoneTrans

In addition to being used as an iPhone photo manager , it can be used as a music manager. Just like Photos, you can add, delete, and export music from your iPhone with this iPhone file manager. There are some amazing features of music management.

Step 1. Make a ringtone
Click on the Bell icon from the top menu. Or you can choose Tools in the left panel and then select Ringtone Maker . Then you will see the Ringtone Maker window. You can set the start point and end point, adjust the volume and change the Save to PC folder.

Ringtone Maker

Step 2. Create a new playlist
Click the Portfolio icon and choose Create Playlist from the drop-down list. Then click on the Music interface and choose Create Playlist . You can rename it and get a new playlist on your iPhone.

Create new playlist 

3. Manage videos on iPhone

Just like the Photos and Music management mentioned above, you can add, delete, and export videos on your iPhone. Plus, you can play them on computer with FoneTrans.


Manage videos 

4. How to manage contacts on iPhone

Apart from adding, deleting and exporting contacts on PC, there is more you can do. You can search this software for help when iPhone contacts are not syncing with iCloud .

Step 1. Find duplicate contacts
Click on the Double Squares icon at the top. This manager will discover duplicate contacts automatically. Then choose the duplicate contacts and choose Merge Selected .
Step 2. Backup contacts on iPhone
Press Tools in the left menu and choose Backup Contacts . Then click the Backup Now button and click Close when the backup is done.

Backup contacts

Step 3. Restore Contacts with FoneTrans
After backing up contacts, choose Contacts Restore . Select the contacts you have backed up and click the Restore button.

Contact Restoration 

5. Manage messages on iPhone

Select the messages you want to export and click the PC icon. Choose CSV File, HTML File or TXT File from the drop-down list. Then you change the destination of your messages. You can see it as a way to backup your messages on iPhone.


Manage messages 

Furthermore, if it takes up too much space, your iPhone cannot function smoothly, resulting in poor user experience. Therefore, you should clean your iPhone regularly. iPhone Cleaner is the best all-in-one eraser tool to manage your iPhone storage. You can erase unnecessary data to free up space on your iPhone, including deleting junk files, uninstalling apps, deleting large files, and cleaning photos. You can also choose to erase all data on iPhone permanently depending on your needs. It is 100% safe to manage storage on iPhone with iPhone Cleaner. Therefore, you can choose the right tool according to your need.

FAQ’s on Managing iPhone without iTunes

How do I manage subscriptions on iPhone?

Step 1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
Step 2. Tap your name and choose Subscriptions .
Step 3. Select the subscription you want to change.

How to manage applications on iPhone?

On the home screen, touch and hold the app you want to move or delete. When apps are moved, you can drag the app to the new location or click the error icon to delete the app. When the operation is finished, lift your finger from the screen and touch the screen to return to normal.

How to manage iCloud storage on iPhone?

Open Settings and tap your name. Choose iCloud to see how much storage apps and services take up. Tap Manage Storage to delete unwanted files. You can also purchase more storage or downgrade your storage at any time.

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This article presents you with two alternatives to iTunes. After reading it, you can manage your iPhone without iTunes Well. You can manage photos, music, videos, contacts and messages with FoneTrans. You can even create your own ringtone with it. With iPhone Cleaner, you can erase your iPhone at different levels. Download and install both and try it yourself.

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