Top 3 Methods to Clear App Data and Cache on iPhone

Top 3 Methods to Clear App Data and Cache on iPhone

During daily use of your iPhone, it is quite necessary to frequently clear app data to get more storage space and improve performance. This post will show you how to clear app data on iPhone . Whether you want to delete Safari cache, clear app data without deleting the app, or download apps directly to delete associated files, you can find a detailed guide.

Common way to clear app data on iPhone

Many apps on iPhone have a cache feature for you to delete caches and collected files. You can go to App Settings and clear app data on your iPhone with ease.

When you want to clear data from an app on your iPhone, you can open the app and go to settings. For some apps, you can choose the General option. Locate Storage and select it.

Now you can see the app data and related cache. Generally, you will be offered a Refresh or Drive feature to remove these app data from your iPhone quickly. You can follow the instructions in the app to erase unwanted data.


Clear app data on iPhone in app settings

How to clear app data on your iPhone from settings

For these apps that do not offer cache option, you can go to the Settings app on iPhone to manage app data and storage space.

Step 1: On your iPhone, open the Settings app, and then choose the General option. Locate iPhone Storage and tap on it. In the new iPhone storage interface, you can see the storage usages of all apps on this iPhone.
Step 2: You can tap each app to find more detailed information. You have two options to manage the application and its data. You can choose Download App or Delete App according to your need. Just tap Delete App and you can uninstall this app and erase all its data.

Clear WhatsApp cache from iPhone 

The Download App option will free up the iPhone storage used by the app. But it will store and preserve the application documents and data. When you reinstall this app, all data will be restored to iPhone.

A better way to clear app data on iPhone without deleting the app

To quickly clear app data and manage multiple iOS files on iPhone, you can also rely on the popular iPhone data cleaning software, iPhone Cleaner . It is specially designed to erase app data, useless caches, documents and other unwanted data on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iPhone Cleaner – Clean app data on iPhone

  • Clear various app caches and data on iPhone and iPad safely.
  • Uninstall the app way to clear app data and free up iPhone storage.
  • Clean junk files, delete large and old files and compress photos.
  • Preview deleted and existing data in iPhone, iTunes and iCloud backup before recovery.
  • Protect privacy and make iPhone faster and more secure.
  • Supports all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod running on iOS 17 and earlier.
Step 1: First, you can double click the download button above to install and run this iPhone Cleaner on your computer for free. After launching it, you can connect your iPhone with a Lightning USB cable. On your iPhone screen, tap Trust when a pop-up message appears.

Connect iPhone

Step 2: Some basic storage information of this iPhone will be displayed after connection, such as used space, available space and capacity. If you want to check more details, you can click the MORE INFORMATION button . Here you can click on the Quick Scan button to continue

Quick Analysis

Step 3: Press Free up space on the left panel to get 4 data erase options, Delete junk files, Uninstall apps, Delete large files and Clean photos.

Free up space

Step 4: Click Clear Junk Files and then choose to clean image cache, iTunes cache, invalid files, temporary files, or crash log files. You can use this feature to free up iPhone storage.

View junk files

Step 5: To clear app data and caches on iPhone, you can also choose the Uninstall Apps feature. Scroll down to locate the app you want to clear its data from and click the Uninstall button on the button.

Uninstall the app 

iPhone Cleaner is equipped with many useful features so that you can manage various data on iPhone, remove useless apps and data, optimize iPhone performance, and protect your privacy. Whether you need to clear app data on your iPhone or delete other iOS files, you must try it.

FAQ’s on How to Clear App Data on iPhone and iPad

Question 1. How do I clear my App Store cache on iPhone to refresh content?

If you notice that you are not seeing new apps offered on the App Store, or app updates are not disappearing, you should try clearing the App Store cache to fix the problem. You can go to the Settings app, scroll down to locate the App Store option. Tap it and then choose Personalized Recommendations. Tap Clear app usage data and then tap it again to confirm.

Question 2. How to clear Safari cache on iPhone?

When you want to clear caches, cookies, search history and other internet data in Safari, you can go to the Settings app and search for Safari, and then choose the Clear history and website data option to clear Safari cache on iPhone .

Question 3. How to delete iCloud app data on iPhone?

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap your iCloud account name at the top of the interface. Tap iCloud and then choose the Manage Storage feature. Tap Backups and select the name of the iPhone you’re using. In the Choose data to back up section, you can tap Show all apps to show all apps. To delete an app and its associated data, you can turn it off and then tap Shut down and delete to confirm your operation.

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How to clear app data on iPhone without deleting the app ? This post shares three ways to delete app data on iPhone and iPad. You can use your preferred method and tool to manage your application data.

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