Alluc not working? 25 best alternatives Sites like Alluc

Alluc not working? 25 best alternatives Sites like Alluc has closed, here are the best free alternative streaming websites for similar movies. Ever since it hit the scene, Alluc has been the popular free search engine for streaming and download links online. Now, after 13 years, Alluc had discontinued its search engine on March 8, 2018. For those who don’t know, Alluc is a free search engine for streaming links. It does not host any content by itself, nor does it contain any download links.

Can’t access Alluc? In this article, we will give you the best 25 best alternatives like Alluc where you can watch and stream free movies online in HD quality. The best sites like Alluc.

Several of Alluc’s so-called websites have appeared in recent months, but none of them is endorsed by the original (primary) development team. Virtually all of these sites are fake & potentially hide dangerous malware (virus) that could make your device at risk. The good news is that there are several strong and safe alternatives to Alluc. Keep reading to know more.

List of the top best 25 sites as alternatives to Alluc

Today we are going to show you the 25 best alternative sites like Alluc Movie Streaming that allow us to watch our favorite movies without giving a penny.



Movie4u is the perfect website to watch any movie online for free within Hindi and the English language. By streaming movies online, you can watch the right amount of good and new movies on this website. You will have the possibility to see new Bollywood moving images on this website, the best alternative to alluc.



Among the most notable streaming sites available, just because it has really quickly gained popularity for many years. An excellent reason why it became so is precise that they break down high-quality service for each of its users.

This site offers each of its clients as much as the point where they are almost never obstructed at some major sites due to piracy reasons. They do not appreciate losing reputation on some Internet sites, as long as they break down the right solution for each of the clients. If Fmovies blocks in your country, read the details to Unlock Fmovies.

They have thousands of high-quality movies and television series where you can eat whenever you want. Just be careful when selecting the domain names to be given to you. All movies discovered on this website can be streamed in high-quality resolution. If you are entirely satisfied with all its services, especially the high quality of the videos, you can choose to download them so that you can enjoy them offline for later. They even have those old movies you used to enjoy before the best alternative to alluc.



Developed to be simple and easy, GoMovies starts with a search engine that allows you to quickly discover the title of the movie and even a specific episode of the season you want to see. But also for the times when you are not sure what web content you want to enjoy, the website uses a simple means to discover new movies, as well as TV shows using the trending area where you can watch videos online for free. Furthermore, you can also organize through content based on the main IMDB titles, Genre, and even search for fun material based on the best native land site like alluc.


Yes Movies

YesMovies is just one of the high-quality movie streaming websites, providing suitable web content for people to feast on. You don’t need to register to watch movies or TV shows, but there are some ads that are a bit frustrating. However, you can remove those ads by using an ad blocker.

The website provides an easy-to-use user interface to watch movies online for free, allowing people to discover movies and the TELEVISION collection with ease. The site regularly updates the content, making it a favorite for people to use from time to time.

It is recommended that users appreciate the web content on the site by reviewing the site at the optimal level. Various options are offered for filtering moving images, such as style, IMDb score, and national base. You can even rank movies based on Hollywood, Bollywood, etc.

It is also suggested to people to enjoy online here instead of downloading moving pictures due to the fact that clicking on the download option will undoubtedly redirect you to potentially malicious websites. Also, it allows users to request a movie if it is not offered in YesMovies site like alluc.



Vumoo has whatever it takes to be among the best movie streaming sites. It is just one of the high-quality platforms to locate and watch high-quality movies as well as television series. From activity, drama, horror to love, the platform has video clips of all genres to watch movies online for free.

Another attractive feature of Vumoo is its user interface. It is quite simple to navigate. Thus, you can find and start streaming movies in the blink of an eye. You can also search for movies by their release year on this system as well. In addition, it has fewer ads that appear most of the time as the best site like alluc.



Bmovies is one of the best websites to watch movies online, free full movies, user interface, and very easy options. Most people criticize the site because of the ads, but it is quite evident on the free sites.

It offers an alternative to watching movies from various countries, including the United States, Korea, Taiwan, and also other Eastern countries. In addition to the country ranking, you can also use the category, AZ List, highest rated IMDb movies, and more.

The BMovies site, like alluc, actually attracted many individuals in the current generation due to extended attributes such as IMDb rating and advancements of movies within the site. Therefore, it is not necessary to visit several other websites to obtain more information related to movies and television shows.

In addition, it includes additional servers to watch new version movies online for free without registering in case the initial web server is dead or damaged. The subscription option on the website is also not mandatory, so you can enjoy movies without hesitation in sharing data.



We don’t see online streaming sites with .com domain names very often. Why? Because .com domain names are easy for anti-piracy organizations to remove, most administrators avoid if they can. But it seems that the people behind Popcornflix are confident in its ability to keep the site afloat even with a .com domain, and we applaud its audacity as the best alternative to alluc.

123Movies – Watch Free Streaming Movies Online


Offering a clean and smooth user interface, easily categorized content, and a large library, 123Movies feels almost like a premium streaming service. At first, we noticed fewer pop-up ad banners, but there is no shortage of ads included in the content when you choose to play a movie or TV show. 123Movies understands that these ads can be annoying at times, so it offers a premium membership for those who don’t mind a little extra money for an ad-free experience.

Providing a neat and fluid interface, quickly classified material, and a massive collection of it, 123Movies feels almost like a cost-beaming service. At first, we discovered fewer pop-up banner ads, but there is no shortage of advertisements included in the material when you choose to play, as well as TV movies or shows. Alluc understands that these ads can sometimes interfere, so it uses exceptional membership for those who don’t mind a little extra mass for an ad-free experience.



A simple website with a good design. You don’t need to learn much when trying to navigate this website. This is neatly designed and laid out, so you can quickly familiarize yourself with the site.

They also show the description of the film. With this, you will be able to know a brief introduction to what you are going to see.

The home page shows the movies that are in success these days. This feature is not found on most of the online streaming websites mentioned in this list.

They even give ratings based on their IMDB ratings and reviews. All its content is served through third-party sites, and they do not have their own best hosting service like alluc.


credits: CYCHacks

Those who know Rainierland rarely visit other online streaming sites. Rainierland has a simple design, authentic search functionality, and high-speed servers. It also has a sister site known as, which offers a very modern online streaming experience & is designed with mobile devices in mind. We definitely recommend that you visit the best site of both alluc.



The All123movies site, like Alluc, has a very nice, neat, and clean user interface, and it also has a search tab along with other content filtering features. You can also save your favorites using the bookmark function. Movies and TV series on this platform also have viewer statistics. This feature helps you evaluate and choose trending varieties. All123Movies is also frequently updated with the latest free online HD movies and TV series. Therefore, you can be sure to find nothing but the latest collections on this platform.



IOMovies website design looks and feels like a paid streaming site, although you can use it for free. From its movie recommendation feature to its built-in comment section and streamlined media player, every element of IOMovies shows that the people behind it know what they’re doing on the site like alluc.

House movie

Credits: Top Best Alternatives

HouseMovies is another top movie platform that is free, simple, and loaded with content. From series to the latest movies in the industry, you’ll find any video you want on this fantastic free movie streaming site.

You will also find movies in almost all genres and in HD quality on HouseMovies, such as alluc. That is why it is called online cinema, and one of the best platforms to find the best free movies. It also has a simple interface, but it also contains some ads.



SolarMovie is ultimately free, just like alluc, and this suggests everyone can love the content they upload to this website. There are 30 genres readily available as categories in this movie, and this is done so that you can really discover what you are looking for to watch movies online for free.

Anti-piracy groups have done an intense search on this website, but don’t worry about it, and they continue to transform your domain to make sure you can safely browse and appreciate your movies. There are ads throughout the site, but also for a website that offers this kind of solution, and you don’t need to discover the annoying advertisements that exist.

They have this potent engine that pairs perfectly with its substantial data source with moves that you can search with many classifications. Moving images are also well identified, so there is a little complication when searching for the best one.



123Movieshub has recently encountered a lot of problems because its field has changed continuously. However, it has numerous users and is one of the most popular movie streaming sites, mainly because it has a variety of movies and television series. You can search the 123Movieshub list by various criteria, the best alternative to alluc.

PrimeWire guide


Primewire may be one of the most frequently recommended online streaming sites. That is completely friendly, considering how long it’s been around. While it’s beginning to show some wrinkles, what’s inside is what really counts, and Primewire hides one of the largest collections of movies and TV shows. On the Internet.



There are countless online streaming sites calling themselves Putlocker (or) Putlockers. Most of them (websites) have roughly the same content and differ only in appearance. The website we’ve linked to is one of the newer versions of the original Putlocker, so it’s guaranteed to work wonderfully even on smartphones and tablets as the best site like alluc.



Like most of the websites on this list, the 5movies library includes many classic movies. The site offers a stream of high-quality movies with high definition. In addition to movies, its library contains Asian theatre, animation, and American animation. 5movies is a comprehensive online movie site.



Moviewatcher is essentially your personal movie theatre, right in your web browser. But unlike standard movie theatres, Moviewatcher allows you to watch as many movies as you can for free. Just do not forget to bring your own popcorn. All the latest movies are available in high definition quality, so they look great even on big screens.



It cannot be denied that MovieDDL is one of the best on the market. But be aware that the platform does not store movies in its database. Instead, links are provided for interested users to download particular content (database) from the source directly.

Another great thing about MovieDDL that makes it adorable is the regular updates it gets. It is an indication that the website is healthy for movie lovers. In addition, it is also very easy to navigate.



GoStream may be at the bottom of this list, but it still beats many movie streaming platforms. It is a free platform to stream online and download the latest movies. But one thing that sets it apart is that the ads are not interrupted when content is streamed.

From Animation to War, GoStream has content in various genres for you. You will also find the best IMDb movie content to watch on this platform.



On Flixtor, you can find interesting content to watch, even if you have no idea of the best movies to watch. Just click on any of the icons, like today’s most popular, now playing in theatres, recommendations for you, or the most viewed to get started.

Another outstanding feature of Flixtor is its transmission speed. It is incredibly fast and makes everything more exciting. Again, the video quality is top-notch. It is almost as if you are watching a movie on Netflix.

Vex Movies

Vex Movies

VexMovies is another movie streaming platform that is rich in content and also has a user-friendly interface. The platform also features prominently among the best and comes with a clean design. You will also find and watch movies in different genres on this platform.

You can download movies on VexMovies with ease if you don’t want to watch movies online. And with regard to search, the platform’s advanced search option would also facilitate search and content.



LookMovie is a unique platform with a superior interface like Netflix’s. Plus, you can stream content online for free without being interrupted by ads. The platform also contains many of the best Hollywood movies in different categories.

LookMovie contains the best movies in HD quality. You can also watch TV series, including favorite shows like Gray Anatomy, Walking Dead, Secret City, and more. In each movie, you’ll find the release date, rating, Genre, and duration for you to choose from.

New Movies Online

New Movies Online

There are a few sites that can beat NewMoviesOnline in the world of movie streaming. It’s a great site packed with lots of content to meet the movie needs of users around the world. And as the name implies, you will have tons of new content in different genres.

From TV series, comedy to sporting events, NewMoviesOnline has them all in store for your viewing pleasure. Another notable thing that makes it unique is that it has free books that anyone can download and read. Thus, you will get complete entertainment when you visit this platform.

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