How to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone with password protect

How to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone with password protect

As the mobile phone is a tool that is used daily, it is logical that private information is stored on the device and that it is not convenient for other people to access it to avoid labor or partner conflicts.

Therefore, it is necessary to hide photos and videos (those files) that you consider sensitive, and that should not be seen by people who can access your iPhone. To solve this problem, there is a native iOS tool that hides multimedia content.

If you want to know the steps so that you are sure that nobody will be able to access your private information, we ask you to continue reading this article. Also, we will talk about other apps that will help you further shield your device.

What are the main reasons why we should hide our photos and videos?

There are different reasons why it is convenient to hide photos and videos on your mobile. You can have other private aspects that will be worth restricting access to this type of file, and that will not be discussed below.

The most important reasons are:

  • When you share the mobile with other people, especially with the smallest of the house, it may happen that your children inadvertently access the image gallery and permanently delete important photographs or videos for your work or study.
  • If you practice sexting with your partner, that is, you receive private photos with sexual content. It is necessary to keep in mind that this practice is dangerous for both of you if other people can access the smartphone, so it is convenient to have hidden this type of video and images.
  • In case you lose your mobile, or it is stolen. If you, unfortunately, go through this situation, you will be a little calmer if you have restricted access to all the private images you may have on the phone.
  • When you take screenshots of private information, especially those related to online payments or documentation, if these photos fell into the hands of intruders, you could have important personal consequences.
  • Something that is often the most common to hide photos so that your partner does not access certain content that can affect the relationship between the two.
  • You can also hide files containing photos and videos when the people who appear in them can suffer moral damage if they fall into the wrong hands.
  • Many people use photographs as supporting documents of transactions or labor actions that happen daily. In this way, an intruder who accesses the mobile and erases all this valuable information for you can cause headaches in the future.

Steps to hide iOS multimedia content fast and easy

The steps that you must carry out on your iPhone or iPad are the following when you want to hide photos or videos:

Select Photos

To choose multimedia content, you will have to go to the Photos app, which is found in the start menu. Then select All photos, a gallery will open with all the images and videos you have saved in this application.

When you want to choose one or more of these files, you will have to press your finger for a few seconds until it is selected.

Create a private album

When you have selected all the photos you want to hide, press the Share button, which is represented by a rectangle and a down arrow. Next, you must choose the Hide option, confirm that you want to do this and an album called Hidden would automatically be created.

In case you want to see all the items you have stored in this latest album, you will have to go to it, and you’re done.

Set password

As you may have noticed, you do not need a password in the previous process. You want to establish an access PIN you can do it through Notes. This native iOS application will allow you to save one or more images and create restrictions to access using an ID.

To achieve this type of limitation, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • The first thing you will have to do is go to the Notes app.
  • Then click on the “+” icon, which means you will create a new note.
  • Find the Photo Library option and click on it.
  • Select all the photos and video files you want to protect.
  • When you’re done, click Ok.
  • Save the note and go to the main screen and slide your finger to the left of the screen.
  • Click on the padlock.
  • Enter the password you want and click Ok.
  • When you want to access this note, you must do it through Touch ID or Face ID.

Add photos to private albums.

When you want to add more photos after the creation of this note, you will have to choose the multimedia content and select Share. Then, you will have to find the note in which all the hidden photo and video files are located.

To access this note, you must log in so that all the documents you want can be saved.

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5 Best External Apps to hide files and apps on iOS

If you are not willing to be the process that we indicated in the previous paragraph, rest easy because you can use third-party tools on your iPhone or iPad to hide multimedia content and also other applications.

Let’s see the most important apps:


It is used through an ID to hide all the photos on an iPhone. You can do it with the advantage that your private images will be protected since anyone who wants to enter will have a certain number of attempts to access it.

In case the failed attempts exceed the allowed number, the app will be blocked. To access again, you will have to wait several minutes. You will have the possibility to select different themes in its interface modifying the colors. You can also choose to enter through a pattern or by a fingerprint.

It is free to download and is also available for Android.


Secret photos – KYMS


Multimedia content or documents. Also, you will have the possibility of having multiple tabs in the browser and securely manage the logins. If you are one of the people who make purchases via mobile, you can protect all apps and hide them with a PIN or password.

Within this option, you can include tasks, audio recordings, contacts, and any physical document since it will have an advanced technology scanner. It is free to download, and once you have entered the protected file, it will be decrypted in real-time, while you are watching the multimedia content.

Secret photos KYMS

Spy Calc

This application works as a calculator, but it has within its functions a hidden tool, and it is that of accessing hidden images through a numerical combination. In this way, you will be safe, since no person will know about this app, so they will not have any opportunity to find your private information.

It is not available from the official Apple store, but you can download it without any problem from the link that we leave you.

* Note: Ideally, you should download it from the App Store directly

Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder screenshot

With this tool, you can organize your albums on an iPhone or iPad. In addition, you will have the possibility of having a secret folder where no person will be able to access your private files. Every time you save an image in this app, you must enter the access password. The same happens when you want to delete a video or photo.

It will also allow you to have a record of failed logins. You will be able to know who was the intruder who wanted to access without your permission since you will have a capture of the photo and location each time it failed in its attempts. It is characterized by being a very simple tool, and you can rename or delete folders and photos with intuitive steps.

Best Secret Folder app

Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

Private Photo Vault Pic Safe screen shot

It is one of the most downloaded applications in the App Store. It has the fingerprint, a numerical pattern and an ID Face as methods to unlock images, videos, and any app that you want to hide on your iPhone or iPad.

It is characterized by creating albums and syncing with iTunes at the same time. Also, you will have the option to send the photos wirelessly and view all the images saved in this app through a private gallery.

Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe

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