How to create a Facebook chatbot on your Fanpage

How to create a Facebook chatbot on your Fanpage

Facebook has become an excellent gateway to carry out commercial operations and be able to contact us more directly with our customers and with anyone interested in our products or services.

It is a crucial factor to take into account the approach we have to have with the client. In other words, we have to provide you with all the tools available to us so that the commercial strategy is effective.

Incorporating a chatbot on our Facebook Fanpage is a very efficient marketing strategy. At the same time, used by many, so we will have to design a program that can differentiate us from our competitors. Next, we will show you everything related to a chatbot for Facebook.

What are the benefits of creating a chatbot on Facebook?

When we create a profile on Facebook and decide to turn it into a Fanpage, what we are looking for is to have an economic profit for this action.

Within the different points of digital marketing, there is the importance of attracting organic traffic to our page; therefore, it is necessary to create all those commercial tools that can generate customer loyalty.

One of these tools is the chatbot that we can adhere to our Facebook page. It consists of software that is programmed so that you can have an instant conversation with the different users of our site.

Every time a person requests something from us, they can do it informally through our bot.

It is for all this that we can indicate what benefits we are going to achieve when we have a program that answers questions or prompts for us:

  • The client’s responses will be immediate, so there will be no time where the client will answer his questions.
  • We will also be able to generate sales with this system, since the “moment of truth,” as it is known in marketing, is that moment of dialogue.
  • We will have a significant saving in labor costs because we will not need a person to perform customer service.
  • Being structured, our margin of error is practically zero, so we will always provide the client with the correct information.
  • We will build customer loyalty more and more because this is a service that increases their satisfaction and also exceeds the psychological expectations that each of them has.

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What aspects should I consider before creating my bot on FB?

There are different factors or aspects that we have to take into account before introducing a chatbot on our Facebook Fanpage.

Some considerations that we have to keep in mind are:

  • The real possibility of implementation, that is, when our commercial activity is involved, for example, if we sell chemical products, it will be complicated to implement this tool, since the complexity of the questions we have to induce the client will be very varied. Therefore, it is not highly recommended for this situation to have a ChatBot.
  • Having studied the market, we have to keep in mind what are the questions that clients will usually ask us. Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about each one of them to add them to our bot.
  • We have to create a climate of trust since many people hesitate when such software appears. So the interface, as well as the closeness with which we develop each of the questions and answers, must be as pleasant as possible.
  • The language in which it will be used must be considered.
  • The place where the dialog box will appear on our page is crucial, so we have to make this kind of decision very well.

What are the essential requirements to create an autoresponder on Facebook?

Among the essential requirements we can name:

  • Be functional; that is, do not waste the time of the person asking the questions.
  • That there are no programming errors since the existence of these kinds of mistakes can cause significant harm to our company.
  • If prices are going to be included, which is not highly recommended since the texts must always be Evergreen, they must be updated.
  • Have a support plan for when a specific question cannot be answered; that is, there must be the possibility that the client communicates directly with a sales consultant or with someone who can answer their questions.
  • It has to generate added value to our commercial activity so that we can thus retain customer loyalty.

Steps to create a chatbot for your FB Fanpage easy and fast

We will choose the ChatFuel website, where we can find all the necessary tools without the need to have advanced knowledge in programming these types of programs.

Once we enter, we will have to write our name and password. Also, it will be necessary to grant all the permissions so that the website can contact our Facebook page.

When we have already entered, our goal is to create blocks, but before continuing, it will be necessary to clarify a little what the format of this site is like to configure it in a few steps.

The structure is formed in this order:

  • Block: It is the central part that will have the name “Welcome message” and “Default answer.”
  • Card: It is the place where we will have to write what we need to appear in the automatic message, for example: “Hello! Thank you for contacting us…”. These can be one or more that belong to the same block.
  • Commands or buttons: We can add a block, a URL, or a phone. It is made up of other blocks with their respective cards.

Going back to our task, we will have to create blocks. The first one that is already predetermined is the one located on the left side Welcome message.

This will serve us so that every time a client sends us a chat message through our Fanpage, we will reply through the chatbot, according to those who write in this option.

Later we will have another block called Default answer, and here we will have to configure the answer that will be given automatically. We can include the person’s name in all the blocks we choose; for this, it is necessary to carry out the command “{[first name]}.”

Once we have entered these two options, we can add the response time; for this, we can go to the “Typing” option, where we can choose between 0 and 20 seconds to send our responses.

When we already have this configured, we have the option to choose to add a block to the message, which will indicate to which one you want to redirect it. There is also the option of inserting a “URL” to divert us to a website, and finally, we can have “Phone” to be able to add the phone number (these options are the buttons we talked about earlier).

When we have all this established, we need to give them the options so that the client can choose. To do this, we will have to go to “Add sequence or group,” where we will write each of the responses and link them with the block we need.

All this will happen chronologically so we can move or drag each of the settings with our mouse, that is, we can put an answer with the different options and add the time it will take for that chat conversation answer to come out and then add another question and another answer.

Every time we finish, we will press “Save,” when we need to see how our work is to be able to correct it or advance with it, we select “View on Messenger.” In this way, we will have designed our chatbot for Facebook.

5 examples of successful chatbots breaking it on Facebook

Chatbots on Facebook are a widely used tool, but not many are as successful as the 5 examples that we will indicate below:

It is ideal for our Fanpage, where we have to put an automated dialog with our users. When we need to take into account all the requests of the users through the actions that they have, this bot can group the synonyms that people use and write it naturally through simple sentences.

Through the tools it has, each person who interacts with this robot will be able to feel comfortable and also evacuate all their doubts.

It stands out mainly for:

  • We can have flexible conversations, and it will also allow us to have answers to topics in general.
  • By having the ability to collect synonyms under the same classification of questions, we can have a database that includes all the problems that each of the users poses in their conversations.
  • When we are in the conversation, we will not notice that this chatbot can reframe the answers through a particular scheme.

It has a very intuitive interface that has two large blocks, which are development and design. The first one manages to transform the messages into different interactions that the user communicates to us. In contrast, the second allows us to create texts in which we can add, in addition to the welcome, personalized greetings with patterns and buttons for the different messages.

It allows us to see how our work is going, thanks to the preview link it has. If we need to upload images or relate them to our activity, we can do it with simple steps.

The user will have a perfect approach to this tool.

It is one of the most successful platforms that exist today. For this, we will have to register with our Facebook account to manage the page that we are going to administer.

It has a very easy interface that will allow us to create texts, keywords, and schedule publications. Many experts say that this platform stands out because:

  • It is ideal to bring the client closer to our company because having attractive dialogues does not allow it to have a high level of rebound.
  • It gives us the possibility that our publications can be programmed according to different marketing strategies.
  • Analyze the type of conversation and set the keywords depending on each user.

This tool will allow us to program all the responses of the conversations with the users in a simple way, because, through images and buttons, we can add different possibilities or alternatives that the user will choose for each of their comments.

It has a free version with which we can include some links so that the bot can be previewed, while with the Premium version, we can include different Gifs and even a video.

Main features are:

  • We have the option of enabling links, gifs, and even videos.
  • It is very prominent when you need to upload images because the process is simple.
  • Extended conversations are carried out in a very efficient way, thus allowing a practically natural interaction.
  • We have a mobile screen at our disposal when we are working, seeing how our bot will look.

If what we are looking for is to enter through a Github account, this application is the only one that currently exists that will allow us to access it in this way.

It is mainly intended for those people who have programming skills. Therefore, if we are or have beginner levels, it is advisable to put it aside and choose another tool.

Although it is true that it is a sophisticated chatbot, we can have different functions through commands that will allow us to access a very efficient tool with which we can save the conversation as an API, so that we can later download and analyze it.

The highlight of this tool is that it will allow us to have a natural and flexible conversation where the user will not realize many times that he is conversing with a chatbot.

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